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  1. Colbino

    My 73 240Z Timeline

    This is going to be badass!
  2. Colbino

    O bachan - 1972 Bluebird DX 4dr granny car

    shit. i hope insurance takes in account the rarity of your car as well as the cost asociated with importing it. probably gonna try and total it out for pennies on the dollar conpared to U.S. pl510's.
  3. Colbino

    14" tires are they still made?

    just go to onlinetires.com - they have the best selection, prices and fast shipping. Plenty of 14" tires to choose from!
  4. Colbino

    Sending unit 510 gas tank

    ...and the unit to tank o-ring is still available from nissan for $2.48. p/n 17342-18000.
  5. Colbino

    PL510425584 - 1973 2 door 510 "WANABRE"

    I love the license plate! Too perfect.
  6. Stopped bye POTD and saw maybe 8 cars. Was I at the right spot? If so, 09 was a huge step up from today!
  7. Colbino

    WHERE ?

    The process is known as "banding." You should have better luck with your searches now. Stockton wheel supposedly does it well but they're not in la la land.
  8. Colbino

    Car won't shut off / gauges stay on

    When I swapped in an IR alt. my car was still running the external volt. reg. as well (unintentionally) and having both regulators created these same conditions.
  9. Colbino

    L1.8 Crank Pulley

  10. Colbino

    L20b pistons hitting head gasket.

    I had the same problem. Went with the nismo 88.5 comp gasket as the 87 was nla.
  11. Colbino

    '71 Z with a paint job

    Great starting point. Love the color!
  12. Colbino

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Love the new thread title!
  13. Colbino

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    523 pages of stupidity! Thought this was a datsun forum not an inbred fest. Fuck. Leats get back to what matters. Datsuns.
  14. Colbino

    1976 Silvia S10

    nice ride!
  15. Colbino

    Green Machine

    Thanks for the reply! I was scouring the internet for awhile with no luck. But then again, "inlet adapter?" Stupid non-descriptive name!!!

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