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  1. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    We got better things to do than worry about tail lights. 3 links to freedom. The next bit, fabbing the body mounts is when the real fun starts.
  2. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    Nah, the problems are anticipated. It is when things go too smoothly that I get worried. Ill look around for that. I know in my head what needs to happen, I am just curious how Nissan did it.
  3. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    Does anyone have a picture of a pre facelift sedan taillight panel without lights in that I can reference?
  4. dukerollo

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    I’m sure you mentioned it, but I don’t want to dig though the annals of this thread to find it... What kind of fender flares are you running. I hope you say cheap eBay ones because, well, I’m cheap.
  5. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    And in the next post..... I’m a stupid. I assumed the pre facelift lights were interchangeable. They aren’t. It it shouldn’t be too terrible to make them fit. It looks like it will be similar to bluebird taillights in a 510. Well worth the effort in my opinion. This car car is never going to get done.....
  6. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    N.o.s. Fresh off the boat from Jakarta. Pretty happy to replace my ugly smashed up facelift lights with the early style.
  7. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    Got a start on the panhard bracket. I may revise it a bit and chop the lower hole off, I don’t think I will ever need a rear roll center that low.
  8. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    .035” flux core. I generally use .025” with the gas for most things. I “learned” to weld with a cheap flux core and was never really happy with the welds, so shyed away from the self shielding wire for a while. My dad has been using flux core for structural stuff on his model A, so I thought I would revisit it. I’m pretty pleased. Both mediums have thier applications.
  9. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    The lower links will essentially be stock and parallel to the ground. The upper link will will be adjustable for height at the front to set anti squat etc. the upper link will also be adjustable for length to set pinion angle. The panhard will have adjustability for length and roll center. I should have more than enough adjustment to get into trouble. The lower links do pinch in a touch at the front, but from what I have read, a small amount is desirable.
  10. I’m interested to see how you do the taillights. I have some ideas kicking around, but I’m not sure they would be worth the effort.
  11. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    Back to that axle... Yoinked these from the original I switched the little welder over to flux core to get maximum penetration (tee hee). I then zapped on the mounts after measuring and test fitting several times. The well versed among you may have noticed I only kept the spring pockets and lower trailing arm mounts. I am going with an offset 3 link and panhard rod. Fabbing up the remaining mounts is next on the list.
  12. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    Been lagging on the updates. Here is some of what I've been up to: I finished filling in the tunnel. Of course my shifter wanted to come out in the same spot as the floor crossmember. To put some strength back in, I rolled a ring and sectioned it into the crossmember. This also gives me a lip to mount my shift boot to (cv boot). Also, I lied on the rear end width. The a10 axle is 1.5” inches wider than the 210. You can kind of see it in this pic. Oh well, I guess that answers the fender flare question I had earlier in the thread. My fenders were already pulled to the max the fit the 15x8s.
  13. dukerollo

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    The 15s add an additional layer of awesome to this thing. How are you standing on budget? Do you plan to run it in the challenge next year?
  14. dukerollo

    Datsun rear axle widths, B-310 and others

    I measured the rear axle I pulled out of a 1981 510 A10 wagon. Everything I’ve read said that it should be the same as a b310. It is not. My best tape measure guestimate came up with 54.75”. That puts it 1.5” wider than the stock b310.
  15. dukerollo

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    Do your rear windows still roll down with the chunk taken out of the door? If not you could make a little bracket to hold the window in the up position and chuck the regulator over the fence. My Buick was a poverty spec model and was setup like that from the factory. It Should save at least a little weight. Can’t help you with the wiring unfortunately. Good luck.

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