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  1. Yes, yes and yes. I have the narrower driver's seat (30" waist) and regular width passenger seat. After more than 10k miles, I'm quite satisfied with the comfort and the bolstering really holds you in when pushing it in the canyons and on back roads. My passengers have voiced no complaints, either. They fit in the car perfectly. My only issues are that I wish the seat sliders went back about 1" more (I'm 5'9" with long legs and have the same complaint with the stock 510 seats), and the fabric on the driver's seat bottom has separated or come unglued from the padding. I probably should have taken the seat back to SCAT when it first started to lift (they are local to me) as it would have been under warranty. I may still take it over there and see if they can re-glue it, but I may have to pay a little to have it fixed at this point. The fabric, vinyl and stitching have otherwise proven durable and they draw many compliments.
  2. Last year I ordered a 21t speedo pinion assembly for my 280ZX tranny from Megazip.net It was $30 + shipping from Japan, and came with the sleeve. I just typed in the part number given above by G-Duax for a 22t pinion, and they have it listed for $15.21. Sometimes they have parts listed, but you won't find out they are out of stock until you try and order. Worth a shot! 3270386402 - Pinion-Speedometer, Nissan OEM | Megazip.net
  3. That's too funny. Of course it will be fixed when I refurb the car, just not a priority now. I'm not a bodywork guy, so I'll leave the repair to someone who knows what they are doing. BTW, that dent was self inflicted. Mid '80s. I was on my way home from LAX in the early morning after flying back from a ski trip in Colorado. Waiting to make a left turn behind an early '70s Dodge Dart. Gap in traffic, light turned yellow, thought he'd go so I went, he didn't, and I hit him in the bumper. After we made the turn, he just kept on going like nothing happened. I've lived with that dent ever since.
  4. Seems to me the only reason to blueprint an oil pump is to make it more efficient, which means it will run smoother, consume less horsepower, and probably last longer. I agree that burnishing or polishing the gerotor "gears" will only increase the clearance and make it a less efficient pump unless there's some way to restore the clearance. Without adding material or some provision for physically moving the meshing surfaces closer together, you would need to start with a tight set. If you had several pumps or gerotor sets to choose from, you could cherry pick the sets or components on the tight side to start with. With smoother surfaces in the gerotor, you should be able to run a tighter clearance which should improve efficiency. Also, there's probably room for improvement in the fit of the shafts in the body. Your experiment with the Cerakote treatment sounds interesting. I'm not sure I'd want to run a Cerakote'd oil pump on my engine, but a twisted part of my brain can't wait to hear what happens to yours if you do try it!
  5. The only time I have felt something like what you describe while driving a 510 is when I had a rear tire going down. The difference was only about 5-6 psi L to R, but it was enough to notice rear steer effects on/off throttle driving straight and over bumps at ~50 mph. The LSD might have also made it more noticeable. Also, assuming everything is tight and your bushings are in good shape, could you have a rear shock going bad? As for the semi-trailing arm suspension dynamics, check out this site: http://e30sport.net/tech_articles/susp-tech/rear_curves/index.htm
  6. Still original paint.
  7. Mt. Shasta in the background.
  8. Zeke on a run earlier this summer.
  9. The Jason Grey FAQ lists several feasible L-series franken-engine combos, as well as stock specs for pistons, rods and cranks, etc. https://ratsun.net/topic/996-jason-grey-info/#comments FWIW, per the Honsowetz book "How to Modify Datsun OHC Engines", the '73 240Z and '74 260Z (2 seater) 225 mm clutch covers have the same diaphragm height as the stock 510 clutch, so you could use your stock 510 TO bearing sleeve with that clutch kit on your L20B flywheel. Looks like it has the same clamping force as the 620/720 PU clutches.
  10. Futofab bumpers are "On back order- ETA Unknown" according to their website, plus I personally prefer the original bumpers. I thought this one worth saving for not much more than a repro plus shipping.
  11. $450 cash only, 1/2 up front as a deposit.
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