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  1. I open the post and boom! a creaked four door! im struck here 1-38, ima be up all night reading this thread! now I found something todo and not just stare at IG over and over again lol hit the showers then gone look at all this goodness!
  2. With the help of these lads I was able to get the brakes in:) and test fit the shoes, cheap shoes because it needs more important things to run, 😂 it’ll get spoiled with some nice shoes later. 2k stimulus don’t go through ☹️😂
  3. I’m with you, he gave me a month for the return, became way over half a year, he also charged a deposit which I was on with then the rest when finished, well turned out he wanted to get paid before(several months before finishing). Because he had to move shops and blah blah bs, as a costumer not my problem as a business owner I understood so gave in and paid. Still very disappointed on that whole experience.
  4. I believe so, he did a goods job, and the dink was from transportation but still hurt lol I appreciate that, ill give em a holler as soon I get the diff, so I know exact lengths
  5. been looking around for r160 LSD differentials seen some for 250 others for 900 wtf! lol trying to stay under 3200 at free way speeds with my stock k24de engine and tranny... for now... any advise is welcome on where and how to get the right diff also need to cut and shorten drive shaft. any one know a local shop in the east bay? or Bay Area in general ?
  6. idk if it was worth the pretty little penny I paid but its done and cant take it back lol
  7. Some guy from instagram. Gota find his name, I was happy but not completely satisfied, he did a good job polishing and restoring but when I got it it had a dink and the back part of the light Basel and he told me it was a 68 but don't recall him saying it was for the wagon
  8. Im just glad I’m still flexible enough to move around and in and out of the Datsun with ease. You know where I can get my drive shaft shortened and rebalanced?
  9. the plan was one Datsun! haven't even finished it and I keep seeing all these bluebirds... prolly going for a second one some day lol
  10. dude I went through all this and it stopped in 2013. hope dude is good and project finished! best of luck to you and your health!
  11. just went to pick up all the 15LBS of chrome pieces I had for the car. going to polish them and see what ill actually put on, most likely jut the hood and trunk trims, and front and rear window trims. as well as floor jam chromes and that 68 front grill 😎 ohhhh so shiny like star in sky. with them vents (not plastic) and bumper plate light is this a 68 bumper light?
  12. trying for sure! want to be riding in the car already man! that electrical surge was no joke, still have t brake my heads own the dash but for now I think I'm ok lol. your box is what made it super easy! for the engine harness part thoe thank you!
  13. Looking much neater for sure, fuse box mounted and secured. All wires ran to their destination. only thing left to actually wire now is just the actual gauges, I’m still reading on schematics and post to see how to go about it. But hell all lights working, now. Time to go and put on caliper and pads and hook up brake lines. the wires sticking outbid driver door are going to be removed and my green wires are my reverse light. the wires running across the bottom of the dash to the passenger side are my starter and alternator wires. Temp and oil. They are going through the the fire wall soon. Once I see my alternator is charging and All is ok I will wrap and tuck em.
  14. Thanks for the input guys appreciate the help!
  15. Back side, a mess since they just been sitting outside with the car:
  16. woke up made a coffee then walked pout to my guard sat in the driver seat of the project while I drank my coffee... best way to start a Monday!
  17. The been on the car since I got it about 5-6 years ago. But always seen different brands and could never figured what these really where. You guys have any idea?
  18. Dude lol check the diagram I did on my build thread
  19. Here’s is my homework I had been doing before even attempting to wire my lights the first time.
  20. Took the advice from 243demo and drew a diagram then applied it in action. So now my high beams and low beams and front and rear park lamps work as they should. I’m sure this can be simplified and if you know how I’m all ears. First time messing with relays and it was fun. But here’s is the drawing of how I did.
  21. go ghost then come up with all the upgrades lol. forget the write up!
  22. still stuck trying to figure out my light switch, but took a brake and worked up on my wiper switch and my wiper motor, which also works now. wiper switch is on dash already, and so is the lighter, still need to wire up the light switch correctly, I had found somewhere a diagram of someone doing it off the stock light relay, but I don't have that stock relay any more. I do have the entire car harness thoe, which as helped me figure out the routing on my 69 510 since most schematics out there are matching 70-72s kind off like the black wires at the light relay on 70-72 (correct me if im wrong ) are different mine are red yellow and runs all the way to pin #1 go light switch, then pin 2 is actual ground on my light switch. I seen the other diagrams and its a different color than mine, here's the link to where I found my 69 diagram https://cardiagn.com/datsun-510-and-pick-up-1968-72-service-handbook-pdf/ this is the light set up off the original light relay in a 510 http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?t=26144 any help greatly appreciate
  23. Just need to take the time to understand what’s going on. Which so far it’s working. And now with the input you gave it’s given me breathing space to think a bit more clearly on the next part of the electrical.
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