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Datsun Parts links

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Here are some good websits to find parts if you know of any add them :D

Mine are mostly 510 parts links


Troy Ermish (510 Engines, Suspension, Disc Brakes And More)



Design Products Racing (510 and Z race parts)



datsun510.com ( DAMB, Top Motoring, Engineered Datsun Products, Grims Customs, Wolf Creek Racing)



Arizona Z Car ( Nissan Datsun Suspension And Brakes)



DatsunLand SoCal ( New and used datsun parts)



Datsun Parts LLC (New datsun parts)



New Datsun Parts (New Parts)



Datsun Restore (new parts)



Classic Datsun Motorsports (310/311 510 240z 1200 Parts also has fiberglass Race parts)



Rods Discount Datsun ( New And Used datsun Parts)



Car Parts manual 510 ( here is OE part Number List for 510 so if you call dealer you have part Numbers)



Nissan Parts CC ( call them with part Numbers they check all dealers and stock alot)



Top End Preformance ( Race parts and more)



Energy Suspension ( bushings )



Ground Control ( Coilovers Springs And Shocks )




Techno Tuning or T3 ( Suspension, Camber plates, TC Rods)



Futo Fab ( Fiberglass And Carbon Fiber Parts)



Mckinney Motorsports ( sr, ka, rb swap parts )



Club 4ag ( AE86 forum but has lots of jdm wheels for sale to fit 510)



Car Parts.com ( Checks local wrecking yards for used parts all Make and Model)



Mad Dat Motorsports( Australian Datsun engine swap and suspension parts)



Datsport (Australian datsun 510 suspension and engine swap parts)


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beware of heavy industries he burnd me iam dealing with pay pal to get my money back. he had my money for 30 days and i never got my parts. we settled the clame and i have been trying to get my money and he wont answer his phone.

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Classic garage (Random parts, all models)



Rock Auto (New parts, 3rd party)



Autohaus AZ (New parts, 3rd party)



RHD Japan (New parts, JDM, 3rd party, etc.)



Z car customs (New parts, 3rd party, JDM, etc.)



Top End Performance (3rd. party performance)



Wolf Creek Racing (New, Used, NOS, 3rd party, performance parts)


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Too intense restoration: http://www.datsunres...tsun_stuff.html

Restoration parts, glass seals and channel etc. OOh, and those upholstery kits for Z seats you slip over your shaggy seats and looks original, door panel skins too lots of hard to find stuff for all datsuns only


Pilkingtons classic glass: Sorry, not a link... but they came in $500 less than my 2nd best price on a windshield and carry all types it seems, soooo.....

Phone: 1-800-848-1351

I saw this one on this site, but in case you didn't: http://www.mcmaster.com/#1120a842/=bk9h8h


That's door seal perfect for my 521 I hear, but should work on others right?

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Here are some good websits to find parts if you know of any add them :D

Mine are mostly 510 parts links



Just found this site. Never used the part. It's an electronic module to replace points and condenser.







1977 4-cyl F10, 200SX, B-210, 620 Truck, 710 - Hitachi - 3HIT4U1

1966-67 4-cyl 411 - Hitachi - 3HIT4U1

1966-69 4-cyl 520 Truck, 521 Truck - Hitachi - 3HIT4U1

1968-69 4-cyl 510 - Hitachi - 3HIT4U1

1967-70 4-cyl 311 - Hitachi - 3HIT4U1

1971-73 4-cyl B-110 - Hitachi - 3HIT4U1

1974-76 4-cyl B-210, 610, 620 Truck, 710 - Hitachi - 3HIT4U1

1979-80 4-cyl 210 A12 engine - Hitachi - 3HIT4U1


1970-73 6-cyl 240Z - Hitachi - 3HIT6U1



Datsun/Nissan Industrial

All 4-cyl D-11, H-20 engines - Hitachi - 3HIT4U1


All 6-cyl H-30, P-40 engine - Hitachi - 3HIT6U1


59.99 free shipping.

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