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  1. Shot these at Monterey Historics (aka Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion) this last weekend. Engine porn heaven.
  2. @ TiMopar - Next time you have the diff out or diff cover off, remove the studs in the cover and replace with bolts. Totally avoids the troubles you had.
  3. At least one of those cars is still on the road, my red '72 2-door (arrow): These are the only other two photos I have from that day. This is the flared charcoal 2-door backed up against the bank. The NAPS-Z swap was cutting edge in '85!
  4. Big turnout for this show. It was hot AF mid-afternoon. Mostly later model Nissan/Infinity, but plenty of vintage Datsuns. Parking structure shade was welcome but not the best for my phone cam. Ignoring most of the late model stuff, some pics: Clean JDM style 510 2-door with single side-draft L-series: Abe Froman's '70 Coupe: Two of the three 2+2 Zs in attendance, with the third in the background: Another shot of the green one. One of the best looking 2+2s I've ever seen: RB'd Z on the top deck where it was hot AF: Chopped 620 King Cab P/U in the front lot: A couple of later model Bluebirds: ToyoZ, or Z-ota? Sun-kissed Orange 510s: F20C-Z-T: Black and blurry Z: Yellow 510 4-door sporting P&P or Dobi flexdam front spoiler and AR (?) slot mags: Nice rear end: S15 SR20DE equipped 510 2-door with VTO Libres: Racked and ready 2-door 510: Hosestop's black '72 510 4-door: The first VQ powered 510 I've ever seen: Zeke with some graphical shadow thing going on: Datsmo Laurel: Blue 539 4-door: Black SE-R reflecting some purple monstrosity: Orange Z: Meh: The end:
  5. Scans of my photos of the UFO corral at Laguna Seca for the IMSA race in 1985. Easily the most 510s I had ever seen in one place until the Shasta gatherings a decade later.
  6. Tedman

    Bluebird Sports

    Beats me. Spreadbury would probably know for sure. Pretty sure it was a distinct trim level for at least one model year since they had those grille and trunk badges.
  7. Tedman

    Bluebird Sports

    Some time ago I came across this Nissan promotional photo set for the Bluebird Sports model. This is a set of four black and white 5x7" prints that came in a Nissan envelope. Below are scans of the envelope and photos. It looks like the Sports is based on the 4-dr Deluxe but with Sports grille and trunk badges, and perhaps Sports model specific grille and tail lamp garnish. I'm not enough of a JDM Bluebird nut to know what else is specific to this model, but I do know that I'd really love to have this car in my personal Dream Garage. The Nissan News Flash envelope: Exterior photos: Interior shot. I'm digging that carpet style. Also, it looks like the plastic dash closeout under the temp/fuel gauge has come loose. Oops...
  8. I don't know much about the group putting on this show, but they put my car on their event flyer, so I'll be there representing the old school Datsuns. Hope to see some of you there!
  9. Got invited to this car show, then a few days later was pleasantly surprised when a photo of Zeke shows up on the event flyer!
  10. My SR car has been in hibernation pretty much ever since I brought Zeke home. I try to take it out for a drive every few months to keep things from getting too crusty. I decided that with such infrequent use, it should really have fresh coolant and oil if it's going to be mostly sitting around in the corner of my garage. Today I changed the oil and coolant, and then went for a short drive. One thing really struck me. The smell. This car has never been rebuilt, refurbished or restored. Aside from the front seats, it still has its original interior, and it still smells like an old Datsun. While I had the car out, I took the opportunity to test fit its Watanabe wheels on Zeke. Unfortunately (though not unexpectedly), the Quickor rear sway bar rubbed on the inner tire near the rim. These wheels are 15x7" +21mm offset with 205/50 tires. As on my SR car, I will have to heat and bend the sway bar arms inward ~1/2" if I ever want to run this wheel/tire setup on Zeke. Here's a shot of the LR as installed on Zeke, and you can see where the sway bar rubs on the tire.
  11. I appreciate the kind words, guys.
  12. They say a 510 is never really "done". Well, Zeke is about as done as any 510 I've ever owned, but it's true, there's always something more to do. In this case, addressing the drip rail trim, or lack thereof. Zeke did not come to me with the stainless drip rail trim, but actually looks decent with the bare rails painted body color, so finding and installing the trim has been a low priority. Fortunately, one of my good 510 buddies recently turned me on to a nice set of drip rail trim (thanks Seth!). I debated whether to install it, fearing I might completely fuck it up in the process since I've never installed gutter trim before, and knowing that attempted installation was certain to scratch the paint on the drip rails, so no going back once I start. Well, today I decided to go for it, and I'm happy to report that it worked out well. Advice was to do it all by hand, or use a soft rubber mallet. I soon realized installing it purely by hand was not going to be possible, so I started in with the mallet, working from the ends toward the B-pillar. I was correct in that the paint on the rails was chipping off, so I was committed once I started. Judicious tapping with the mallet did the trick and I was able to snap on the LR section. Had to remove the mirror to do the LF section, but I was starting to get the hang of it. One side down, one to go. Had to remove the antenna to finish the right side, but got 'er done. Stoked! A couple of other minor updates: Decided to go back to all amber front turn signal lenses vs. the amber/clear JDM/Euro lenses. I think the amber ones just fit better with the old school BRE theme of the car. But not sure why the pair of amber lamp assemblies from my stash only have 1 wire, though. Coulda sworn I pulled these from my other '72 when I swapped in Euro assemblies a LONG time ago. I thought all USDM '70-73 510s had 2-wire front turn signals. Here's what the 1-wire jobs look like: I ended up just swapping the lenses. Maybe one of these days I'll repaint the grille. Finally, I've heard from more than one concerned citizen about why don't I have a license plate frame on Zeke? The main reason was that the bullet LED bolts didn't fit through the mounting holes in any of the frames I had. Finally got around to fixing that.
  13. Last weekend I took Zeke on the 4th annual Randy York Memorial Cruise. It was a trip back to the ‘70s as Randy was not only a 510er but a Vanner during the heydays of ‘70s cruising on Van Nuys Boulevard. His van club, California Street Vans, organized the event, and a group of SoCal 510ers make the run as well. That’s Randy’s yellow Chevy van on the event dash plaque, along with his orange 510 Wagon. Cool story of Randy and his Chevy van here. Gotta love that flexdam, American Racing 200S wheels (5 spoke Libres) and those quad pipes out back! http://californiastreetvans.wixsite.com/californiastreetvans/single-post/2017/04/24/The-legacy-of-Randy-York-the-continuing-adventures-of-the-Unicorn- Along with Randy's yellow van, there were also two of his ex- 510s in attendance: Dave link’s orange ’72 2-door (KA24E) and my red ’72 2-door. Randy’s wife and two adult kids cruised up Angeles Crest Highway with the group in their Odyssey van. I’m sure they appreciated the nice turn out. Here's Dave's orange 2 door: A few more shots from the pull out on Angeles Crest, along with a 510 group photo (thanks, Sebastian!) at the Newcomb's Ranch lunch stop. I've posted all of my photos from the run here: https://socaltt510.shutterfly.com/1805
  14. A couple of photos of Zeke in action from Bring-A-Trailer's Targa California event coverage. https://bringatrailer.com/2019/06/17/bat-event-coverage-targa-california-2019/
  15. While on the Targa California run we killed A LOT of bugs on the windshield. Early in the run I tried using the wiper washer which I had revived back on page 3 of this thread, but nothing happened. Hmmm. Note to self- troubleshoot the washer pump when I get home. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I had traced the problem to an inop pump motor. Took it apart and it was full of water and corrosion. Crap. Looks like the O-rings and seal I thought were in OK shape, were not. Wiper fluid had leaked into the motor and made a mess, so I disassembled the pump. This is how the parts looked after I cleaned everything up. You can see the small o-ring, which was rock hard and came out in pieces, to the right of the rotor. The seal, to the left of the impeller was also toast and needed to be replaced. I was able to find a potential replacement for the small o-ring, but that seal was going to be difficult, if not impossible to find. I soon gave up and started working on plan B- replace the whole pump. NLA from Nissan, but maybe I could find one from another car that would work? While searching for a suitable pump, I decided to check Motorsport Auto (The Z Store), and whaddya know? They sell a new OEM pump that looks exactly like the 510 pump. $45+tax+shipping and two days later I had a brand new exact replacement for the 510 pump, right down to the wire colors and connectors! Here it is installed under the washer bottle. I installed the assembly back in the car and it works great! FWIW, if you really want a new OEM bottle (240Z application is same as 510), they also sell the complete assembly (bottle and pump) for ~$250.
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