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  1. Ok all, it’s the 3rd Saturday already and that means it is IE Datsun Meet time. The weather looks great for bringing out the Datsun! We have June gloom instead of 110 degree August weather. I would say some might need to bring out their sweatshirts. I look forward to seeing you all out there. 😀
  2. IE Datsun Meet tomorrow night! Hope to see you all out there. Haven’t restocked but still all sizes in T-shirt’s some hoodies. Perfect weather and bring out your dad for Father’s Day! Starts at 5pm at Portillo’s in Moreno Valley.
  3. 10 YEARS OF DATSUN MEETS IN THE INLAND EMPIRE! Come out and celebrate the longest running Datsun Car Meet in SoCal! I made new shirts and hoodies so get them while they last. I will be doing an old fashioned raffle and have a set of old school plaques to give out. Hope to see you there. Spread the word! This Saturday May 18 5pm at Portillo’s Hot Dog’s in Moreno Valley. 3rd Saturday of every month!
  4. So the IE Datsun Meet is coming up on its 10th Anniversary. We are going to celebrate it in May on the the 3rd Saturday which is the 18th. Unfortunatly this coming Saturday April 20th I won’t be able to make it out due to the Easter Holiday. Everyone is welcome to show up and hang out. I will plan to see you all next month for our, 10 year Anniversary!😀
  5. Tonight is the IE Datsun Meet. It should be perfect weather to get out the old Datsun and head over to Portillo’s and hang out. Hope to see you all there!
  6. Hey all, tonight is the meet but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it out and with the cold and rain not sure a lot of other people will either. You are welcome to show up and hang out but I will plan on next month for sure. See you all soon!
  7. The IE Datsun Meet is tonight and after a week of rain it will be nice to get outside and enjoy the dry weather. I will be glad to see anyone that shows up. Well take care all.
  8. Well all tonight is the I.E. Datsun let's do a raffle and how about $5 Tshirts! The weather will be awesome so hopefully I see you all there!
  9. Well all tomorrow night is the I.E. Datsun Meet, let's do a raffle and how about $5 Tshirts! The weather will be awesome! See you all there!
  10. Good morning IE Datsun family, 6 hours till the meet! The weather looks warm and great for getting together and talking Datsun! I am sorry to say that I am out of town and won't be able to attend. I know with all the good folks we have out there that it will still be a good time.
  11. Hey all come on out to the IE Datsun Meet! It's gonna be warm but it will be a good time. It will be good to see everyone after last months absence. See you there!
  12. Tonight is The I.E. Datsun Meet, it's gonna be hot but I hope it's a good meet. I won't be able to join you all tonight as I am in SLO for a graduation. So stay cool and enjoy!
  13. Happy St. Patty's Day, if you are still able to read this today after all that green Beer then I want to remind you all that tomorrow is the Meet! The weather looks perfect so I would expect we could have a good turnout. We are one month away from celebrating 8 years but I am not sure we will have enough attendance to make it to 9 years. I realize people are busy and we have been showing up to the same parking lot for a long time so maybe 8 years next month will be a good time to call it. We can all discuss it tomorrow when we all show up! See you all there!
  14. Well all tonight is the IE Datsun Meet. Come on out and enjoy the cool weather. Pick up a hoodie when you get there or bring one it is going to be chilly. I also have the t shirts and flags. See you there!
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