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new drum brakes keep pulsing and dragging on 720


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hey guys so i changed out my drums and shoes on my 720. this is everything i have done so far and im out of ideas : installed new shoes, springs, wheel cylinders and even had the new drums turned. so the problem im having is (driver side mainly) when i press the pedal down i feel a slight pulse (never felt it before with the old ones), the rim is hot as hell to touch and when i put it up on jack stands i can spin the wheel freely about 3/4 of a turn and then it sticks in a certain spot and stops. i have pulled the drums off numerous times now to adjust the shoes and still cant seem to make it work right. anyone have any suggestions?

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Can't help there.... I have a 521 and I think I have drums from AutoZone on the back of mine.... honestly I feel drums are a crap shoot...

Maybe check and compare the price on an oem pair of drums....

Or and It might be a pain in the ass but I would just keep trying and warranting a set from AutoZone till you find ones that won't bind as your trying to adjust them....

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If out of round there will be one place where the drum is closest to the shoes, so why doesn't it rub anywhere on the shoes which cover 80% of the drum. There must be one shoe with a higher spot than the others that the drum hits.



Was the emergency brake loosened when setting the brake?


Like Daniel said. Make sure the brake adjuster is free to slide or all the adjustment will be on one shoe.

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I would check the front rotors first before going any farther, every time my brake pedal pulses it is because the rotor got hot and something got stuck on it, all I do is scrape whatever is stuck to the rotor off and all is good, but I am talking about a non-vented rotor, I have never had anything get stuck to a vented rotor so far.

also I have found that when I adjust my rear brakes that it never spins evenly 360 degrees, there is always part of the spin that drags more than the other half of the spin, don't know why, don't care as it has never been an issue for me, my pedal has never pulsated because of a rear drum, maybe I am lucky.

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You need to disconnect the park brake cables when doing/adjusting the rear brakes, they may be loose but might not be all the way loose.

This is the obvious issue when folks come on here and say they cannot get the drum on after installing new brake shoes on the rear, they say they released the park brake, but it was not really released because of adjustments made in the past, once the park brake cables were disconnected the drum slides right on.

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In the olden days we always had the new shoes arc'd at the machine shop at the same time that the drums were turned or replaced. This made for a near perfect fit with no pulsing and easier to install and adjust. They just don't do this anymore since drums are getting rarer, and places like O'reillys have no clue...



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