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  1. YARD SALE! This Saturday November 9th - 9:00am to 3:00pm. We are having a Yard Sale and I am cleaning house, or shall I saw garage. I am going to have a lot of my Datsun Parts out for sale. Mostly Roadster parts, some bigger things and some smaller things. I DO NOT have these parts inventoried so asking me about the parts I have will not do much good, I can say I have a lot of parts. Off the top of my head I can say there is a (I think) a right (might be a left) Low Windshield Roadster Door, some Low Windshield Door Glass (right and left), some High Windshield parts, a little 510 and maybe som
  2. What is the location and time for this meet? I would like to send out a mass email to all SoCalROC members in the OC area so they can try to be there. Thank you so much for gathering these Toys, it makes such a difference for these children. ~Chris
  3. Ok we have the new website up for the Annual Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic. We are still putting together bits and pieces but the bulk of it is up and going. http://www.solvangroadstershow.com or http://www.solvangshow.com Enjoy!
  4. Due to a lack of interest this show has been Cancelled!
  5. This Show has been CANCELLED!!! It's a Tribute to the Riverside International Raceway Come out and join in the fun and Show off your Datsun! The 5th Annual SoCalROC Show-&-Shine Toy Drive! November 3, 2012 OPEN to All IMPORTS 1989 or older Get your Datsun registered and have a spot reserved in the Datsun Corral ALL other cars get to festival park. To join in the fun and for more information log onto www.socalroc.net or www.socalroc.org
  6. For those heading to the 25th Anniversary of the Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic from Southern California and you want to join in the fun of a caravan here is some information. For those leaving the Inland Empire (Riverside, Moreno Valley, Hemet, etc...) area you can meet at the Breyer's house in Riverside on Friday April 27 around 8:30am. We pull out at 9:00am - for those traveling down the 15 there is no need to divert to to Riverside, we will make a quick stop in Norco at the McDonald's on 6th Street to pick up anyone that wants to join in (this is also a good place to gas up - Chevron
  7. Seven more days (April 7th) until the 5th Annual SoCalROC Bar B-Q! ALL Datsun are invited! The first 50 Roadster owners will recieve a dash plaque commemorating 50 years of the Datsun Roadster! For more iformation log onto: www.socalroc.net - or - www.socalroc.org
  8. The 5th Annual SoCalROC Bar B-Q April 7, 2012 - Dash Plaques commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Datsun Roadster to the first 50 Roadster owners More information at www.socalroc.net or www.socalroc.org
  9. I met with Peter and Gayle Brock yesterday n a few things, this was brought up. This is their open house showing their new location, there is no cost to attend. Should be a blast!
  10. Hey Emptytank at the rate you are going you should have it ready for the 25th Anniversary of the Solvang Roadster Classic the end of April. Hope to see it there
  11. 4th Annual Show-&-Shine Toy Drive Photo Gallery is up Click here -----> Show-&-Shine Gallery
  12. Hey John, I have it set aside for you. I am registered for the Z Show but I can't make it. Need to go see my dad... But I will get this to you, if you are going to the MoVal Meet I can have kevin get it to you.
  13. We still have some T-Shirts for sale from the 4th Annual SoCalROC Show-&-Shine Toy Drive. $15 includes shipping. PayPal funds to cmb.assoc@gmail.com ships within 2 days NO MEDUIMS We have: A few Larges A couple of Smalls 5 2XL
  14. Well we had Rain! With about an hour and a half of rain and cold the weather settled into overcast skies allowing a pleasant time for everyone. This was the 4th year for the SoCalROC Show-&-Shine Toy Drive, 2 years with warm weather and 2 with questionable weather. Regardless of the weather we had some die-hard Datsun lovers show up for a great time. With a little less than a third of the cards as usual we ended up with over half of the toys as last year for the Children's Hospital. This made it all worth the rain and cold. Our DJ "AJ" was great; our raffles went well as did the judging of
  15. Just saw the weather report...... IF it should happen to rain on Sunday when the 4th Annual SoCalROC Show-&-Shine Toy Drive is to take place we will not be postponing it or canceling it this year, this event goes on Rain or Shine! We ask that you still come on out and bring a toy for the Children. We will hold as much activities indoors as we can. Goodies bags, T-Shirts, Food, Pictures for the children with Santa, Music, Raffles, and if we are indoors there will be a silent auction and Dash Plaques if you still bring your Datsun. We will make it a fun time regardless. So please come on o
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