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    2006 Scion TC, 2016 FRS, 1949 Schwinn, looking for another 1928-29 Model A
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    Had a few 620's back in the day, looking to get a 521 or 620 to drive and fix up.
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    City Worker

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  1. Wow what a butcher job, have you talked with them regarding the work..
  2. 0 compression ? was it running after you replaced everything you listed ? If it wasn't running start with the head gasket: 1. did you match it up to the head ? 2. what material is it ? 3. if you crank it over with your finger on one of the plug holes do you feel anything ? 4. Check you timing, chain position
  3. Your truck is tooo nice for a cap, I think they look cheesy
  4. I saw it too price is rising fast
  5. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/d/1974-datsun-620-pick-up/6548378038
  6. Gotta work, would appreciate any contact info on any 521 or 620's for sale, Thanks in Advance
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