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  1. Years ago I got any dizzy that looked salvageable from the local pull-it-part. There is a plastic ball bearing piece in the distributor that made me give up on installing a dizzy.
  2. Found what i needed in the How To thread. Should have went there 1st. Thanks for maintaining this site for those of us that are lucky enough to have something the just works - I never sell my Lil Hustler. Wish I'd never sold my 79...or my 72 Datsun Trucks.
  3. Years ago I replaced my distributor with the inductive pickup type that required the ignition module on the passenger side kick panel. I didn't have the ignition module so I used an ignition module from "i believe a 77 camaro" that has 4 lugs that sends the voltage to the coil for spark each time the distributor triggers. I used a nice diagram from this site. I'm not using the dizzy that has the square module on the side of the distributor. Anyone have a link to help me determine if I have a bad ignition module or coil......I just went to start it a few hrs ago and have no spark from the coil. Trid to search the site but couldnt fond what I was looking for. It may have been a link to the 521 site. ?
  4. Still driving my lil'hustler on occasion. It still has a small leak when the engine is running close to the area where the tranny and engine connect. If I had cranked it every few months I don't think it would be dripping fluid, but let it sit far to long without cranking or driving it. Gonna drive it to a small business near my house to empty the trash out of the bed. I promise one day I'll spend a month or two putting this truck back into shape. I have mad the decision I'll have it til I die or forget i'ts mine. Thanks for this site. May be one of the oldest forums I've ever belonged to, and without a doubt the most informative on the Datsun's.
  5. OK. that probably settles it. Not gonna change driveshfts. I'll keep the 4 speed. I do catch myself once in a while going for 5th. Don't drive it much but starting to clean out my junk and alot of it bolts on this truck. 1978 yellow 620 w/4spd manual.
  6. The 4 speed came in one of my pre 1979 datsun trucks. If my memory is correct the 4spd i have is a better model than the 4 spd i thru away. I know there waqs a reason i kept one over the other. ...but it's midnight here and i'm gonna lay down. Thanks again for retrieving my username. I'll try to get the list of vehicles and shit straight pretty soon.
  7. I only speak of my datsun 620 truck on this forum. L20b /w 4spd manual. The rear main seal is the one at the back of the engine that surrounds the crankshaft. I'll probably just change the rear seal, but it's not too hard to jerk the engine and tranny out as 1 with my big ass engine hoist. I'd spend a dollar or two on a 5 speed tranny if it fit to my l20b and the shifter came up thru the floor like it should. Honestly, I just told my grandson he could help with the repair cause he luvs this truck. ..and it is leaking oil at the back of the engine. - I have an old 1998 S10 chevy truck.
  8. Looks like i gotta replace the rear main seal in my 620 lil'hustler w/L20 and 4speed tranny. The engine I'll keep til i die. the tranny is a good 4 speed. Will do nothing but replace the rear bearing unless i can find a 5 speed that let me go 80-90 mph with less rpm. I'm clueless about tyranny's that can bolt to an L series motor. I know the 200sx had a 5 speed. Heck I sold 1 years ago. Should I just be satisfied with 80 mph on a 4 speed? All I gotta do is replace the rear main. I'll do more if it's beneficial, but I've got a pretty good combination with the L20b/4speed tranny as it is. I just could kick myself for letting the rear main dry out - I didn't drive this truck for several years and feel that's why the rear seal's leaking. I'm not lazy. I've learned a ton and made many mods from this site. A link or 2 on transmissions that bolt to an L block that are around? Change the bellhousing? Not ready to start a time consuming project. It'd be great if there was a good 5/6 speed manual tranny that would bolt up from a 300z . BIG THANKS - to datzenmike for retrieving my old username. I'd breech the subject of photofukit and lost memories but it hurts too much rite now! --------------------------------------------------------------------- TLDR - is it worth looking for a better tranny than my 4spd to install on my L20b just cause i gotta replace a leaking main seal?
  9. I had an l16 stock and l18 stock. Same with my l20b. The best mod I made that gave me more performance was a bigger carb. I don't race it just drive it. Of course I've done the alt upgrade and electronic ignition. Put a 720 brake booster and master cylinder to help my drum brakes stop, and did that because I kept getting bad master cylinders from the parts stores. I do wish I'd kept my 79 king cab. More room and front disks.
  10. Here is the adapter I need. Not the whole air filter just the adapter. Over 100 dollars on ebay. May have to rig something up. The U67 head is in pretty good shape. I put it on my l20 and water leaked out the side. It cant be warped much. If I'd used coolant, that is thicker than water and cranked it up so it could heat to operating temp I may could have re-torqued it. I just put the w58 back on.
  11. Thanks. L18. Right where the dip stick tube is.
  12. Looks like a 74 I bought years ago that was white. Not a dent in it. I painted it primer white installed a rebuilt l20b with 5 speed perfect lights and original blue floor mat. Sold it for 800.00, 30min after putting the 4 sale sign on it. Wish I had it back also. Good Luck.
  13. Not sure if the block i have is l16 or 18. It was bored and I used the pistons in my l20 after it was bored. Here is a link to some of the stuff I'd like to rid myself. Ive got the cranck and 2 cams that seem the same to me. The parts are just a fraction of crap I need to remove from my basement. The link to a photoshack album.... http://s304.photobucket.com/user/kgrantkey1/library/Datsun%20Parts I'd love to drive to a meet in Alabama somewhere, but it doesn't happen around here. Several people like my lil'Hustler. It's in good shape for a 35 dollar yard find. I'm not too crazy about driving just to give this stuff away. I used to want a Webber, but the toyota r22 carb runs good on this truck, I just dont have an adapter for the air breathers I have. The carb has a unique triangle/square on top.
  14. Just a warning about threads on the sending unit. I put an aftermarket oil pressure gauge into a 924 (Porsche) years ago. One night I lost all oil pressure. The sending unit had broken off where it threads into the block. In hindsight I realized the threads were incorrect on the sending unit. I pulled over immediately but still ruined the turbo bearing seals. Very hard lesson.
  15. I'm gonna go back thru my basement soon. I know this thread is old. Hopefully I'll have a list with pics of the stuff I'm gonna get rid of. I'd rather give it away than throw it away. I know this thread is old. I live near/in B'ham AL.
  16. One of the best how too's I also used a faucet with pvc pipe long ago. Glad it's right now.
  17. I run one of the see thru filters and it's fairly new. I know that doesn't matter if you run it to empty and your gas tank is 40 years old. I did blow back thru thru line going to the filter and just decided to put this ... back on. It came off a Toyota but I cant remember which one. It didn't bolt up so one day I was at Roco&Cheeters speed shop, they were famous in these parts about 30 or 40 years ago and bought the adapter, it even could be called a hi-rise and it all fit together. I've probably posted it on here before. The last time i rebuilt the motor I went back with the original. It always served me well and is easier to hook up. I will say it's almost like a four barrel carb on it now. When you floor it it shoves some gas down the intake. I've even got passing power cursing at 70 on the freeway. Oh something else you may notice, I've probably posted before is the 710 brake booster and master cylinder. I got so tired of getting what looked brand new out of the box only to find the master cylinder from AutoZone was bad again. Can't even keep track of how many bad out of the box I've gotten over the years. And I have no complaints at all with drum brakes all the way around. Adjust them as necessary and they stop great. You California guys take it easy.
  18. Your gonna need a new chain probably. I took some pictures when I was rebuilding my l20 and the slack was so much the cam tensioner would almost come out of the cylinder with the spring behind it. Some even remarked it looked like I was trying to put a l20 chain on an l18 motor. No telling how many miles the chain had but when I got my new l20 chain it was much smaller, same amnt of links tho. 144 or something like that. It made a big difference. I wouldn't pay 1000 dollars to the best mechanic in the world to fix your problem. If you have ever pulled the head off an L motor you can probably fix this yourself. It may take a little time pulling the engine&Tranny out to freshen up some stuff or just remove radiator and anything in the way. One reason I love my 620 is because its so simple to keep running. OHC is as easy as OHV too me IMHO unless your talking double overhead cam. But your not. Good luck.
  19. Damn my spelling is terrible. It was late and I was in the basement with poor light and in a hurry....so O'well. Thanks for the responses. I also ran accross a thread similar to mine link so I'm also gonndown blow some air the gas line. I did this once before so I suspect trash in the tank. I use a clear fuel filter and it has gas in it but probably lets thru some small dirt, not to mention I've also driven around with the air cleaner off. I made a post about getting rid of a lot of datsun stuff to make room but I kept a small tub of carbs and parts. I'll be piecing one together today. And did the webers come down in price or am I mistaken? I never really saw a reason to buy one. I'm sure I've bragged about paying 35.00 for this truck (bad radiator caused bad head gasket) Just jumped on to say thanks for the responses.....now I gotta find where those carbs are at. :blush:
  20. I've been driving me 620 w l20b more than usual. Today it wouldnt accelerate with the gas peddel in one location. I could pump the peddel but it was poor going. I noticed it was almost out of gas so I filld it up. It may have some trash somewhere, but the sight glss on the front of the carb is just above center/level. Thats where its been forever. I could almost get up to 10, 20 miles per hr on a flat road pumping the gas peddel. I made it a few miles down to the job sight. I had some work to do so all I coud do to the truck was raise the timming and make sure no vaccume leak was bad and took off the gass cap. The way I fixed it "to get me home" was loosen the choke screws, turn the adjustment til I had 1/2 of my carb at full choke. The butterfly on the drivers side was blocking that part of the carb. Made a big dif. still had to pump it some. So it's like i tell people i cant fix it over the phone. I'm gonna rework the carb tomorrow or soon. It almost seems like the carb pump isnt squirting enough gass. Just lucky I made it home. And that was at about 65mph on the freeway after i twisted the choke that far. Made a huge difference. Thoughts?
  21. I threw away several l18, l20b and 620 parts that had been sitting around for years many month ago. I just don't have room with other cars and stuff in my basement. Anyone know of a meet around B'ham AL area I could give or trade away some stuff. Nothing most of you California Kids don't have two or three of probably. Just thought I'd ask because there is probably someone close that likes their 620 as much as I do.
  22. This is the way i went because of the plastic ball bearing advance plate seems to be destroied in all the matchbox 's I've found.
  23. I love pictures. The how to section here is the best on any forum for any brand of vehicle I;ve ever come accross. The IR Altenator swapp and how to convert to electronic Ingnition are two of the best mods I've made on my 620 over the years. If I had the money I'd move to California just to be closer to Ratsun members. Roll Tide :thumbup:
  24. Great write up and worth the try for anyone with a leaking valve. Like one poster already said what can happen it's already broke. And I ran a similar setup to the poster that used a faucet from the hardware store. It can be done on a 620 up out of the way and works fine you just have to manually adjust the flow of hot antifreeze thru the core a few times a year. I'm glad I found one at the juck yard to rebuild years ago. This is worth a bump.
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