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71 datsun 510 widebody, or how I learned to love the bomb

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Oh god, what have I gotten myself into!







This is my second 510, but need alot more work. Alot alot alot.


Lets start with some pictures



The good.....ish



looks nice from here




so far so good



not so bad!! it has a bumper and everything!!



hey!! looks pretty good in here!

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The not so good








huh...no good....badly shaved door handles...



ugg....cancer..on the roof! Fu@k!



nothing on the dash works. nothing.

and the carpet is screwed.







random fuel cell...interesting..



4 speed l16..and wiring done by a drunk monkey on speed laced with acid.



so the plan


A: Un-fu@k the wiring.

B: Un-fu@k the body.

C: ka24de swap...kat?

D: coil overs...full sus build

E: cage




the rest will come as i work on it.



oh..I paid almost nothing for it..all I had to do was replace the clutch slave calender.


I could really use some advice, so please please chime in, especially if you are in the Seattle area.


this is the last car I built, just so I can have some credibility...and dont seem like a 17 year old with a pipe dream.


track car, this is just after a rebuild.


obviously not with those wheels, those are for pretty

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Nice, is it going to be on base tomorrow? Might have to keep my eyes peeled, I'm doing my two weeks right now. I'm not sure how long you've been there, but I used to work out at the gate about a year ago.

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Nice, is it going to be on base tomorrow? Might have to keep my eyes peeled, I'm doing my two weeks right now. I'm not sure how long you've been there, but I used to work out at the gate about a year ago.


sure will be, ill be working on it in the afternoon. Come to the west side of the ant and say hi.


I have been here for a little over a year. drive a Volvo station wagon for a daily. Bunch of stickers on the back.


71 datsun 510 widebody, or how I learned to love the bomb


You're a Dr. Strangelove fan?




Its true, its true.

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Is the AC hooked up? The under dash units are kinda rare so don't chuck it. Looks like a fun project, looking forward to following the build.



With a second look at the pics it looked like someone really loved that car at one point. 68 bumper, paint matched engine bay, nice stereo and interior... WOW You defiantly scored!!

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Dude you scored good on this one

I dont know what you paid for it but if you have money and get with the right people that car can be done in 6months


If everything work most wiring can just be rerouted to be hidden better.

heres my box flaired 510



Plus Icehouse buddy(Frank) does body and paint out of his house if you ever get to that point.

Dump the Wheels and get maybe some Cheap ROTA RBs 16x7 fronts,16x8 rears!!!!!!!! and you be Pmping


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Thanks all, Im hoping to pick up my engine next week, but sadly then the big wait for parts begins. That and I have to figure out how to wire it up.


it seems like every other bolt or screw in missing, and all have a fine layer of rust.


The body work looks like it is going to be quite the chore, there is a good amount of bondo blending the flairs(now cracked of course) and where the door handles were shaved. That and a little bit of cancer to deal with, something new to me.


no speedo. no tach. no power to the radio..good times


The wiring in it now is screwed. I really dont know where to start. the headlight/ brights dont work. turn signals...nothing. Drives like a champ though.


Is there anyplace online that I can find a wiring diagram? Or anyone in the Seattle area who has a free afternoon to show a new 510 owner the ins and outs? My last one had all the problems in the world but electrical. I know that this is something that I can figure out on my own, but I just remember how much nicer it was to have someone show me in one afternoon what it would have taken me quite a while on my own to figure out all by my lonesome.

beers on me of course!


To be honest, I am really new to this old tek stuff.



once again, Thanks


Oh, and I paid a little over a G the car, for reference.

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so i looked at this car when it was for sale quite a while ago in northbend.... all it needed was a slave cylinder to be able to drive it, i offered to put in the slave for that owner so he could enjoy it again because i didnt have any cash on hand...


Now this guy swoops it up for prob less than 1500 bucks and is trying to sell it for 3500 after it appears that he didnt do a thing to it?


no offense but dont let this guy make a quick buck off of a ratsuner

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no offense but dont let this guy make a quick buck off of a ratsuner


woah now, hey hey. i did not even put it up here, I just threw it up in a moment of panic over my living situation. lets not get testy.


Im shopping for a body shop at the moment and chasing parts for my swap. At the moment I am still trying to figure out the "stock" wiring issues and trying to figure what random alt this car has on it so I can replace it. Its in no way oe and doesnt seem to be a 240sx one.



any input would be appreciated.


Moving to the other side of the country will do that sometimes....too bad.


yeah, I found out that I wont necessarily have to go for at least six months, and thats enough time to get it into better shape to make the move.

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iwasnt meant to be personal just that we see it on here all the time someone buys a datsun cheap from somebody on here then turns it tring to make a quick buck.....hope you get it running and looking better


So what? It's a free market, baby! And if someone on here is dumb enough to buy an outrageously marked up Datsun, then they probably don't know dick about cars and aren't real ratsuners, or hood riders or whatever you want to call yourself these days. I'm a low life myself. :)

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