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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply. I was mistaken... I apparently got rid of them all.
  2. Basically at the same spot. I don't get much time to work on hobbies in the summer. I'm an event promoter for a big race here in June so that takes up my early summer. I"m also the shop foreman for a couple of shops at a Budweiser hop farm and that takes up most of my late summer getting ready for harvest. I'll probably get back to it a little after hunting season 😄 sooo... maybe sometime in October/November. I do think I still have one left... haven't been in my shop in like 2 months so I can't even remember 😄 I'll check tonight.
  3. Not yet... struggled to find enough vendors to come on-board at first to get it up and running in the time frame I had hoped for and make it something useful. Still trying to make it happen, but my summer season is too busy to deal with it at the moment. I'll probably start looking at taking it on again come September or October.
  4. I like the tag. Would even be cool once painted...
  5. Willing to pay shipping from Idaho to AZ?
  6. The gaskets are reusable... depending on condition. Most are too brittle or degraded to reuse them anymore.
  7. Made a little more progress this weekend. There was plenty of evidence of an old axle seal leak on the locked diff, so I started to tear it down for seal replacement. Looks like their was probably a wheel bearing failure at some point in the right rear. All of the brake components were new and the washer behind the axle seal was toast and never replaced... Thankfully I have the other diff to rob parts from. Since I already had the axles out for the seals, i decided to pull the carrier and give everything in there a once over. Glad I did... the pinion gear was toast (sorry about the offset picture... not sure what happened there). What it should look like (again thankful I have a spare diff!) . Open carrier vs ratcheting locker carrier Number cast in the carrier is 65946... didn't come up with anything on a quick google search. It also has 65947 on the other housing portion and a 65944 stamped in it... Waiting on a pinion seal to reassemble the carrier. My dash pad showed up though! Still can't get over the condition of this thing!! Especially compared to what I had to work with before...
  8. Truck was in overall great shape if you threw some cleaning at it. Rockers would need some work and a r/f fender. I'm sure brakes and the like would need gone through. I'm working still to find out about a title and if the guy selling will budge on price any. I just want to flip it for a couple hundred bucks and have no need for it. Hate to see it get crushed.
  9. More pics as promised. This old girl was out there too... bummer it was so far gone 😞 All bottom edges of the bed looked like this Drivers rocker panel Drivers side Drivers floor is solid Datsun mirrors... both have perfect glass in them Passenger floorboard is also solid Passenger rocker panel
  10. bummer you didn't get a hold of me sooner... just had a guy come about a two weeks ago from Seattle to pick one of them up... I do still have one left though.
  11. Moving in to the part of the job that's going to require more welding and my cheap Amazon hood took a dump on me... so, I used it as an excuse to upgrade a little. Then, I saw this pop up on Facebook and scored it as fast as I could because both of mine were trash. I had planned to attempt a repair of some sort on one of them, but this was too good to pass up.
  12. I'll have more pics Monday. Guy that owned it died... not sure what getting the title will look like yet.
  13. Idaho Hillbilly


    Value of this canopy? Anyone interested? Whole truck also available at $1500... no title or engine. I do have an L20 and 5spd I'd sell with it. $250 if bought with this truck. Delivery available in the PNW for a fee. Can try to work on the title situation...
  14. Hey guys, I already have this information out there in two separate threads now (my build thread and the brake forum), but figured I'd put it here too due to relevance and to give it it's own thread. I've never seen the info on Ratsun and had to work through it myself, so forgive me if this is already known to some of you. The common upgrade for the 70-78 240/280z car guys is to install brake calipers/pads from a 79-84 Toyota 4x4. These are 4 piston calipers with larger pads. Well, it turns out that the 240/280z calipers will bolt in to any 620 with factory disc fronts... That alone is an improvement and offers an alternative to our hard to find calipers. Last night i purchased one of the Toyota calipers and some pads to give them a test fit on my SVO-620 build and the pics speak for themselves... A look at the mounting area/backing plate stock The small trim that was needed to make the 4 piston calipers fit Caliper fitment after installation Clearance with a 15" wheel bolted up Anyways, I hope the info proves valuable to some of you out there.
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