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  1. A few more pics from the Targa. Pretty heavy on the P-cars, this event.
  2. Pismo pics were from Friday morning 6/7/2019. You just missed us by a day!
  3. Zeke hits the beach with the Targa California. We ran over 1000 miles this last weekend over some awesome roads with some awesome cars. Pismo Beach, Day 2:
  4. Zeke gets some hubcaps! Found a set of brand new American Racing center caps for my 14" Libres. Stoked!
  5. More twin engines, but less eight cylinders. 1st gen Civic IMSA racer. Left one has twin choke side drafts, while the right one has cycle carbs:
  6. Wow, had no idea others tried the front mount blower, and that twin engine job is crazy! Thanks for posting those.
  7. Seeing as it's Memorial Day weekend and the Indy 500 is Sunday...
  8. Pretty sure that's a Buick V8. Some out-of-the-box thinking going on there. One of the early rail jobs. Lots of experimentation going on during that time period of drag racing. The the best part is the blower mounted in front of the engine and coupled directly to the crank snout. Couldn't do that with the intake in the V.
  9. The small one is the fuel outlet and larger one above is the return which is normally plugged on later cars w/o a return line. If you hook up your fuel line to the upper nipple, you'll start sucking air at ~1/4 tankfull.
  10. +1 on the Porterfield R-4S pads. Been using them for years on my 510s for street use. They are easy on the rotors, low dust, work well when cold, and have plenty of reserve for canyon carving. Honestly, I would run the full carbon R-4 compound on the street if they didn't dust the wheels and squeal so much when cold. They work as good or better than the -4S compound when cold, but fully handle the heat of full race conditions.
  11. Retropower cars Gordon Murray Mk 1 Ford Escort: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSkFu24_mcdSGwkGh_Gk03A I'd start on Episode 12 to get you hooked, then go back and start bingeing from the beginning.Like the Datsun, the Escort is a simple car and a contemporary of the 510 (John Bufffum raced one in the original SCCA 2.5 Trans Am). This is pretty much a cost-no-object build but could be the best sleeper hot rod Escort ever built. Definitely not Ratsun-style, but damn! This is how you do it when you hit the lottery.
  12. Tedman

    pic of your dime

    Well, technically my Dime's in the pics, but Randy's VG Wagon looks really good here. RIP R.Y.
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