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Driveway paint job for first timer


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Hey guys, 

Just wanted to show off my datsun 620 that I have been working on for almost half a year. Not really difficult altough blood, sweat and tears went into it but reflecting back I do enjoy building something myself. Paint is custom from House of Kolors and I bought everything from paint and primer to a paint gun all done in my driveway. I did not expect a 6K paint job by doing this myself but I mean how many people can say they painted it themselves and got to experience something alot of people are scared to do. I know it isnt perfect but im so happy when I see old photos of my originally orange but poorly painted white Datsun. It was poor because it would crack everywhere so I guess they just sprayed primer and paint and didnt even sand for prep. What are your thoughts? 




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These old wheels will eventually go up in the classifieds I dont really know what price to ask but if you want to get them shoot an offer?


This may or may not piss some people off but I soley did a carbon honeycomb overlay as well as the door handles and rear plus front bumper will be in carbon!!!! I love it

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20 minutes ago, FrankRizzo said:

cool beans. ☺️ I like the carbon!


Im trying to figure out where you took those pics. Looks like Stunt/Mulholland but maybe Santa Susana because its closer to youz?


Thank you! Once I have everything put on I will update my pictures. And you are pretty close, I was on the 1 near Point Magu actually , just minding my own business when I spotted that beaut of a Z. I just had to park and take some shots lol

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8 hours ago, Ninjaneer11 said:

Looks great! I just rattle canned my engine bay and was considering getting the equipment to do a "proper" spray job, but it wasn't in my budget right now. What kind of setup are you running? compressor size, gun, etc? 

So firstly I used a 20 Gallon compressor but thank god I was able to use it from a friend. Gun I ran a devil bliss finishline and it shot fantastic. Minimal orange peel and everything. If the paint did run its because my dumb @$$ would get distracted on a patchy area but never focus on that just keep going layer by layer and itll come out like glass. Overall I spent a significant amount of time on youtube researching techniques and companies for paint. I figured its alot better to buy quality paint than to get a cheap paint and play with the chance it doesnt adhere properly in the long run. Overall Prep is the most time consuming and frustrating obstacle. I honestly thought I would such since I do a crappy job with rattle cans but a paint gun gives you so much more power to be precise lol 

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7 hours ago, NC85ST said:

Nice job. Beautiful color. How did you get away with painting it in your driveway, in California?!

Appreciate it greatly! And I mean.... I made a little makeshift booth with a carport so I didn't have the feds snooping through it hahahahah 

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Fantastic job! I did my 4 door 510 1600 here downunder in dads shed when I was 17.  Lots of sanding.  He shot most of it back then.   Still got the photos in the album 😁.  Photos of the prep and finnish.


Love the black for the light surrounds. Going to do this to  mine eventually.  I bet that orange is amazing in person with different lights and sunrise.



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