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  1. sliding_creep


    no sir, thank you! I love my poorman's skyline! cheers
  2. sliding_creep


    I think these pics go here even if it's been turned into a 910 thread. cheers
  3. indeed, there are innumeritous problems with the EFI system. mine is currently removed and living in a landfill where it belongs. my colleague and i both being eighttenners discovered that the ONLY answer is to trash the EFI and go to carbs. the 810 is a rare animal expressly for the reason you can get a good price on it. once you go SU or Solex or WEBBY you'll be impressed with the "poorman's skyline" performance. cheers
  4. sliding_creep

    15x7 riken meshies $300

    SOLD SOLD SOLD no worries, keep in touch so's we can get that wagon on the road! cheers
  5. sliding_creep

    15x7 riken meshies $300

    thanks for the PM, i'll get back to my place in cerritos friday morning and will hitcha up with pics. thanks again! cheers
  6. sliding_creep

    15x7 riken meshies $300

    looks like it's time to let loose some wheels i'm not using. fifteen-seven riken meshies, +17 offset, 4 on 114, black face polished lip, very good used condition $300 firm. no shipping, for pick-up only. i should have pics up soon! PM for my cell if interested or just call me as most of you locals know me :D thanks cheers
  7. sliding_creep

    So.Cal/Torrance Monthly Meet! For Jan 8th, 2010! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    I'M EFFING LOST MATES!!! how the hell did i end up on facebook!?! i thought this was ratsun!?! anyway, if this ends up in the right place i'm going to the meet. cheers
  8. sliding_creep

    project "knock yer D in the dirt"

    survey says!!!:D awwww, whah whah try again. in fact there was an option for the 910 bluebird turbo, look it up in the search bar as there is even a thread about it. now as far as i'm concerned, seeing the CARB tag on the car in person would lead me to believe that some made it stateside. nice try though. cheers
  9. sliding_creep

    vw aircooled forum

    still kicking myself for not trading my built B13 for this incredibly sick brown roof-racked 66' nana spec type I 1200, uber-slammed on porsche wheels that i did a complete rewire on last year. shouldatradedshouldatradedshouldatraded before i rewired it! i deleted the damn pics from my phone! POOOP! cheers
  10. sliding_creep

    So.Cal/Torrance Monthly Meet! For Dec 4th, 2009!

    i'll be there. i think. yes. no. yes. i don't know. i'll be living in my wagon soon anyway, so i may as well just live in the parking lot and be the first one there!:D cheers
  11. sliding_creep

    project "knock yer D in the dirt"

    there was a feller that came to one of the torrance meets with the L28ET swaperoo in his white sedan and it was considered smoggable by the referee, as it was an option! i just hope to shovel a decent lump and a swivel stick into the bay one of these days. cheers
  12. sliding_creep

    project "knock yer D in the dirt"

    :eek: i'm honestly surprised! it's not a 510 or a truck and some folks actually looked at the thread! absolutely effing bonkers! thanks jorge for postin' pics. btw, lilram50... NOT ENOUGH! NEEDS MORE SSSSTTTTRRRREEEETTTTCCCHHHHH MATE!!! oh, and datrod, shhhh... (whispering) i had them made, teehee! cheers
  13. sliding_creep

    710 Kenmeri?

    leaving the plastic on your new football sucks! it was meant to be played with. BOLLOCKS TO STOCK!!! take it out of the package and kick the shite out of it or else the kids in the park will shame you! cheers
  14. sliding_creep

    74' 610 $1250 so. cal.

    sure thing! :D $1250 and you can have the whole car. NOW FUCKOFF! cheers SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  15. sliding_creep

    74' 610 $1250 so. cal.

    no worries, the steveman is good people and will do the ol' car some justice. i'm just glad that it is going to a good home:D cheers

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