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  1. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Long time no update....... The old L20b was worn when I put it in, now it is worn out. The bores are all slopped out and would need machine work to be right. It sounds funny on 3 cylinders... After I get a couple of things in order, there is a V shaped solution sitting on the engine stand in the garage. I’ll update when it gets interesting.
  2. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Here is the current setup. The air intake is temporary, and all of the fuel injection wiring is still in place, just bundled out of the way. It is a 79 L20b with a 280zx flywheel and clutch bolted to the KA24e transmission. I’m running a bypass fuel pressure regular for the Weber 38/38. I had to make a custom rear sump pan and carb spacer thing. The engine mounts needed tweaking, and I did up a distributor pedestal to use the stock 96 hardbody ignition. For being such a kluge, it works surprisingly well.
  3. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    @iceman510 Do it! Get her back on the road. @]2eDeYe, the guides were still mint this time, I can’t explain what happened other than the Cloyes timing chain being junk. You can’t keep the audience in suspense about your solution....I think I have one too, but it’s pretty radical. I’ve been driving it for a couple of weeks now in this form. I’ll get some “completed” pics up soonish.
  4. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    It’s a semi temporary solution. I got sick of breaking/failing timing chains. I couldn’t seem to get good aftermarket parts. OBD2 and carburetors is the new hotness. This timing set had about 1000 miles in it.
  5. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    This doesn’t belong there.....
  6. I’d say they are around 20% larger. The rotor diameter increase is not huge, but you can see by the above picture that the v6 rotors are much more massive and will be able to take more heat.
  7. @Valvebounce1996 stock 4cyl hubs, 1990 2wd V6 rotors, pathfinder calipers. Bolts up fine. The braking plate needs to be trimmed a bit and the hoses are different, but the stock ones work.
  8. I’ll let you know how it bolts up. But I have v6 rotors and pathfinder calipers that will be going on my ka24e truck shortly.
  9. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Finished up the exhaust with the new cat etc. and it still ran like garbage. I tested the fuel pressure and it was about half of what it should have been. Off with the bed I put in a new fuel pump and filler hose, cleaned up everything, and painted the rails. In my experience, fuel pumps normally work, or they don’t but this one was just lazy. The truck runs like a top now. I threw the bed back on, replaced the missing hardware, and fixed the body alignment that has been bugging me. The new leaf bushings made it sit too high in the rear again, so I redrilled the front hangers and brought it down about an inch. I’m happy with the stance now and it drives pretty well.
  10. How do you like those headlights? Are they the eBay specials or the name brand ones? I am still rocking the sealed beams and they are trash.
  11. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Cracked manifold suck. $104 eBay headers do not fit without a ton of surgery and they weld strangely. Got it done though. A friend gave me an eco boost mustang exhaust, so the cat will be used here. Undecided on mufflers yet.
  12. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    That would be very cool. Thanks.
  13. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Thanks for the info.I wasn’t sure what was supposed to be there in the first place. I’ll figure out the rating and clean that mess up....with fewer wire nuts.
  14. I don’t know if you have looked into an actuator for your intake yet, but the d21 KA24e has vacuum actuated butterflies in the runners. The mechanism may suit your needs and should be cheap.
  15. I was thinking about this KA swap business the other day. The pan was the only real question mark for me. Glad to see a 240sx pan will bolt up with minimal issue. I’m interested to see where this goes.
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