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  1. Back on the 14" Libres. Zeke just drives and rides better on the narrower wheels and tires.
  2. A couple of road pics from a New Year's Day canyon run- GoPro screen grab: Stopped to take a piss and enjoy the view:
  3. Ordered the Moog clamps suggested by fivetengarage (thanks for the tip!). Small end ones are still on back order, but the large end ones are plenty long, and double wrap. Nissan clamp on right for comparison: I cut off some of the excess length and went to town with the tool. Success! I tried to fit the small end Nissan clamp and almost got it to work (another 5mm length and it would've worked!), then decided to just install the big end Nissan clamp on the small end. Done deal!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I saw those at Summit Racing and they look exactly like the ones I got from Nissan, however the length on the big end clamp is stated as 10", which would only fit as a single wrap. I went back to look again today, and it says the small end clamp is also 10" long. Hmmm. The pics show double wrap, so maybe the 3416 length is a typo? Could not find any dimensions on the Moog site. Says it fits up to 3.5" diameter, so a little math says it must be at least 9.6" long. 10" leaves virtually nothing for a tool to grab at max diameter, so it's gotta be longer. I might take a
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I may resort to those clamps plus the tool if I can't find double wrap clamps that work with the tool I have.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I considered this option, but after a cursory search I could not find a long enough SS zip tie to double wrap the large end of the boot like the factory band clamp. It needs to be >21" long. I suppose in a pinch I could single wrap the the factory band clamp, but I'd rather not. I'm not in a hurry as this is a spare half-shaft, so I'll set it aside for now until I find a tool for the factory clamp, or become desperate...
  7. Zeke out for a nice weekend drive, June 2019: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qbYEYw-GbPVdodOafC8kZgV17L-fvVWc/view?usp=sharing
  8. So, bolstered by my success replacing the u-joint, I decided to rebuild my best spare half-shaft, as a spare. The disassembled half shaft: I managed to get it put back together with fresh grease (heating the "tube" part helped a lot!). The factory boot was in great shape, so saved my new one for a more worthy rebuild. Here's the partially reassembled shaft with the boot band clamp tool I "thought" would work with the new OE Nissan band clamps: Turns out the OE Nissan band clamps don't have enough excess length for this tool to work. Crap!
  9. The latest on Zeke: Around page 9 of this build thread I posted about attempting to rebuild a half-shaft (for the fun of it at the time) and being stymied removing the u-joints. Fast forward a couple of years (how time flies!) and I had found a worn outer u-joint on the right rear half-shaft on Zeke. It was time to learn once and for all how to replace a u-joint since I was fresh out of good used half-shafts. Thanks to Bananahammock for schooling me on how to remove the bearing cups back on page 9. His technique worked great, and I was able to successfully R&R the u-joint.
  10. Installed a 5BC fire extinguisher with metal bracket between the front seats.
  11. Took an overnight trip to the desert in Zeke a few weeks back. Early morning, day 2.:
  12. Tedman


    More Flex-damage: UFO Norcal/SoCal meetup in Solvang, mid-late '80s: Flexdams were popular on SCCA Improved Touring 510s back in the '80s. A few pics from Riverside:
  13. Tedman


    A few more from my hard drive- This was Cop Dave's 510 before it was converted by Les at Classic Datsun into a BRE tribute FJ20 powered street 510 for Adam Carolla: This is a 510 parked in the infield at the Times GP 6 hour IMSA race at Riverside circa 1984 or '85. Note the #83 on the scoring pylon in the background- the California Cooler sponsored Electramotive Nissan GTP was ahead of the #14 Lowenbrau Porsche at this early stage of the race. Scan from a Dobi catalog:
  14. Tedman


    Hit up a San Diego Datsun Enthusiasts (SDDE) Coffee and Datsuns meet a few weeks back. Seems Flexdams are making a comeback in the 619. Here's a few pics from the meet plus a few from back in the day. If you have any pics of 510s with Flexdams, feel free to post 'em here. Mid-80s UFO San Diego caravan heading north to Nissan HQ for a UFO SoCal meet: More '80s Flexdam. UFO SoCal Solvang Run: One of many at Laguna Seca IMSA race mid '80s: Flexdam, p/n FG-101 FAPO catalog:
  15. Funny, I was down there a few days later and saw another 510 NB on PCH while changing out of my wetsuit in the Bolsa Chica State Beach lot.
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