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  1. Did you forget we're neighbors too hahahah
  2. 72dyme

    JCCS 2015

    Ahh it's gonna be the first JCCS I miss since it started. Gonna be having a baby soon, and we have our birthing class tomorrow. Everybody have fun for me. Take lots of pics...
  3. Jccs registration is closed already, that was fast

  4. I'm looking for all color 510's. I was also looking for the black skyline 2000gt-x No, the skyline 2000gt-x, im also interested in some of your other cars
  5. Any one have any extra 510's? Ratdat, are you looking to sell the black 2000gt's
  6. I ordered a set of front and rear badges. All I can say is they are amazing. They shipped fully wrapped in bubble wrap. They are such good quality. I am gonna order another set for safe keeping. I'm in the process of painting them now. They are looking good with a little bit of paint. I can't wait to see them finished.
  7. You can ad me to the list. I would like to hVe a extra set of badges.
  8. I went, it was nothing like that. Really well organized by the CHP and the local police departments. They made the crash site street a one way street so everyone one was able to drive by the crash site. It flowed real well it went from 4 lanes to 3,2 then 1 lane. After you drove by the police were detouring you elsewhere to free up traffic. You were also able to park at a walmart which was about a long industiral block away and walk there. They had movie cars there, and a huge banner to sign a farewell. But for the most part no real idiots there. Every type of car as well, not jus Hondas. If a
  9. Also a couple of blvd wagons and skylines, looking to trade for just one bre 510. Hahah
  10. I have a lot of extra 620's, jetsons, mystery machines, 2000gt red and black. If anyone is looking for some
  11. I have a used vw scriccoro one. The fins are a lil bent. But it worked perfectly fine
  12. The grille on Craigslist is 1700 now... http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/pts/4159004890.html
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