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  1. dukerollo

    L20b b310

    I moved the engine back because I couldn’t get the radiator in. Now the 280zx trans is too friendly with the tunnel, so I had to do some chopping. I am going to be using a KA head eventually which should give me hood clearance. Did you have room for a rad in the stock location, or did you modify the core support? If you have any pics I would love to see them.
  2. dukerollo

    L20b b310

    Does anyone know of this being done anywhere? Does anyone have any pictures? I’m sure I’m not breaking new ground. I have finally got the engine and trans in at the same time, but it has required major surgery. I still don’t know if the hood will go back on. I can can see why Nissan stretched the nose on the Sunny Perfects, there are no room in these damn things. When it’s not 3:30 in the morning, I’ll update my build thread. This little tangent of the project has been a bit more than I bargained for....or I’m just tired and being bitchy....
  3. dukerollo

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Oops. Posted in the a10 thread before I knew this one existed. https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/1982-datsun/6674436118.html Mexican a10 with the cool oval headlights.
  4. dukerollo

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/1982-datsun/6674436118.html not mine and not affiliated, but a Mexican a10 in Houston. The add sucks and he wants a mint for it but it is none the less interesting.
  5. dukerollo

    05-14 mustang lca for 4 link a10

    Good info. Thanks for posting it up.
  6. dukerollo

    Picking up B310 wagon parts car soon

    Cool. Hit me up by PM when you get back.
  7. dukerollo

    Picking up B310 wagon parts car soon

    You are in LittleRock??!! If so, I am definitely interested in some parts, and I know a guy that probably is as well. Post up up some pics, especially of the dashboard.
  8. dukerollo

    Red Neck AC

    Lol. Those setups were real popular when I lived in Tucson. Generator in the truck bed and a home a/c in the rear window.
  9. dukerollo

    ka24de 210

    I will take an update please.
  10. dukerollo

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    I know it is relatively minor and non structural but be careful using aluminum fasteners on carbon fiber. Galvanic corrosion is a real thing. I’d go stainless. .....or titanium if you are a super pimp.
  11. dukerollo

    79 KB310 TS Project

    Where did the L series go?
  12. dukerollo

    210 wheel offset (series B310)

    Thanks man. Now get some pics up!
  13. dukerollo

    210 wheel offset (series B310)

    I have 15x8 et0 all around. They fit with a heavy fender roll and more caster in front. There are pics in my thread in the project car section.
  14. dukerollo

    B310 steering arms

    Much lower. Sectioned zx struts, coilovers etc. I ran the same setup on my 510 with the spacers and it was very well behaved. Hopefully the removal of the spacers does not negatively effect things too much.
  15. dukerollo

    Datsun 510 2 door sedan "SHAKOTN"

    Super clean build. I love the cactus green and overall vibe of the car. This might be a silly question, but what is the point of the fold down rear seat if there is a panel behind it?

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