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  1. Another vid, this time at Buttonwillow in 2010. By this time I had an Autech SR20DE/6-speed in my 510. This was a track day set up by some motorheads from work. My 510 was the only "vintage" and 4-cylinder car there. I was lazy and just drove on my Falken Azenis street tires rather than lug my R-comp tires/wheels to the track. This was the first time I had ever driven on street tires at the track. It was actually pretty damn fun managing the relative lack of grip! Anyway, here's the clip. I got smoked at the end by a full race ALMS GT 911 driven by pro Brian Sellers. I'm Ok with that. 😀 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HGboKYipYyC2sF0Se7gZndAA_a5RJAZr The Falken team were there testing that day. Pretty cool car.
  2. A stock C4 Vette with decent tires and a good driver would have had no problem running faster laps than my 95 rwhp L20B street/AX 510. No shame letting it by as far as I was concerned. I just wanted to pass that 2002! Flying hair was actually my brother's. Melissa was driving her ITC 510.
  3. Really looking good! Just realized the engine setback into the fire wall. Cool. Rad build.
  4. CocoMats from: https://www.cocomats.com/coco/ I agree. They look good and are very well made.
  5. With nearly 5000 miles behind the wheel of Zeke using a stock 510 seatbelt, it was time for an upgrade. I decided to go with a kit from Seatbelt Planet because it has the drop down shoulder harness (no more neck chafing!), and doesn't require any drilling/cutting or welding to create another mounting point in the chassis. https://www.seatbeltplanet.com/i-30499406-1968-1973-datsun-510-driver-passenger-seat-belt-kit.html When I received the kit, I was a little surprised that the inboard lap belts were sheathed in semi-rigid plastic. This wasn't very clear to me from the pics on their website when I was ordering, but it was going to be a problem using the stock floor anchor points because it would require more bending and twisting of the belt than the plastic sheath would tolerate. Not sure what they were thinking here: I decided to ditch the plastic sheaths so I popped the plastic buttons off and removed them. I was expecting a sewn button hole in the webbing but it looks like they just poked a hole through it. 🙁 Not really sure why they installed the buttons in the first place because it seems like the hole will compromise webbing strength. Must be plenty of strength margin built in, at least that's what I'm counting on. I reinstalled the buttons to cover the holes in the webbing. I also purchased the recommended hardware kit but if you still have the factory hardware, you can just re-use that and save the expense. I did find the extra washers useful for spacing out the inertia reel to clear the outboard lap belt anchor loops. Here you can see a view straight down on the outboard sill anchor point with the lap belt anchor loop, washers and inertia reel installed on the passenger (right) side. Other than that, the install was straightforward. Here's how they look installed: One more issue- the inboard lap belt is too short. With my seats slid all the way back to give me enough leg room, the latch just barely makes it to the lower seat bolster. Over time the latch will no doubt eventually wear holes in the seat upholstery. I have since ordered the optional 6" extensions to solve this problem. Here's how they fit with me in the seat: FWIW, Seat Belt Planet also has a more modern style end release latch kit for the 510 with a cable style inboard lap belt. https://www.seatbeltplanet.com/i-30499405-1968-1973-datsun-510-driver-passenger-seat-belt-kit.html Personally, I like the more retro lift latch style and would rather have the latch on my hip than having to reach down over the edge of the seat to fasten. Overall, the quality of the components, hardware, webbing, mechanism and operation is good. Once I get the lap belt extensions installed, I expect the fit to be perfect. And I'm convinced these new belts are safer than the 47 year old stock belts I was using. Knowing what I know now, I would order custom inner lap belts approx 6" longer and without the plastic sheaths. In other news, I also installed a pair of these unobtrusive billet cup holders from Lonely Driver. With the new inertia reel belts it will be super easy to reach down for my favorite mug on those long drives in Zeke.
  6. My old DP Racing setup pictured above and again below also has bushings that are stepped to slip fit inside the rod end and fit on the LCA stud with zero slop. The bushings are machined to adapt the 5/8" rod end to the 14mm LCA stud.
  7. Had to go look at mine- looks like it was cut and welded. This is an S15 SR20DE.
  8. Here's a fun vid clip I recorded during a NASA track day session at Sears Point (now known as Sonoma Raceway) in December 1992. Many are probably familiar with NASA, the national sports car racing sanctioning body. NASA had its genesis in the California Capri Club. I think this was one of the very first few NASA sanctioned events, along with a Laguna Seca event held earlier that year. At any rate, one of the weekend highlights for me was this little dice with a BMW 2002tii. Technically we weren't supposed to "race" because this was a "driver's school", but well you know how that goes sometimes. Normally I prefer the ambient sounds of the engine revving and tires screeching during in-car track footage, but my camera had no sound recording capability at the time, so I dubbed the music. In this case I think it might actually add dramatic effect. Link to the vid: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WygQe59AzFVEXwKzDoG325yDzSpCq0p9/view?usp=sharing In my mind it was a pretty fair fight. We were both carrying passengers. That's actually my brother's long hair you see in the vid. At the very end of the clip, after we passed the BMW, you can see him turn towards me and exclaim "Bitchen!". I was driving my street/autocross 510 with a mildly cammed L20B with dual Z SUs, dogleg 5 speed, and 13x7 Libres with 185/60 Yokohama A008RS tires. Here's my car doing a lame impression of an actual race car adorned with magnetic numbers and stickers. There were quite a few other 510s at that event. Here's a few pics I snapped using a disposable film camera. Dennis and Peggy Hale's "Datserati". My group's assigned instructor for the weekend was Melissa D'Orso and this was her ITC 510. She was super cool and obviously knew the fast way around Sears Point. Sorry for all the red 510s! A few more non-red 510s in the paddock. View of pit road and cars on track exiting turn 11. There was also some carnage. My buddy in his white Rabbit got t-boned in the esses by an RX-7. The RX-7 got the worst of it. It had rained heavily the day before the event and there were a lot of puddles and mud at the edge of the track. I had flat towed my 510 behind my Ford Ranger from LA and it was cold and rainy all the way to the Bay Area. Not a fun tow, but the weekend track days were blessed with clear blue skies, if brisk temperatures (December in Norcal). Here's another in-car vid I made from that weekend. I dubbed a Tom Petty tune that seemed to fit well (again, no mic in the car). Seems NASCAR has been using the same tune lately, but I made this in the early '90s! https://drive.google.com/file/d/18jGuDgSNFrPqPCuuXrNjn9cr58nmVHiy/view?usp=sharing
  9. In case you guys didn't notice, the red #200 510 was L6 powered, and the white BRE striped car that mowed the cones was Balleristic31's dad's 510. He has a few pics of the car at the start of his build thread: https://ratsun.net/topic/76278-dads-1969-510-build/
  10. Here's a link to a vid clip my Dad shot at a Cal Club autocross at Pt. Mugu NAS in 1991. Part way through our run group we had to tear down the course to make way for Air Force One to taxi through. As I recall, President Bush was visiting Santa Barbara that day. Once Air Force One taxied through, we just set the course back up and resumed racing! https://drive.google.com/file/d/17sav2mi4mQLHUri8ld3Qx8ul7Niubznc/view?usp=sharing
  11. The car is really coming along nicely! Excellent work. Here's a shot of your Dad's old 510 that I took at Phoenix Int'l Raceway back in the early '90s when we were there for an Alfa Club time trial and race. We used to autocross against each other back in the day. Good times!
  12. The material on the 280ZX calipers that you grind off to fit inside 13" wheels probably weighs less than a caliper bolt. After grinding:
  13. FWIW, here's some measurements of mine. These were made by DP Racing using high misalignment Aurora rod ends, and designed to use the stock 510 inner and outer washers on the LCA stud. This view shows the locknut is fully engaged: This view shows that with the locknut fully engaged, there's still room for the missing inner washer (I couldn't scrounge one up for this photo, but you can see them in Matt's pic above): I notice that your setup does not use the special inner washers with the concave taper on one side, but the bushing still seats against the crossmember, so the ID must be opened or tapered to fit over the taper in the stud? Odd. If I were you I would shorten the bushings until you get full thread engagement with the outer washer in place. As mentioned above, that washer is your safety backup in case that rod end blows out.
  14. ...and a few non-Datsun/Nissans of note. Immaculately preserved Mazda 626 2-door 5-speed with 58k miles. Looked minty showroom fresh. Took home an award, deservedly so. Honda Prelude Si was nearly as minty fresh. I think this was maybe an '85? That interior... Toyota Carina. '73 Toyota Corolla SR. One of the nicest cars of the show IMO. A very nice Mazda RX4. Early Liftback Celica with 1JZ.
  15. Turnout for today's JDM @ ADM show in El Segundo was smaller than last year, probably because of the weather, which actually turned out to be quite pleasant with overcast skies, just a few bouts of light drizzle, and temps in the low '70s. The parking lot to the south of the ADM wasn't even used this year, whereas it was full last year. Some folks I spoke to who came from points north reported brief rain showers (like, wipers ON), which is unusual for SoCal this time of year, but probably kept more than a few "I never drive it in the rain" owners parked in their garages. Those of you in the great PNW will surely scoff, and all those no shows deserve it if you ask me! At any rate, here's some Datsun's and a few Nissans I got mostly in focus. Abe Froman had impeccable timing and scored pole position with his Bluebird Coupe. This '68 510 4-door done up in early '80s blacked out chrome trim style, took the Best '60s award. Mr. K's iconic 240Z with G-nose and wire wheels. Cool 2+2 Z. Ratsun 521 with period camper shell and plenty of ratshit going on. Clean debadged S13. NA SR powered 510. Mostly stock 260Z sporting Libres. Little Red Wagon. B13 SE-R. B14 SE-R. Not sure if this turbo Z won an award, but body and paint were impressive, and it sounded mean. The Shack-mobile. Zeke, with a view of the awards proceedings. View from the back of the awards ceremony with some of the Itasha cars in the foreground. ...and tacos served up fresh off the Impala grill! All-in-all it was a pretty chill show. Too bad the weather put a damper on turnout. Next year they plan to shut the whole street down, so stay tuned...
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