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1980 Datsun 510(A10) Wagon Build, KA Swap (Questions,How to)

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I bought a 1980 Datsun 510(A10) wagon 4 years ago with wanting to learn on how to rebuild a engine with the intention to do a KA Swap down the line.

Well I finally acquired a 93 KA24DE. I wanted to go ahead and remove unnecessary things from under the dash leading me to just remove all the interior since i was that deep in and for a good reason. If you ever want to know what your gonna find in a 37 year old car its a rats nest, bunch of cigarette butts and a crayon. 



What is recommend to clean the floor? I was thinking soap and scrub brush? 


Also going about replacing the carpet. What have you used in the past? What type of barrier do i put down? 

Should go ahead and use por 15 and paint the floor to prevent rusting, the car is pretty clean of rust only a few spots. 



Old Picture:

38231251214_9165eab3a0_c.jpgDone by thesegamaster, on Flickr


Interior Pictures:

25075978918_836dd50384_c.jpg2 by thesegamaster, on Flickr

25075980688_ba3d7224c0_c.jpg1 by thesegamaster, on Flickr

25075974968_6731032b1e_c.jpg4 by thesegamaster, on Flickr


Little homemade tool to get the screws out from the top of the dash. 

25075973668_2207c30cca_c.jpgHome Made Tool Dash by thesegamaster, on Flickr




Questions, Comments, Help Appreciated


Thanks for looking.


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There rally should have been little reason to remove the dash. You're keeping most of what's there. What a pain in the ass job for little benefit.



Hint: use really good hose clamps for the heater core as you don't want to do that again.



Overall, not half bad. Use dry ice to break up the deadening material on the floors and see what it looks like after.

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You can install clutch and  brake pedals to swap a KA without removing the dash. Well toooo late now.


I would definitely use sound deadener when finished. That will be a better easier job with the dash and heater out.

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Went to the Auto Salvage yard today, They had a 83 Nissan Pickup that had a z20s with a Manual Transmission. 

I picked up the KA24DE that came with a automatic transmission. Of course that would not work for me. 

Upon research online i found that you can use a good old manual stumpy trans for the swap, Since the KA block is practically the same as a z20s having the same hole pattern, so the transmission will bolt right in. I also started cleaning up the plastics with some 303 Automotive cleaner and man, do the plastics look new!

I have the wiring harness in the car, need to wire up the CAM/AM Box, I pulled the two connects i needed from a 240sx chassis harness that was at the same salvage yard. That way i do not have to cut the engine harness. I tired finding the connectors online with not much luck. I power washed the gunk of the engine with still more cleaning to do. I need to get it up on the engine stand so i can starting replacing a much over due gasket job. 



Question: I am looking at rockauto for a Flywheel and Clutch. The Clutch and Flywheel for the KA or the Clutch and flywheel for the 83 Pickup.

Stumpy Specs: I can get a Clutch either in 225mm or 240mm disc diameter. It looks like the KA Clutch disc diameter is 225mm. I assuming i go with the 225mm. 

Flywheel:  Z20s/Stumpy Flywheel says diameter is  12.09". While the KA diameter 12.03. Or does it really matter, its such a small amount it wont be noticed? 

I assure i am just over thinking it. But info is always appreciated.   


Thanks for reading! 

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Answered Solved.


I just wrapping up the gasket job. Cleaned everything up the best i could without getting too extreme, Clean enough to not get your hands all greasy when you work on it. 

I am ordering some new vacuum lines and coolant hoses that are attached the manifold. Its coming along pretty smooth and not rushing anything. I still need to fabricate a Clutch pedal but that will come when the engine is in the car. So i can get everything lined up correctly. 

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Clutches are measures across the friction face on the flywheel.


The Z20 in the 720 will have a 240mm flywheel and clutch in it.


Truck KA engines also have the 240mm clutch.

Car KAs has the 225mm clutch.



The Z20 5 speed, flywheel, clutch and pressure plate and the release bearing and collar should all fit the KA.


If you have a KA with a 225mm flywheel and clutch assembly (be sure you get and keep the release collar, it's matched to the 225mm clutch) the Z20 5 speed will bolt right up and work.

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Yes in theory it should bolt up directly to your existing trans,, i say in theory cuz i never actually did it but have been told by a few it should work no problem. 


MHub said he used a 240sx motor mount on one side or the other and it made it so the other side be able to use stock type mounts..?? So keep those if you have them from donor car..  Notice question marks  as my memory isn't as "keen" as i would like it to be. 




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A 1/4 drive 10mm universal joint socket on an extension will get at those dash screws on top faster. 



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Update 4/8/2018


Engine is mostly assembled with all new gaskets. Still need to do the rear main seal and thermostat. New Hoses and Vacuum lines are in place. I have ordered the rest of the items needed for the install. Hopefully the engine will be installed by the end of this month so i can get working on wiring and start re-installing the interior. 

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Update 7/19/2018


Engine is installed with transmission, Went in pretty smoothly after a few adjustments. Used a A10 motor mount on passenger side and a KA Motor mount on the driver side. 

Engine Harness is mostly plugged in. Currently working on figure out wiring up the transmission to get reverse lights and neutral. Once i figure out that i will move on wiring to the cam/am box. Then i can get to the fun part on making some custom modifications, Installing Clutch pedal, radiator etc etc. 


43468593642_e7ef766a27_c.jpgIMG_20180701_130841 by thesegamaster, on Flickr


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