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  1. I couldn't get around to it today but I'm going to bench bleed it again and bleed the hell out of the rest of the system. I'll go through a full bottle to make sure it's air free
  2. Ok I will try that and see what happens
  3. Hey guys so I ended up replacing my front rotors, calipers, master cylinder and pads. I am now dealing with my back drums locking up before my fronts. I have bled them all the way around and still having no luck! Running out of ideas, need some imput, thanks
  4. i know this is a long shot and i have tried looking it up on the inter webs but nothing. does anyone know if companies like holley or any other big brands of carbs/efi kits make a aftermarket efi set up for a napz engine?
  5. Yea I put in 2 quarts of Royal purple 75w-90. It's the only one I could find locally that's good for the yellow metal
  6. Yep that explains it! There was a good extra quart that I took out
  7. Any body know what would cause gear oil to come out of the little breather vent on top of a 5 speed trans?
  8. the parking brake was loose and both sides are free. i even put new shoes on in a possibility that may be the problem, but its not. and flatcat if i snug them up against the drums then their a bitch to rotate. never had this problem with drums before
  9. does anyone know a part number or what a good brand to go with is?
  10. i got them from autozone. and i will have to see about exchanging them
  11. Daniel C, i pretty much have done everything that you suggested, your probably right about the drums being out of round
  12. so should i turn them again? or just go with another set from a reputable brand? aka not from autozone or oreillys
  13. hey guys so i changed out my drums and shoes on my 720. this is everything i have done so far and im out of ideas : installed new shoes, springs, wheel cylinders and even had the new drums turned. so the problem im having is (driver side mainly) when i press the pedal down i feel a slight pulse (never felt it before with the old ones), the rim is hot as hell to touch and when i put it up on jack stands i can spin the wheel freely about 3/4 of a turn and then it sticks in a certain spot and stops. i have pulled the drums off numerous times now to adjust the shoes and still cant seem to make it
  14. Maybe I'll try the dye first and see how it goes
  15. So I'm looking into replacing my headliner and the more I look at it the more of a pain in the ass it looks to do. I'm wondering if I should have an upholstery shop do it. Now I have heard about special paints for vinyl, I would also like to know if that's a good option. Anyways I would like to know to know some other opinions out there. Thanks
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