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  1. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    My front fenders are crap, so I just pulled/hammered/massaged them enough to cover the tread. I have almost an inch of poke in the rear. A plan is afoot...
  2. dukerollo

    D21 Roll Call

    The current state of affairs... 348,000 miles and still ticking. So far I have just been catching up on the maintenance it has never had (and lowered it). The plug gap was .125”, for example. I’m surprised it ran. I really like it so far.
  3. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Altitude aversion therapy was successful. 2” spindles and 3” blocks with maybe another 1” on the torsion bars. I may raise the front a touch, we will have to see how annoying it is at this height. I dig it. I do have flares I may screw around with, it is a little pokey.
  4. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Got my super Gucci Linglong tires mounted up and threw them on. The trailer tires were super sketch. Monster truckin. And now, my favorite mod so far (beside removing the interior’s biohazard status)... Whilst trolling the junkyard, I noticed early Frontier cabs are almost identical to the D21. I pulled the shift lever/console/boot out of a 98. It all bolts in as long as you take the floor plate dinguses too. Both the original boots had holes, so this is a ton quieter. The Frontier shift lever is much nicer than the wacky ass dog leg thing Nissan specs for the hardbody. Shifts are much crisper. And now I has a cup holder!
  5. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Things are happening. Customary commonly sized item for wheel lip size comparison.
  6. Very interesting reading. Keep fighting the good fight, you will get there. Makes me glad I sold my side drafts. Lol.
  7. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Yeah, the ugly ones. I love those. Lol. I ordered some 15x8 Rallies. I couldn’t come up with anything decent local.
  8. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    I just noticed it has 3 trailer tires on it, so the wheel and tire situation has moved up in priority. If anyone has any cheap 15” wheels, hit me up. I would really like a set of the LEGO wheels, I have always liked those.
  9. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    It’s a 96. I got it at a pawn shop, so it has to be good.
  10. dukerollo

    Pawn Shop D21

    Picked up this stinky little gem this morning. It has a ton of miles on it (348xxx), but the body is solid and it drives pretty well. The interior is disgusting. I think patient X used to own this truck. it smells like b.o. and stale beer. The epicenter. My boy said that this is where the Corona virus spawned due to all of the Corona bottle caps. overall a pretty solid little truck. Slammage to ensue.
  11. Good information. Thank you. I see what you mean about the rotor offset. What is throwing me off is on the thread Slo720 posted. It shows the caliper bolt spacing to be different. That may be due to it being a 620 spindle? Or the guy mis measured? Do the early 720s have non vented rotors like that 620? Sorry for all of the questions, just trying to get my ducks in a row.
  12. We must have posted at the same time. From the thread that slo720 posted it looks like the caliper bolt spacing is slightly different on the earlier spindles. It looks like, in typical Nissan fashion, everything will bolt together with the right combination of pieces. If I pursue this project, I’ll take measurements and post them up.
  13. Thanks for the info. It looks like if I use hardbody drop spindles, the easy way out is to just use the HB rotor and caliper as well.
  14. I’m looking at an 84 720. It needs to be lower. The Bell tech lowing kit says it fits 85 and up. What is different about the 84 that makes it incompatible? It looks like the spindles didn’t change. Also, the brakes changed mid year 85 as far as I can tell. If I switch rotors and calipers, will the later (and D21) front brakes bolt up? I've searched around and kept finding conflicting info. Thanks.
  15. I didn’t know you had a thread up on here. Im glad it’s back on the road. Post some pics for the other (lol) A10 enthusiasts. Let’s get that exhaust and suspension sorted out now.
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