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lost mom last night

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Please don't smoke. It took mom at 59. She's had problems from smoking since she was a kid. All the breathing problems, but also Vascular desease. She didn't pee for a couple of days and got abdominal pain so they all were assuming kidney stones. Shes on blood thinners for the desease and had stints in the past. But she had a clot that was not caught, the main artery to the digestive tract. The colon, large intestine and 90% of the small intestine were dead. Even if she could have survived that, the blood thinner made the blood not clot and she passed quick.

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sorry for your loss, my mom had breast cancer from smoking, she lost both about 10 yrs ago, thankfully GOD saved her for us, she learned her lesson and quit smoking, i will lift you and your family up in prayer, GOD bless,and sorry for your loss :(

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Do not take your parents for granted any of you! They won't be around for ever and in some heartbreaking cases like this, even less. My mom smoked all her life an died from an inoperative brain tumor in the late '90s. At the time I wasn't talking to my parents and hadn't seen her in seven or eight years. She had been gone for almost a year before I found out. I started talking to my dad and travel 3,000 miles every couple of years to visit with him. We talk almost every week and are close now. If you haven't seen them in a while, spend a few minutes of time with them now! If you can't, then call and just say hi. Tell her or them both that you love them. There may be no later.


purple, my heart is heavy for you. I am sorry for your loss.


Everyone, there are 22 more days before Mother's Day.

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Sorry to hear that Purple........... My Dad died in 1974 at 51 and Had smoked since He was young. Back then, they didn't know much about it. Still, cigarettes are a killer. Not just to the person smoking but as We have learned now, those around inhaling second hand smoke. Take care, Mike

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hey Purple,


Sorry to hear about your loss, I jst lost my mother in law on the 11th of march due to smoking. She had smoked for more than 50 years, had gone through breast cancer in 2005, then in january she was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. it didnt take long for it to take over her body and get to her spine and brain fluids, after that it took her in just 6 days. all of my familys prayers are with you and your family, but just remember, she will always be watching over you and your family as you grow up. with time you will feel better and cope with this easier, yes i do understand what this is like, i was the one that stayed with her up to her very last breath, her boys live back east and could not come out for this, and my wife stayed home to deal with our 4 kids so that she could help them to understand and cope with the loss of their grand mother. this was the very hardest thing i have ever done and i am 49 years old. I truly do hope you have a good support system for you and your family, as that helps out alot.


Hang in, she is watchin you in everything you do daily.



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