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  1. Idaho Hillbilly

    It's about time... to get started!

    Haven't been able to get back to the truck yet. Big snow storms, Christmas and too busy in the shop. I'll toy with it more after the new year hopefully so I can give some updates. Hoping to see how it runs with these carbs on it. Not really sure I like the filterless system where I live. I'll have to figure something out there or swap it all out for another setup. ​Picked the whole truck up for $1200, figured the carbs were worth 2/3 of that anyways. The locker is pretty cool too, and where I live, a rust free body is priceless. ​In the meantime, here's Ol' Red hiding behind a snow berm.
  2. Idaho Hillbilly

    It's about time... to get started!

    Thanks guys. I'll double check the timing to make sure I had them in the proper order. Pretty sure I just typo'd above, but I'll take a look. It also appears that I need to host the photos somewhere else... I've never seen a cylinder over fuel so bad that it would not fire at all, but I can unplug 1&2 independently or at the same time and have zero change to the engine.
  3. Idaho Hillbilly

    It's about time... to get started!

    Hey all, been on and off the forums for years. I've now acquired a total of 3 620's and finally have one that I'm actually planning to build. Picked it up several months back and parked it in the corner of the shop. Ordered my first batch of parts for it last week and just finally decided to see if I could make her go. Supposedly was in storage for at least 10 years before I picked it up (out of the storage unit). Has a Detroit locker in the rear, a completely rust free body (literally have not found ANY), L20b with a cam (supposedly) and Mikuni 44's. First batch of parts was a little random, but I picked up front and rear window seals, full engine gasket set, spark plugs, timing set, brake master cylinder, clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. I was told that it had a blown head gasket when I bought it, but thought the first thing i'd do is see if I could get it fired up and test that out for myself. Did a quick swap of the fluids, ran a dedicated fuel line to a gas can with new fuel, threw the new plugs in it and started cranking. To my surprise, it took off pretty quick, but idled quite rough. Give it some throttle and it smooths out and actually revs quite well. Started pulling plugs one at a time to determine the cylinders that were not firing. I found that I could removed both plug wires for cylinders 1 & 2 and have no change in engine operation... bummer, blown gasket between one and two?! Removed plugs and performed compression test on both cylinders... 175psi in #1 and about 160 in #2... huh, well maybe they have the firing order off? verified that it was correct at 1324. Verified that the front carb is fueling (it is). This is where I currently sit. I am kind of thinking that the front carb is actually over fueling to the point that I have a dead miss on those cylinders? On that topic, I'm sure that these carbs could use a solid rebuild. I don't know anything about them... what is the best option for having them rebuilt? ​Pics below of what I'm working with! Looking forward to the build with you guys :)
  4. Idaho Hillbilly

    2.2 Diesel intake tube?

    Thanks, it's been electrical taped pretty thoroughly, but it just keeps degrading. Was hoping someone know of a source. May have to custom make one... Thanks!
  5. Idaho Hillbilly

    2.2 Diesel intake tube?

    Anyone know where I can source the rubber intake tube for a 720 with the 2.2 diesel? TIA
  6. Idaho Hillbilly

    pic of your truck

    Picked up a couple 620s in the last month or so. This one is gonna be parts for my KC, but it was closer to running. Got it fired up and drove it to work for the first time.
  7. Idaho Hillbilly

    Stance setup: what do you run?

    We have a couple different pic threads and I'm gonna start a new one. Partly because I'm still "designing" in my head and partly because I see the question ALL the time throughout the forum. So, post up pics of your ride and specs for your tire/wheel combo and drop (or lift) along with any other detail you want to give. Ready, Go! EDIT: 185/75/14 stock height I believe.
  8. Idaho Hillbilly

    1977 620 KC - New to me, definitely not new

    For follow-up, the shim ended up working excellent. I had zero issues and the truck ran great afterwords. I then sold it soon after and have no idea how its doing now. I just had open ended threads and wanted to finish it up in case someone else looks later. Thanks all.
  9. Holy geeze! I wish I was mexican... I could barely stuff myself in to a 521. They have 3 in that thing!!
  10. Idaho Hillbilly

    620's UNITE !!!!!!!!!

    Bringing this back a little... but umm, that's not a mustang. (Perhaps I missed the sarcasm in using this picture as a reply?)
  11. Idaho Hillbilly

    1977 620 coil/distributor wiring

    Thanks for the help fellas. I got it all changed over and the timing set to 12* Took it for a little drive and the miss is all gone :) Still a little down on power compared to the KC, but I haven't done any other tune-up work to this one yet and the fuel filter has a nasty pile of rust sitting in the bottom so its probably been a little neglected and needs a good once over. Thanks again.
  12. Idaho Hillbilly

    1977 620 coil/distributor wiring

    Thanks!! Didn't get a chance to look at it this weekend... Starting a new job and trying to finish some house updates is taking up all my time!
  13. Idaho Hillbilly

    1977 620 coil/distributor wiring

    Thanks for the info! Ill try and look at ig today or tomorrow!
  14. Idaho Hillbilly

    1977 620 coil/distributor wiring

    Thanks Mike. I had forgotten about the need for a "crank" wire. I'll do some wire searching on it tonight and figure out where it went!
  15. Idaho Hillbilly

    1977 620 coil/distributor wiring

    Hi all, I've searched for this and have found a lot close and all of the threads with schematics/files no longer work. So, I just picked up a 1977 620 (already had a 79KC) the '77 runs excellent at idle, but if you try to run it up to highway speeds it starts missing like crazy and looses power bad. Just started doing some thumbing around and noticed the coil/resistor/distributor seems wired incorrectly. I have black/white + wire that connects to the resistor. Then, from the same pole on the resistor i have a white/black wire that goes to the + side of the coil. Then there is a yellow (looks like a repair job) wire that goes from the coil - to the distributor (single point). This all seems ok, other than the fact that it's not actually using the resistor... The coil has verbage on the side of it stating that it must be used with a resistor. Do I simply need to move one wire to the other side of the resistor? It looks like the PO had recently put the cap/rotor/points in this thing and the points are already looking burnt up. I also checked base timing just because and its at about 18* (I believe 13.5 is spec.) and there is no vacuum line to the advance. Anyways, I'm assuming I need to actually use the resistor, probably replace the points again, hook up a vacuum line and then get the timing adjusted right. Are any of the things done something that are a (trick of the trade) type fix that I should leave alone? crappy night time cell pic for the inquisitive :) Thanks, Hillbilly

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