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  1. No option on Instagram to do that. Use to be cluck the three dots and it gave you a few options now it just gives two options.
  2. UPDATE!!! BEEN A WHILE BUT THERE IS PROGRESS THERE WONT BE ANOTHER HALF WAY FINISH DATSUN All new front adjustable suspension in. New steering arms, endlinks,tc rods, LCA, ball joints and sway bar. Ran all the new wiring to its final destinations. And have my fuse box set as wel Brake master is on and front brake lines in. (I will tuck some other time. In not to good with flaring yet ) Patched and welded the door jam rust holes. Removed dash and wired brush the sh!t out of the inside from the front floor panels up to front windshield wiper well. Sprayed rust converter just incase the rust wanted to come back. Debating on putting on sound dampening material the carpet. Or just lay carpet. I wouldn't mind listening to the raw power😈 I'll upload pics later still trying to figure out why photo bucket wont let me upload.
  3. As promised here you guys go. Some of the pics with some progress of the work done. Besides the plug that got shitty weld . Got the ever plugged at the intake making my own squid plate. Because paying 45 bucks to do a little arts and crafts is a big no no. So I did a little stencil and worked down to what became the finished piece that was a good fit. also got the swirl valve covered that’s just gasket maker in the outside.. looks messy so Gona re do a plate with JB weld instead to get cleaner look. then fit to fix the wiring under the dash a bit for the engine harness and the headlight and side marker wiring. Was a big mess now it’s nice and neat . Just need to figure out where I want to mount my can am box and the ecu. Was thinking under the passenger seat just so none of my passengers would kick on em by accident or something. and the after. Also Got to clean the front wheel and sprayed new undercoating. Who knows how do I wired my KA alternator to my Datsun? Been trying to find a link or something but nothing that mentions how to wire it. I’ll keep looking thoe But all help is well appreciated and all ideas are taken into concideration. Today ima tuck my front light wiring and if I have time remove gas tank clean out the 5 year old gas so that I can finally put my fuel pump (walboro gsl392-400-939) in its final home.
  4. Been a minute since I been in here, but good news! the engine finally fired up! I saw how wrong I wired my can am box then got it rewired correctly and saw my mistake. I was splicing directly into the engine harness instead of using f9 and the other gray plug plug wires Thanks to icehouse For his patience and knowledge. And to the electrical guy who showed me what I did wrong lol. I’ll be posting pics of the progress tomorrow. Got to do a few things while the whole crazy rainy days where happening. Having no indoor space sucks on rainy days that’s for sure. Heres one one thing that got done exhaust manifold egr pipe plug. I don’t know how to weld. But got some good practice on this 😂
  5. Oh ok now I understand you. I’m just going to find someone that’s knows more than me on electrical so they can give me a hand. Gona have to dig into the wallet a bit ? thanks for your help crashtd420 also if you know a way to test out the wiring going into the ecu I’ll take that help or what do you think I should look into first?
  6. Used the cam an box so I didn’t do any wiring won relays besides what the wiring diagram says to do. So the only wires i used where the ones that the diagram asked for. Thinking of just buying a new harness for the KA and not even open it up till it all running. I was really careful to do a wire at a time when I was cleaning my other harness but idk. I’m dead lost right now. Thanks for the help
  7. Help please? My ecu is not turning on and fuel pump is not turning on On the can/box. I was chatting away with icehouse and he guided me towards the correct way of wiring my can/am box. Once I did my “run ok” yellow light comes on as well As my “eccs ok” green light on the box came on. It also cranks . afer messing with it found that I actually have the 12v power to all my grounds and even in 5v sensor signals.. ecu light is not coming on Thoe. Could it be the ecu? Because all my grounds are going to ground and I don’t have any wire with power getting grounded. Two days now of no sleep and wiring harness nightmares. Help guys. We need another Datsun on the road ASAP! Haha any help is appreciated. let me know what test I should do and or what steps to take to figure out why my grounds are getting 12volts and yes my battery was hooked correctly. Positive to positive and negative to negative maybe be one of those thick “negative “ wires is not a negative after all?
  8. My dudes shout out to the Dude with the cool suit, ICEHOUSE who made it what seemed impossible, POSSIBLE! Got power to my can am box and go the engine to crank with my ignition switch! Waiting on my fuel pump to get here to hook that up. I had to removed the s13 gas tank and sadly the pump doesn’t work with direct power. It just makes a quick noise like it’s gona start priming and it shots off. I was planning on having the tank inside my car for now to test and run the fuel feed and return . But that plan failed and so I ordered an in-line fuel pump.. will eventually use the S13 fuel in tank fuel pump set up on my Datsun gas tank. Lucky me I got two..
  9. And his little guy came in Friday ? and now started to wire things together. Taking my sweet time to try and get it right the first time. it’s all a mess just for testing. After it starts then I’ll focus on the making it look good. btw wires are different color on the cam an box but they are just attached to the correct wires on the engine harness. Need to connect my ignition and find a belt for my alternator. I’m about 1/4” short of the actual stock KA water pump belt. Ima see if I can modify a biit more on the bracket to give it that final stretch. And yes it clears he water pump inlet
  10. It’s one sexy mess that’s for sure. I got some updates for later hopefully I get time to post up what I’ve been doing. Not ally but sure enough progress.
  11. Remember that wirring mess??? Not as bad anymore lol. Tucked a lot of the things already for a cleaner look Injectors AIV in the rear of the manifold TPS MAF TPS knock sensor O2 sensor and DIZZY removed the egr and swirl valve connectors im saving everything that. came with the engine Incase i need it. So not cutting or throwing way anything until I get this puppy running. parts please get here soon:) also need to order an inlet fuelpump to feed the beast. Have two 510 gas tanks so I’ll be doing the 240sx intank pump later down the toad. Already got the 240 in my back yard. Just need to clean out the tanks. Last thing I need is a big boom with all this smoke in Cali. Here it is nice and organized. once it turns on I will clean up the harness more and put everything inside under the dash. For now I need to see it start before I put more time into the engine.
  12. More arts ordered last week. Waiting on my realyay box to get here. My wiring almost done for the engine harness. Taking my time making sure that my sensors and are good. Also double checking to make sure my wires match my ecu pin out and so far so good . Taking my time to “tuck the wires while I’m at it. Since I want to just touch the once and not have to worry about taking it apart again and re doing the tangles. So stoked to think about this engine firing up. Soon soon! ?
  13. And the real work starts hooking up sensors. I’m not new to electrical work. I’ve done my share of work. I would Diagnose parts and not just replace them until I knew for sure they where faulty. I’m slow at it but I’ll get it done. Just takes me a bit to longer understand it . More so than most. But I’ll get it done once I understand what I’m working on. So Far on this wiring I’ve come to learn what wires are what, and been making sure that the pin-out reading . I have is the correct one. And so far so good. ? although at first the Pinout reading had me lost. I figured out that I was reading it wrong and couldn’t match the wires even if my life depended on it . But 10 minutes later I’m back on track and matching wires with my pin out reading and ecu connector and thank good things are smooth and life is great . Stripped most of the nasty sticky tape and some sticky tape gew and BOOOM! It’s time To inspect and work on connecting my sensors But enough chit chat and here’s some progress. PICS -injectors -TPS (throttle position sensor) -coolant temp sensor -knock sensor Still need to route distributor aicv and some other things I’m missing I’m sure. Impute always welcome ? Had to stop working on the wiring but came back home and brought the project to the room. ? over time ? Tomorrow I’ll try to finish up the engine harnes part then I’ll move to the inside. Still trying to get situated with the diagrams and relays needed to do the connection to the Datsun harnes. Exciting and one hell of a learning experience that’s for sure!. Oooh cheetos it’s 130 am. ?
  14. Oil was clean. Dirty looking but clean of any metal shavings or bits. Wasn’t milky either. I tried to do the compression test but I didnt get he needle to go a quick jump. Then again I was cranking it at the crank pulley with a long breaker bar ratchet.
  15. Yeah I know. They said they got it out their uncles car but’s soon enough I’m going to find out how good it really is. Worst come to worst I got the money to rebuild it better and possibly faster
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