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  1. Appreciate it greatly! And I mean.... I made a little makeshift booth with a carport so I didn't have the feds snooping through it hahahahah
  2. So firstly I used a 20 Gallon compressor but thank god I was able to use it from a friend. Gun I ran a devil bliss finishline and it shot fantastic. Minimal orange peel and everything. If the paint did run its because my dumb @$$ would get distracted on a patchy area but never focus on that just keep going layer by layer and itll come out like glass. Overall I spent a significant amount of time on youtube researching techniques and companies for paint. I figured its alot better to buy quality paint than to get a cheap paint and play with the chance it doesnt adhere properly in the long run. Ov
  3. Time Left: 11 days and 18 hours

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    Selling my old wheels and tires. Its a 14 inch rim and wrapped with 205/70/14s. They cool and all I just dont need them. I would say theres like 80-90 Tread left? I never really would drive the datsun often only to the beach like 3 times and usually a 15 min cruise around my city. Asking 350 OBO


    Simi Valley, California - US

  4. Time Left: 11 days and 18 hours

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    Selling these new Federal tires because I was uncultured and purchased them for some junk yard find rims I had purchased to see that my truck was too high for them and it looked like little cholo tires. Nothing wrong with them they were just to small for my taste. Usually cost upwards to $260 ish but Im willing to just get 200


    Simi Valley, California - US

  5. Thank you! Once I have everything put on I will update my pictures. And you are pretty close, I was on the 1 near Point Magu actually , just minding my own business when I spotted that beaut of a Z. I just had to park and take some shots lol
  6. These old wheels will eventually go up in the classifieds I dont really know what price to ask but if you want to get them shoot an offer? This may or may not piss some people off but I soley did a carbon honeycomb overlay as well as the door handles and rear plus front bumper will be in carbon!!!! I love it
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to show off my datsun 620 that I have been working on for almost half a year. Not really difficult altough blood, sweat and tears went into it but reflecting back I do enjoy building something myself. Paint is custom from House of Kolors and I bought everything from paint and primer to a paint gun all done in my driveway. I did not expect a 6K paint job by doing this myself but I mean how many people can say they painted it themselves and got to experience something alot of people are scared to do. I know it isnt perfect but im so happy when I see old photos of my o
  8. Hey guys, i’m new here so if this is isn’t even where i can post i apologize. I’m from Ventura county and currently own a 1974 Datsun 620. I painted it myself and painted it on my driveway and for it being my first car to paint... i didn’t do too bad! Hopefully i can sell some things up in the classifieds since i have some goodies i don’t need anymore !
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