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  1. Found it, but you might need to zoom your screen!
  2. You'd think, but for some reason I have it in my mind that you have to make parts orders in person at this dealership. Will have to call and see. Thanks.
  3. I've never been a fan of eliminating the PCV system, but the Mikuni manifold (like most L-series Mikuni/Weber dual sidedraft manifolds) provides no provision for a PCV. Love the carb setup from a performance standpoint, but would rather not vent the crankcase to the atmosphere. It's smelly, not good for the atmosphere, and not good for the engine either. PCV removes harmful blowby vapors from the crankcase that would otherwise condense and contaminate the oil. Downside of PCV is that the blowby vapors somewhat dilute the intake charge with oily residue that can reduce the effective octane and contribute to buildup on the intake valves and combustion chamber. In a healthy engine the positives should far outweigh the negatives, though. Since I would put my engine in the healthy category with a reasonable compression ratio, I decided to try and implement a PCV system. There's three plugged ports available in my Mikuni manifold. Two small ports, one between runners 1/2 and one between runners 3/4, and a larger one in runner 4. I presume the latter is for a vacuum assist power brake canister if so equipped. In the stock L16 intake manifold, the PCV valve threads into the intake manifold under the stock downdraft carb and is exposed to vacuum from each intake runner, which is probably ideal since all four cylinders would share in burning the crankcase gases. One could connect the PCV to a junction joining the two small ports in the Mikuni intake, and that may ultimately be the way to go, but I decided to first try using the larger port in the #4 runner since I found a fitting with the correct threads from a stock L16 intake manifold that I had on hand, and it was much easier to plumb. Probably not ideal since most of the crankcase gases will be burned by the #4 cylinder (#3 will also get some), but I'm hoping the benefits will outweigh this drawback. If the #4 sparkplug ends up looking ugly, I'll consider running the PCV to all four cylinders, but for now, this is how I'm doing it. Here's the block breather I was running. The hose was cut down from a stock 510 PCV hose a long time ago. The metal block PCV tube is ~1" OD and the stock PCV hose reduces to ~ 5/8" to fit the PCV valve. The stock 510 hose is NLA, but a 240Z hose is still available and has a similar 90 degree bend with the same reduction in ID. Here's the manifold port in the #4 intake runner that I will use (slot head plug). You can also see the smaller 3/4 port below it in the photo (allen head plug). The #4 port in the Mikuni manifold is BSP thread like the ports in the stock 510 manifold. I presume that the smaller ports are also BSP, not NPT, though I haven't verified this. Here's the fitting I cannibalized from the L16 intake manifold. I'll have to cap the smaller nipple for now. I'll consider removing it if everything works as planned. I also bought a new PCV valve. Here's the PCV hose with valve that I cobbled together from the 240Z hose which I sectioned. I used the 90 degree reducing section plus a 4" straight section. I had the metal elbow leftover from the SR20 conversion on my other '72, so I used that with some nylon reinforced tubing I also had left over from that conversion. After I shot this photo and installed everything I realized that the PCV valve was backwards (!), so that has since been corrected. This shot shows the hose setup as installed at the block PCV pipe end. View from above, kinda blurry but you can see where the tube comes out from under the rear of carb heat shield and air cleaner relative to the firewall. The fitting installed into #4 intake port with hose attached and small nipple capped off. I ran the car in the driveway and it seems to run just fine, so I don't think there's any vacuum leaks. I did notice that the hose to the intake manifold has a "pulse". This weekend I plan to go for an extended test drive to see how it runs and get a plug reading. I think ultimately the PCV should be tied into all four intake runners, but it will be interesting to see how well it works off the #4 port.
  4. Guess I'll have to try the dealer, then. Kind of a PITA since it's two trips- one to order, another to pickup.
  5. Well, just got a message from nissanpartsdeal.com - " The ordered part(s) have been discontinued (no longer available) and/or is backordered with no ETA date by the manufacture." Bummer.
  6. I was surprised when I found this photo from JCCS 2006. Same CA license plate (SSS BIRD) as Ray Yates' Coupe that I posted earlier. I wonder what the story is there?
  7. Two Coupes at the JDM at the Automobile Driving Museum show in El Segundo CA 2018. This one was featured on the JDM Legends TV show:
  8. Turfside show, 2002. This Coupe wasn't even in the show, just parked on the access road as a spectator!
  9. A pair of overexposed Coupes! White and bright yellow cars are hard to photograph in direct sunlight. This was on a UFO SoCal Mt. Palomar run. I think it was late '90s. That yellow Coupe now belongs to The Keeper and is in the process of getting a makeover. I think the white one belonged to Mynor C.?
  10. Ray had another Coupe (or could possibly be the same car as above) that he converted into a land speed record car to run at El Mirage dry lake in the Mojave desert north of LA, or possibly at Bonneville. Not sure what motor he was running. I shot these photos at a UFO SoCal meet at Nissan HQ in Gardena CA around 1986.
  11. The first Coupe I ever saw was Ray Yates' 1800 SSS Coupe. This photo was taken in the Sears parking lot in Santa Barbara CA during our UFO SoCal Solvang Run circa 1984. If I'm not mistaken, it had a carb'd VG30 under the hood. Arguably the first ever VG swap into a 510!
  12. Tedman

    pic of your dime

    I like how the trees and building match your car!
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