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  1. I didn’t know you had a thread up on here. Im glad it’s back on the road. Post some pics for the other (lol) A10 enthusiasts. Let’s get that exhaust and suspension sorted out now.
  2. Anywhays. As alluded to in the last pic, the 3 link is done. It does not translate to photos real well since I am rolling around on my back, but here they are anyway. Upper mount all boxed in. Should be plenty strong.
  3. Test post trying to figure out Imgur for photos. https://i.imgur.com/onD1JBc.jpg
  4. “ Pop right in” is always a relative term and was a little tongue in cheek.
  5. What about a 4g63t? Not a v8, but should pop right in and make all the horsepowers.
  6. I like the yard signs. Bonus points if you leave the inside unpainted so you can read what they say. I would try try to give the lower edge a little more “pout”, or maybe do a slight lip. I think aesthetically you have done pretty well so far and a plain slab on the front will detract from that. I know form>function blah blah, but still..
  7. dukerollo

    B310 Roll Call!!

    I did, and it did indeed bolt in, but put the engine too high and too close to the core support to be practical. I ended up swapping the mounting ears on the crossmember side for side to move everything back.
  8. dukerollo

    B310 Roll Call!!

    That looks like a clean little car. Welcome to the board. I've swapped an l20b into mine, but it doesn't really fit without a welder. It will be similar for a KA. A CA18 is psyically smaller and may be easier. Or just go nuts on the A series they are good little engines. Ford escort seats pretty much bolt in, but put my head into the roof. Again, anything can be made to fit with a welder. ?
  9. I’ve been lagging on the updates. This step, however, has taken far longer than I anticipated. Mainly due to being paranoid about dicking it up. Measure, measure, measure, cut holes that are too big, measure some more, tack in your upper link mount. Then realize it’s not square, cut it out, do it again and start bracing Brace some more. I beefed up the floor around the mount with 16g steel. The tunnel got an 1/8” plate. I have more to do until I am satisfied that it won’t go all Fox body and pull through the floor, but it is solid now and articulates as designed. The cutout is is an odd shape because i need to get a bolt in there without too much trouble. I also wanted to save the seatbelt mount on the inboard and the mounting points for the hard lines outboard.
  10. dukerollo

    D21 Roll Call

    I’m considering one of these pretty seriously. I need some inspiration. I know there are a few kicking around here. Post a pic of what you have or have seen and a short description if possible.
  11. ....At the risk of sounding like a maschinenbau fanboi, but you are killing this shit! Keep it up.
  12. You nailed the proportions, which is difficult to do on such a small engine. A lot of people get things very wrong. If you need a spare engine, I have one under my bench collecting dust that would be super cheap to a good home.
  13. We got better things to do than worry about tail lights. 3 links to freedom. The next bit, fabbing the body mounts is when the real fun starts.
  14. Nah, the problems are anticipated. It is when things go too smoothly that I get worried. Ill look around for that. I know in my head what needs to happen, I am just curious how Nissan did it.
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