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510 Recovered

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I got my car back minus the wheels tach and speakers, and it cost 326 dollars to get it outa impound. Thanks for being conserned. If anyone see's my rims call me or the police I GUARANTEE there is not another set out there like mine, and I got reciepts. Also if anyone has a steering colum cover I would be interested in it since mine is now broken. Thanks Adam 4253148646

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really good to here you got your car back in more pieces I thought there was going to be. I hate people like that, last weekend some stole my 12 week old pitbull puppy out of my 5 ft high fenced yard. a$$holes

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That thread with the push button starter and the regular ignition wired directly to the horn dosent sound like such a bad Idea now.... you could have some sort of relay that cuts off current to the fuel pump if they try to hot wire the original ignition switch as well.

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AWESOME! Very glad to hear it. thieves and liars. WTF! I hate em!

A battery disconnect switch mounted under the seat or somewhere not in the open but easy to reach from the driver seat works good too. Also can help with any electrical problems or fires.

Hey. how about a retna scan ignition? OK, maybe that is too sci fi.

Really glad you got her back. I hope you are as lucky with the rims. peace

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I had it locked and I had a toggle that cuts the power to my computer so they must be good car theifs, well no car theif is good they just new what they were doing. I wish I could have caught them, a trip to jail for beaten there ass would have been worth it. It would have probly cost less to go to jail than get my shit stolen.

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no way.... even with a kill switch. I had a starter kill on my truck but I knew that was beatable just by roll starting it. Didnt' think they could do a roll start on a level gravel driveway... right in front of my house. :(


maybe the theives were one of your 'friends' that actually knew where the switch was or exactly how you had the ECU disabled.


An alarm is the nessisary key to add to a hidden kill switch.

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you can always pull the coil wire and take it with you, a smart theif would look there first, or even carry a spare coil wire with them


If you wan to be really tricky, pop the distibuter cap off and pull the rotor, then put the cap back on. that would confuse them, and it would take too long to figure out! It would be a hassle though, but maybe just at night or in shady neighborhoods

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none of those work/matter when its gets towed on 2 / 4 wheels or a flatbed.

ive seen a lot of cars get towed away with their alarms blaring. not stolen, just towed.


its also not a good idea to 'pull a piece' when your in the thieves hood. they might not get it the first time, but maybe the third they will know what to do.


keep it a secret spot and then you dont have to let anyone else drive if they cant start it :P


in the past i used a elect fuel pump cut off switch. disable when i want to. the car will drive a short way, but thats it. even a 510 guy would not look for it where it was. :D ive gotten myself a couple times too


at least you got most of it back!

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Glad to hear you got it back...


Don't you just love having to pay the impound yard for storing your stolen vehicle...bastards...


Hidden ignition kill switch, and fuel cut off and just for added insurance pick up an alarm...

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Exactly. If they want it bad enough they'll get it. I know someone who got his restored Stingray stolen out of a locked garage. He came home and found his garage door ripped out, the car was simply dragged out onto a flatbed.


Disabling stuff only really works with crackheads or tweekers, and pulling parts works so long as the part can't be bypassed on the thief isn't carrying a spare. I have a disabling device on my 4X4 and I've caught myself... had to go back in the house to get the enabler.


One of my favorites is the fuse you have to REMOVE to start the car. I learned that trick working with magnetos. The other trick is the backfed relay wired to the horn.



Paying the impound fees, well, I had to do that when my car was wrecked, but worse I had to watch them put it in the yard. What else you gonna do when you get plowed into on the freeway during rush hour? But they were "nice" enough to only charge my 1/4 day "Storage fees" since it was in the lot less than 3 hours (the amount of time it took me to get a ride home, get my trailer and get back to the lot).

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Guest DatsuNoob

Glad to hear you got her back. I dig (semi)happy endings. Coulda always been worse though. I gotta NRA sticker on my back window, I'd like to think it makes 'em think twice. No datsun's worth a hole in the head :D. GET AN ALARM DUDE! Those 510's are getting harder to come by, (unless of course you're Paolo :P) and you dont want it falling into the hands of some douchebag Honda kid.

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