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  1. @Doobie Yes it came with the bleed hardware, just not the mounting hardware. The shipping game is frustrating sometimes on rockauto, but they have started showing which warehouse the items ship from before adding it to the cart. Before you had to add everything to see where it was coming from. It's still cheaper than most auto part stores, but not all the time. I've only ever had one bad experience with rockauto, I ordered 2 brake rotors and only one fit. I ended up exchanging twice which still didn't fit. I had a local machine shop hone the rotor to fit.
  2. While not cheap, you can still get a lot of these from Nissan too. I got a few front cover bolts from my local dealer when I did my rebuild.
  3. I got this one to replace the original. Installs in-line on the heater hose and connects to the heater control cable. Is push to close, so the orientation of your heater control is still correct. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/BK_6601271
  4. I just replaced my rear wheel cylinders this weekend (76 620). I ordered Beck/Arnley 0725051 from Rockauto. It came with everything you need to replace the cylinder, except the nuts and washers to put on the bolts.
  5. Looks great! I just rattle canned my engine bay and was considering getting the equipment to do a "proper" spray job, but it wasn't in my budget right now. What kind of setup are you running? compressor size, gun, etc?
  6. Ninjaneer11

    No Heat!

    I had a similar problem after I got my truck. PO said the temp gauge never worked either. Turns out there was no thermostat in the housing. Put a new one in and the heater and gauge started working perfectly! So yeah, make sure your thermostat is working correctly... or exists in general.
  7. Thanks Stoffregen. Wasn't even thinking about it when I put them on last night. This is just a stock rebuild, so I'll be running with the springs.
  8. These are different than the bottom piece of the mouse trap spring, because I have those also. All 8 of them look the same. I went ahead and put the rest of the head together, but wanted to ask before I lash the valves or anything. Might be from another engine? If no one here knows what they are then I'm not too worried.
  9. Yes, I have 8 of them. They were in a bag with the mouse trap springs also. They look like they would fit on just under the ball of the rocker arm adjustment screw, but I don't know if that's right.
  10. Tried again and got it to post. This is the clip
  11. I'm assembling the head on my 76 620 and am not sure where to install these clips. The machine shop gave them back to me in a bag with the rest of the head pieces. I checked several diagrams and the factory service manual, but don't see anything that looks like them. I couldn't get the image to insert on the post, here is the link to imgur. L20b clip
  12. Time Left: 11 days and 7 hours

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    I'm in the process of rebuilding my L20b and the machine shop lost the baffle plate that mounts in the block. I'd really appreciate it if anyone has a parts motor laying around that has this part they could ship me. I'll pay a fair price for the part and shipping.


  13. Picked up my 620 a few months ago, would love to do a KA swap. I'm in
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