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Inland Empire Classic Datsun / JDM Meet


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It was an everyday aluminum boat with a Nissan Outboard motor.

Nothing special other then the Nissan motor. There is a picture on my webshots under user name fairlady66. I will try to get a picture posted here when I get to my personal PC later today

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I need to talk Datsun already.....Cant wait for the 20th


I'm hungry.

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Looks like fun meets :)


They are fun. Just chillin with a bunch of bone heads and talkin datsuns. :lol:

The place where we meet has great food and ice cold bud scooners. :D

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great john now who are you calling a bonehead????????






:lol: got ya

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Her we go guys one week and counting! Sounds like the weather is going to be great next weekend! The last meet was awesome so lets keep it going and this time the goal is twenty plus cars. Looking forward to seeing everybody! Lets eat, drink, talk and be Datsun boneheads as a group!:) Man, sounds like Fun, see you there!

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Hey that's Bumble Bee....


Twisted. You have to much time on your hands. That's badass. :cool:

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haha just realized this is tomorrow... I'll be there :) with my sister so she might make me take her home early :( but I'll be there for as long as she can stand it!



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So is everyone ready for tonite... Some of us are getting free food, and the other a hand held repilca of his car. WOW this should be a good meet tonite, see you guys there...

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Same bat place, same bat time? I'll be there, just no Datsun :mellow:


Looking forward to it!

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