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    Lake Havasu City AZ.
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    Classic Datsun race cars including the BRE and Bob sharp cars of the 70's.
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  1. south of reno

    Tachometer Problems!

    I have it hooked up to a switchable soure which is ok and stays on when i turn the car on but i was wondering which of the three wires to tap into from the panel lights dimmer switch.
  2. south of reno

    Tachometer Problems!

    Anyone know what light source wire to splice into on a 79" 210 wagon?
  3. south of reno

    I need new heater core hoses for my 79" 210 wagon

    So after market is the way to go then.:lol:
  4. south of reno

    the projects

    uh, looks cold there, 70 here in sunny Arizona. car is awesome:cool:
  5. I have been looking for OEM stuff and no dice, does anyone know where i can get these hoses or any good after market stuff?:blink:
  6. south of reno

    Any idea how much this is worth?

    same here, i would pay up to $35 if i needed it.
  7. south of reno

    Thank you to whom ever drove into a power poll

    Yup, proof that Aliens made this crap...poorly back engineering humans:lol:
  8. south of reno

    My 210 has an oil leak so....

    dunno, i bought the car 3 months ago.
  9. south of reno

    My 210 has an oil leak so....

    So i was tire of losing precious oil out of my a15 engine so i decided to fix the problem, it started slowly over time and got worse. so i took the valve cover off and to my surprise i saw this. Then i looked at my only 30k mile engine and thought not too bad for a 30 plus year old car. Then i replaced the the old gasket, added some good ol' gasgacinch and then voila, no more leaking. i then decided to clean and paint my parts and here is how it turned out.
  10. south of reno

    Spy Shots

    Those wheels are killer.
  11. south of reno

    Al's 620 4x4

    haha! thats pretty cool man, nice job on the littlest big foot.:D
  12. south of reno

    Wanting To Replace U-joints

    I hate Pennzoil oils but they do have a nice Premium High Temperature Wheel Bearing 707L Red Grease.;)
  13. south of reno

    Datsun 610 Vintage Race Car/Rat Rod $3800

    needs work but could be a great car with some tlc.:cool:
  14. south of reno

    Greenwood 2011 - Photos

    I've seen white zombie before, man that car is hella fast. wish i could give it a spin:P
  15. south of reno

    620 White face gauges

    look pretty cool i think.:cool:

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