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Datsun 510 mask help!!!


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Those thing F up your paint pretty bad over time...hold moisture on the paint. Not good. I wonder if a old bmw one would fit


i was thinking that to, i actually posted that but then deleted it. The bmw m3 i was thinkin would fit good, or the 325es series etc.

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I bet one from a VW rabbit would work just fine, but I also wouldn't use a bra, ever. Unless you live on a chip rock road 75 miles long.


Moisture gets under those, dirt and sand, the vibration of the bra acts like a scuffing pad and pretty soon you can't take it off. Kind of like Armor All. It works great unless you stop using it.

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I feel bad i got 2 of them in my garage. Ones my used one i use on my 510, and a new one that i need to get the mesh fixed on becuase mice decided to chew the mesh for some reason. I love the bra just for the reason that you never see them anymore, i dont care how it looks, i just like that its something older and rare.

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Well ill have to think about it. I need to see if i can get the other one fixed, sucks cuz the one that was damaged by mice was in a box in storage, NEW IN THE BOX, and yet the mice only chewed the mesh on the front of it :(. Pisses me off, so i need to see how much it cost to get the mesh fixed. If it cant i plan on using the mesh from the other bra to fix the new bra. But if i can fix the other one without destroying my old one, i may make u a deal on it.

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