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  1. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Finished up the exhaust with the new cat etc. and it still ran like garbage. I tested the fuel pressure and it was about half of what it should have been. Off with the bed I put in a new fuel pump and filler hose, cleaned up everything, and painted the rails. In my experience, fuel pumps normally work, or they don’t but this one was just lazy. The truck runs like a top now. I threw the bed back on, replaced the missing hardware, and fixed the body alignment that has been bugging me. The new leaf bushings made it sit too high in the rear again, so I redrilled the front hangers and brought it down about an inch. I’m happy with the stance now and it drives pretty well.
  2. How do you like those headlights? Are they the eBay specials or the name brand ones? I am still rocking the sealed beams and they are trash.
  3. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Cracked manifold suck. $104 eBay headers do not fit without a ton of surgery and they weld strangely. Got it done though. A friend gave me an eco boost mustang exhaust, so the cat will be used here. Undecided on mufflers yet.
  4. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    That would be very cool. Thanks.
  5. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Thanks for the info.I wasn’t sure what was supposed to be there in the first place. I’ll figure out the rating and clean that mess up....with fewer wire nuts.
  6. I don’t know if you have looked into an actuator for your intake yet, but the d21 KA24e has vacuum actuated butterflies in the runners. The mechanism may suit your needs and should be cheap.
  7. I was thinking about this KA swap business the other day. The pan was the only real question mark for me. Glad to see a 240sx pan will bolt up with minimal issue. I’m interested to see where this goes.
  8. Clean little truck. Any updates on it?
  9. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    No more smooshy face. I also backdated the grill to the 86 style. I have a mail slot hood to go on too after I clean it up a bit. Also I have this weird wiring business next to the battery. Does anyone know what is going on here?
  10. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    My front fenders are crap, so I just pulled/hammered/massaged them enough to cover the tread. I have almost an inch of poke in the rear. A plan is afoot...
  11. dukerollo

    D21 Roll Call

    The current state of affairs... 348,000 miles and still ticking. So far I have just been catching up on the maintenance it has never had (and lowered it). The plug gap was .125”, for example. I’m surprised it ran. I really like it so far.
  12. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Altitude aversion therapy was successful. 2” spindles and 3” blocks with maybe another 1” on the torsion bars. I may raise the front a touch, we will have to see how annoying it is at this height. I dig it. I do have flares I may screw around with, it is a little pokey.
  13. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Got my super Gucci Linglong tires mounted up and threw them on. The trailer tires were super sketch. Monster truckin. And now, my favorite mod so far (beside removing the interior’s biohazard status)... Whilst trolling the junkyard, I noticed early Frontier cabs are almost identical to the D21. I pulled the shift lever/console/boot out of a 98. It all bolts in as long as you take the floor plate dinguses too. Both the original boots had holes, so this is a ton quieter. The Frontier shift lever is much nicer than the wacky ass dog leg thing Nissan specs for the hardbody. Shifts are much crisper. And now I has a cup holder!
  14. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Things are happening. Customary commonly sized item for wheel lip size comparison.
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