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  1. Do you know of any interchangeable steering column because my switches Are definitely Broken..😅😤🤑 I seen replacement for almost $300😫👎...need I say more..?
  2. Drifting at 70mph is fine with me?? as for the hood, now the back of the hood is lifted and now the hood closes all the way in the front and looks nice, I had to "fabricate" some from a few Jenga pieces ??? it actually has good grain to the wood so it really don't look shitty...?
  3. Much nicer, the 200sx looks like a delorean and a gremlin conceived it?
  4. Understatement of the year, I can't think of anything to change about my A10, the 200sx looks like a DeLorean fucked a gremlin and that's what came out the tail pipe???
  5. Would I be able to/benefiting from converting to that e" intake man.?
  6. I also like how the intake is on the left, great potential as far as HP pertaining to keeping intake temps low right?
  7. My HL510 Z20s (any clue on the "s"? Have only seen " Z20e" mentioned) not a wagon but a 4 door HATCHBACK, with legal elevation/emissions delete, aftermarket flattened cone dual element intake filter (hence the tilt in the hood.. Need hood spacers..), and even with the $40 CHINESE Carb (with rookie damaged adj. needle) It for sure doesn't have all its power but still is as alive as a one legged jack rabbit after some nice fluffy tail? And as for highway speeds, even at 80 it still pulls like I was doing 25, I'm not a mechanic guru or anything like that but after just what I have learned recently I believe there is great potential to bring this engine out of the shadow of its more popular older brothers? UNLESS THERE IS A REASON I DON'T KNOW OF...???
  8. It literally looks like he must have replaced that box And the fuses before I got it, even has spares in the little spare compartment on the box. I'll check for conduct. and update, I have found an earlier diagram, I think late 70s, any way I can reference just for eng bay???
  9. I checked my fuses under dash and most of everything looks brand new, and I got to just replace switches(thanx babe?, she's paying for it) but that was good to know because I was wondering about when all that dust and dirty grease dries. So if I do find single switches are there any links I can utilize to do all that re-greasing? And I have a factory service manual and wiring diagram getting shipped tomorrow..hopefully, to help make sense of the engine bay???
  10. Any wiring diagrams out there I can use?? to clean up my engine bay of loose, unused and just unnecessary wiring..
  11. Oh yea, steering column switches have been broken off...(colateral damage...)? but, Seriously I need ideas for that Before I spend 200 on a whole switch Assembly.. Repair or Don't repair... That is a question ¿? Or choice??? There's my random rant? Any interchangeable parts between years/models/trucks???
  12. And that is kinda what I got, the engine bay is more my concern(a lot of cut, black taped wiring and I had sprayed it all down before most of the problems started)
  13. Going to check All fuses today. Would I need the whole dash out to get to all of the wiring??
  14. Now I need to know what's what. I want to restore and condense(a few unused, cut and fried wires) the wiring harness
  15. First things first, THE pre-GAME PLAN.. Soon to be Project Datsun GT-R™ 'R510'~/~Silvia™ 'S510'<>'510SX'?? [√] manage not to get car impounded or stolen... Yet? [ ] Phase 1 REVAMP~RE-DO WIRING HARNESS: •Lights work when they want? •Same with gauges. •After emissions delete, there are wires for which I don't know what to or was to, nor do I know the origin. •Planing on definite relocation of a couple things, maybe the battery also... Yes, I will be doing this by my self or plan on it anyways, SO IF YOU THINK I SHOULD KNOW SOMETHING OR DONT KNOW EXACTLY KNOW WHAT IM DOING, PLEASE LET ME KNOW
  16. What I got is an underdog amongst import giants, it may not be a more popular earlier round eyed Datsun staple, or a muscle-car reminiscent saloon but due to such big shoes to fill the A10 Had fell short.. But times have been changing and I feel the time has come, for the (as I like to call) "rarity by default" become the new age classic #A10sUnite!!! ? Although I may be mechanically inclined, and have the mind of a Mad scientist, I AM IN NO FORM A PROFESSIONAL BUT AM STARTING MY JOURNEY ON LEARNING ALL I CAN (for I do not know all) SO PLEASE BARE WITH ME AND HELP SEND ME ON MY WAY TO AUTOMOTIVE REVOLUTION..? 1981 DATSUN 510 (A10) HATCHBACK ~ Nissan 2.0L Z20s ~(more pics soon. New to all this forum stuff) •BONE STOCK - legal elevation/emissions delete(-EGRs) Smoged in 2017 and has a cheap $40 Chinese carb on it? one of the reasons I got it for 3 RC TRUCKS??? •LOWERED(on chopped springs♒???) no susp. Travel
  17. Hey, new to forum world so bare with me. I have an 81 510 (a10) 4dr hatchback (which I am going to need help with) and it has a Z20s motor and has its intake man on pass side instead of over exhaust, i would love to learn more (in need of sensei)
  18. I just got an 81 4dr hatchback with a Z20S motor, pros n cons???
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