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  1. New wheels look great! They look a lot like mine.
  2. I don't think rear spoilers or wings were allowed in the 2.5 Trans Am rules, so that would explain why Brock never put one on the BRE 510s. The 240Zs were obviously allowed rear spoilers in the C Production class, so BRE ran them. The Nissan engineers must have seen aero benefit for the Bluebirds (reduced lift and/or drag), otherwise why go through the trouble to produce and homologate them? Also, they may also be more effective on the Coupe than the Sedan because of the sloped roofline. I wonder if the Hako fanatics have unearthed any aero data on the effect of the GTR rear wings?
  3. Here's page 1 of the FIA homologation document for the Bluebird 1800 SSS for reference, and the page showing the wing. Unfortunately it doesn't describe the wing placement. You can download the entire document here: FIA Historic Database
  4. For the PL510: Years "A" in inches '68-'69 10 1/2 '72-'73 11 '70-'71 11 1/2
  5. Red circled items: Plugged air injection ports? Pipes from an air injection (smog) pump would connect there. I'm no Roadster guy, but that would be my guess.
  6. I seem to recall BRE used MGB rack and pinion tie rod ends for their tension rod monoballs.
  7. Wow, that's quite a coincidence! Here's a Mexican 510 sedan that showed up a at a local show. Owner said it has an L-series, but I never saw under hood. One thing I found interesting was the front bumper had these little amber lamps installed, and empty holes in the ends. Perhaps they were a taxicab thing, or remnant holes for the Mexican version of the AMCO over-riders? Owner said the car came with the lamps, but I'm not certain we were communicating 100%.
  8. Tedman

    JCCS 2021

    A few more 510s:
  9. Tedman

    JCCS 2021

    Three Zs and a Fairlady Z-L:
  10. Tedman

    JCCS 2021

    Here's a few of the trucks:
  11. Tedman

    JCCS 2021

    Cuz there was always such a crowd around it! 😎 Actually, I managed to snap a few, but my pics of that amazing interior were not worthy.
  12. Tedman

    JCCS 2021

    I did take these, though.
  13. Tedman

    JCCS 2021

    I did not know I took one. And I did not eat lunch.
  14. Dime Quarterly Vol.6 Issue 3: Strut Shortening and Economical Ride Height Adjustment Dime Quarterly Vol.11 Issue 4: Tech How-To: Strut Swap Guide https://tinyurl.com/paa8rjwu The 280ZX struts are 1/2" to 1 1/2" shorter than stock 510 struts, depending on which 510 struts you have. Measuring "a" between the strut tube welds: 280ZX 10" '68-'69 510 10.5" '70-'71 510 11.5" '72-'73 510 11" If you opt for sectioning your strut tubes, AW11 Toyota MR2 rear inserts are about 1.5" shorter than 280ZX inserts and work great in a 510. I am running these in Zeke. For comparison, the Tokico in the pic is a 280ZX front application, and the Koni is an MR2 rear application. Sorry I don't have the exact length measurements.
  15. Yes, yes and yes. I have the narrower driver's seat (30" waist) and regular width passenger seat. After more than 10k miles, I'm quite satisfied with the comfort and the bolstering really holds you in when pushing it in the canyons and on back roads. My passengers have voiced no complaints, either. They fit in the car perfectly. My only issues are that I wish the seat sliders went back about 1" more (I'm 5'9" with long legs and have the same complaint with the stock 510 seats), and the fabric on the driver's seat bottom has separated or come unglued from the padding. I probably should have taken the seat back to SCAT when it first started to lift (they are local to me) as it would have been under warranty. I may still take it over there and see if they can re-glue it, but I may have to pay a little to have it fixed at this point. The fabric, vinyl and stitching have otherwise proven durable and they draw many compliments.
  16. Last year I ordered a 21t speedo pinion assembly for my 280ZX tranny from Megazip.net It was $30 + shipping from Japan, and came with the sleeve. I just typed in the part number given above by G-Duax for a 22t pinion, and they have it listed for $15.21. Sometimes they have parts listed, but you won't find out they are out of stock until you try and order. Worth a shot! 3270386402 - Pinion-Speedometer, Nissan OEM | Megazip.net
  17. That's too funny. Of course it will be fixed when I refurb the car, just not a priority now. I'm not a bodywork guy, so I'll leave the repair to someone who knows what they are doing. BTW, that dent was self inflicted. Mid '80s. I was on my way home from LAX in the early morning after flying back from a ski trip in Colorado. Waiting to make a left turn behind an early '70s Dodge Dart. Gap in traffic, light turned yellow, thought he'd go so I went, he didn't, and I hit him in the bumper. After we made the turn, he just kept on going like nothing happened. I've lived with that dent ever since.
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