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  1. dukerollo

    8 plug 4 plug z20

    Cool. Thanks. I’ll just time it a bit more aggressively.
  2. dukerollo

    8 plug 4 plug z20

    My friend picked up a 1980 510 parts car. We are taking the engine out to put in his 79. I am fairly ignorant of the z series engines, when looking it over I saw 4 plug wires and assumed it to be a 4 plug head. It is not. We pulled the engine today and looking at me on the intake side of the head were 4 more plugs. Someone had either swapped heads or distributors at one point in the car's life. My question to you gurus is, how is running half the plugs in the short term going to affect things? 8 plug distributors don't exactly grow on trees. Should I time it like an l20b? Should there be 2 coils? The car only has one and doesn't show any evidence of ever having a second. Thanks for for any insight you can provide.
  3. dukerollo

    Datsun B110 Driftcar

    So it is mid engine then, neat. I used to be a Volvo technician and messed around with them quite a bit. Those white blocks can be pretty potent. Post up some more pics.
  4. dukerollo

    Will these wheels fit my B310/210??

    Not in that pic. They are now. I have an Eastwood fender roller and had to be pretty aggressive. I'm not running any real stretch in my tires though.
  5. dukerollo

    Datsun B110 Driftcar

    Cool! The 5 cylinder fits in that engine bay? What are you going to run for a transmission?
  6. dukerollo

    Will these wheels fit my B310/210??

    If you aren’t afraid of rolling/pulling your fenders they should fit fine. They should fit about like these, they had about 1/4” poke.
  7. dukerollo

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    Rescued this guy from OKC. It unfortunately is super rotten, but parts of it will live in my old brown A10 that my friend has. The rear end is going in my 210.
  8. dukerollo

    My 521 down in the lab...

    Good to see you back on here. Your fab work never fails to impress. You were building that lifted 510 as well right? I think I see it in the corner of the one pic. I look forward to updates on both cars.
  9. dukerollo

    B310 of Maximum Zootness

    Thanks for the kind words. I have been on the mend from eye surgery, but hope to be back at it soon.
  10. dukerollo

    Datsun 510 2 door sedan "SHAKOTN"

    Congrats on the article. The car looks great and is super tasteful. It’s always cool to see one of our own get recognized by an outside source.
  11. Rgjt405 put together this write up on the process: Photo showing the Toyota 10-bolt stud layout pattern. The studs hole diameter from center to center is 194 mm compared to the H165 8-bolt pattern of 189 mm center to center. The new housing diameter that you have to grind out is 177 mm in order to have the Toyota carrier fit properly without having any side to side play. You can use the Toyota gasket to help mark out the diameter that you have to enlarge on the H165 housing. It’s easier than finding the center and then scribing a line for the 177 mm diameter opening. Photo showing the Toyota 10-bolt stud pattern in comparison to the Datsun H165 8-bolt pattern. The 10-bolt pattern is perfect as it allows my alignment mandrel shaft to push right through the carrier bearings and out to the outer wheel bearings. This was a good test for me to confirm that the bolt pattern was perfect. Basically, the Toyota pattern will require a hole exactly at the 12 o’clock and the 6 o’clock position. The nice thing about this setup is that you can still use the Datsun H165 dropout as everything else is compatible. BTW, the Toyota dropout length (from pinion flange surface to axle housing mounting surface is about 12 mm shorter than the H165 length. This makes is easy enough to simply have a spacer to adapt the Datsun tail shaft flange pattern to the Toyota flange without having to change the driveshaft. The Toyota pinion flange uses a 78 mm PCD (pitch circle diameter) giving a square pattern (about 46 x 46 mm between each hole diameter). The end of the tape shows the little dent that is required to clear the bearing cap. It’s not big at all, maybe 15 mm across by 5 mm deep.
  12. Great information guys. That is why this forum is gold. Thank you.
  13. dukerollo

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t know about the stock interior, cause mine was used a raccoon den/meth lab before I got it, but congrats for cleaning up at JCCS again!
  14. dukerollo

    Cusco tension rods now available

    Let us know how these work out when they show up.
  15. dukerollo

    Just another(LOOK AT ME!!!) 69 DIME build thread.

    I’m running a 280zx clutch and flywheel behind my L20. If you are using a stock trans, I am not sure which throw out bearing/sleeve combination you would need though.

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