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Severance Day: NOT what You think!


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My dually project has taken a new course. As You might have known, 2 years ago We welded together a 1979 front frame to a 1975 longbed frame and then dropped the fourdoor cab to make a fourdoor, lowered, longbed (17'8") dually 620. This project has become stagnant with the "wonderful" bodyshop that I had taken it to............ which was SUPPOSED to have had it ready for Me to show at the last Resolutions..... in 2007!!!!!


With My purchase of Makya's dually a month ago, the direction has changed to build now TWO trucks. The original fourdoor frame has now been fully detailed with new EVERYTHING (brakes, hoses, seals, shocks, etc.) Sometime later this year or early next year, the fully restored fourdoor cab and bed (YES, painted stock orange) will be bolted in place. This will make the fourdoor a complete restoration, except for the fact that it will be running a 1974 L18 instead of the J motor it came with. That is one truck...


Now on to the dually and why this thread is called "severance day". Yesterday, I towed the dually project to My welder Guru, Rich's shop. Without going into a lot of detail, the welds were cut off with the lengthened tubing pieces intact sticking out of the longbed's frame foreward. Then a piece was welded under the fourdoor to put a wheel under and be able to not only move it off of the trailer, but roll it around the garage. So basically, the fourdoor cab is now resting only on the 1979 frame with three wheels. I know it sounds strange, but it will work for getting to the new painter, etc.


Makya's old truck was taken today and stripped underneath (gas tank, brake lines, E brake lines, etc.) in order for THAT frame to be cut tonight or tomorrow. Then the customized longbed will be placed to it's frame and welded. It will then become the "new" dually project. Yes, it will also be the 17'8" length and not have any back doors, but still a lengthened dually river truck just the same. One final suprize will come later and the motor will be "unique". It will be something to see and cosmetically just as cool even without the fourdoors. Yes, 5 people will be able to ride in it!! Stay tuned!!

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I've got some pics still in the camera. When I get them developed, I will add them. What a fun chore to do on a 107 degree day!!!


This thread will link You to all photos on the total project.....




Scroll down to post #6, it has all of the links.

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  • 1 month later...

Photos are still in the camera but it actually is pretty ugly at this point anyway. With My change in direction due to the new garage project, the dually has been sitting but is now welded together. I did take some time last week and the week before for a few hours on cutting, welding, etc,. As of yesterday, the frames were welded properly together and Rich was fabbing the new "frame mount" gas tank stancions. I wanted to go with the "late model" frame mounting instead of the early way gas tanks were mounted to the underneath of the bed. This way I can lift up the bed easily if the truck is bagged later and for cleaning, line running, etc. I should be bringing it home from the shop either tonight or in the morning. With that done, the suprize will begin. The bed is already customized so the frontend will get some tricks done to match. It WILL be pretty cool in a few weeks. THEN, the proper photos will be posted!! Stay tuned!!

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Well, the "new and improved" dually project is back at My garage. It looks, in My opinion, interesting and "hideous" in two colors. Not to worry, I will soon be doing another "improvement" that I've hinted on wanting before. It will then get soon the already powdercoated rims, tires, louvered hood, Chevy Vega rear bumper, an airdam and frontend lowering. Also, it will all be gray primer and in one color. I'll post a photo for the construction interest soon of how it looks today. Stay tuned!!!

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I was talking to Yello620 this weekend, we were discussing this build. A true 4 door, long bed dually with a NISSAN turbo diesel sitt'n on the rockers would be saweet!


ummm, that was my idea...:fu:Jason wanted to jack it up in the air. sans the turbo diesel that is. I also wanted to run super singles in the rear.

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  • 3 weeks later...

OK, it cooled down today to only 115!!!!! SOOOooooooooo, I decided to try to work on the dually. And as You will see, the REAL REASON for the title of this thread!!!!!!



























YES!!!!!! A 5 seater roadster 620 dually!!!!


Tomorrow I will lower the frontend, change out the hood to one that has been louvered, put on an airdam, the dually rear fenders and tires/rims, and hang the tailgate.


What I plan to do with the back of the cab is this:


Take this old fiberglass bathtub.....




.... which I have cut...




and glass it in to the rear of the cab. This will strengthen it, give an edge as well as a place to rest Your arms on while cruising!!! Stay tuned!!!!!

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And for todays work...................








But thats not all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody else form far away is also helping out!!! I'll post HIS progress later.

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Thank You Mark. After the Bar-B-Que, I will lower the dually, put on the airdam, Vega bumper and doors. Then I will begin trying to see if I can get it presentable enough for the Parker Run next month. As for the time I have available this week, the dually will not be touched and I will be getting Choptana ready for Ludikrs and the Bar-B-Que.

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I just read through this and notice that I was supposed to post this photo:




This is how the fourdoor now looks. This is the way that the WONDERFUL body shop gave it to Me after it was there almost 2 years!!! Don't be sad, though. It is resting as You see it here waiting for body detail work and them the cab will be lifted off of this front frame section and placed on the stock detailed fourdoor frame. That will be another thread but I though a few of You would be interested in what became of the fourdoor now.

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mike u r truly a crazy dude, the vert is gonna be so "ratical", can not wait to see it, and yea if u get bored with the 4 door, u know my offer still stands, i will gladly take it off your hands:D:D, yea i know LOL:lol::lol:, keep on truckin, as we used to say..:) TOM

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