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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 22 hours

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    Hey, Datsun 240z Stickers. Custom Made. UV Resistance quality stickers. 1 Sticker: $4.99 Shipped 2 Stickers $ 7.99 Shipped


  2. Hey, I went the harbor freight route and purchased a dot balancer and manual tire stand. I can say i have saved a lot of money doing it myself. I did find that Walmart is probably the cheapest place to get tires put on if you bring in your own, I had em do 6 dually tires and it only cost me like 68 bucks. Anyways, One thing i would look into is making a stronger bead breaker, I've bent mine on some stubborn tires. If your worried about scratching the rims, I would purchase a No-Mar Mount/Demount Bar. I purchases one and even made my own and i would not look back.
  3. Update 4/25/21 Hey, So little further down the road with the build! I did a complete overhaul of the rear axle. All new bearings and checked everything to spec. Glad to have it back on the ground and rolling. I purchased a carpet extractor and going to use that to clean the factory seats. I scored two rugs at the store and making my own carpet. Still need to freshen up the front end and do the exhaust. Good tune up and ready to hit the street! Always a step forward. DSCN6974 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6977 by thesegamaster, on Flickr Thanks! Sega
  4. Hey, I Rebuilt my H165B Differential with new bearings. I assembled it yesterday and would like to know if this Gear Pattern is right? I used the old spacers because accordingly the bearings should be the same O.D when looked up reference numbers. I did in fact make my own shims accordance to the manual, But when i went to install the Diff the overall width was little to wide and did not want to damage the case trying to install it. Anyways, I know it would be a trial and error type of thing, but being the first differential i rebuilt, I would like some input on my markings. Backlash seems to be in spec, Between .005-.006 when i check it. Also, datzenmike if your still looking for a crush washer/gasket i can point you in the right direction. DSCN6924 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6925 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6929 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6930 by thesegamaster, on Flickr
  5. FI Swap with a T3 Turbo, We bought a Microsquirt to run the motor. We picked up a Z24i Dizzy and coil packs to go either direction with the build. S13.5 Fastback, Guy i picked bought the car from was planning on doing the swap, had mostly everything to do the swap.
  6. Update: 12/19/2020 Yes, Between My Job, Side Jobs and Other Projects i am very busy. I try to work on it when i get the time and i do. Might not be getting it done as quick as i like. I wanted to have it off the stands by the end of the year but i am not complaining, Sometimes the best things take time. I hope to improve on future projects i have lined up. Current Line up for future projects is Turbo Charged Z24 Motor in my 720 and S15 Front end swap on my 240sx. Okay, Back to the A10 510. Since the last update, I've installed a Isuzu Rodeo front seat i had laying around, Gonna get the OG interior seat reupholstered down the road. I've found the missing pieces to get the rear axle/diff put back together to freshen it up to last with the motor swap. Currently how it sits in the picture. Wire wheel, cleaned, rust prevention and painted the axle, springs, etc. I also cleaned up the wiring and its all hidden underneath the where the AC unit use to be. Installed the last few switch's for my gauges. I would say it's coming along nicely. DSCN6752 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6753 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6756 by thesegamaster, on Flickr IMG_20201101_160217 by thesegamaster, on Flickr
  7. What wrong with the 240sx Throttle body?
  8. Time Left: 12 days and 4 hours

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    ISO H165 Rear Diff Pinion Crush Sleeve Spacer. Anyone know a source of Old stock parts? Looking to rebuild Diff with new bearings. So in need of the Crush sleeve Pinion Spacer. Part Number: # 38165-N5000. I know i could probably machine one as per the research i did, thought i'd see what out there first. Thanks Looking for the following Items. 1x Spacer Pinion Bearing # 38165-N5000 1x Gear Carrier Gasket # 38320-N5001


  9. Update: 4/10/2020 Hey everyone, I know its been a minute. I've have made some progress on the car. Fired up the KA and backed it into the garage. I did not have a 02 sensor hooked up, so i think that is why it was running rich and choking out. I ordered a Megan Racing header to relocate the O2 sensor, Will have to build a custom down tube. I built a custom bracket for the ECU and CAM box that will be hidden behind the dash. Also, Wired up the Oil Sender unit and Temp gauges. Going to be mounted as so with stainless cutout, fuse box is behind it. Still need to think about how i want to mount a radio. Pulled the rear springs and axle, i have all the parts to fresh'in it up. Plan to wire wheel and put a nice paint coat on it. Might just be me, but while i was under the car decided to clean it, makes the wheel well shine. DSCN6271 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6274 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6290 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6291 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN6294 by thesegamaster, on Flickr
  10. Progress Update: 7/15/2019 I've tackled some rust around the front windshield. Wire wheel and sanding. I applied some ospho rust inhibitor. Smoothed it out with some bondo. I also applied 50mil Kilmat to the floor. Took me 8hr to get it all down. DSCN5557 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN5659 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN5656 by thesegamaster, on Flickr
  11. Update 6/23/2019 Exhaust down-pipe got wrapped and proper 02 sensor plug, Has been installed. Engine bay is almost button up, I've worked on cleaning up the wiring harness with a loom, Installed a custom intake. I've been working on the inside of the car this week. I took out all the old sound deadener because i have new stuff to install. Wanted to also clean up the rust that was on the inside and neutralize it. Dry Ice method works wonders. A lot of scraping and fumes cleaning up the residue. I also made a custom tube straighter for the 5/16th fuel line. DSCN5517 by thesegamaster, on Flickr Working on getting the nasty smell out and old sound deadener. DSCN5504 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN5505 by thesegamaster, on Flickr DSCN5516 by thesegamaster, on Flickr
  12. Its time for a Update 3/3/2019. With the New year i have been extremely busy with holidays, other projects and not the best weather when i have free time on the weekends. I went ahead and got everything hard wired, all the electrical is good to go. I installed the electric fuel pump with a 5/16" intake line, I need to go back and install a 5/16" return line. I got the engine to start but not idle. I think its due to the fact that the return line is restricting on the fuel flow(back pressure). Engine will run when given gas. Could also be the ECU needs to relearn? Everything sounds good. I finally found a down pipe for it so i have been working on getting the hacked up o2 sensor that was rusted on there off. So now that i have finally got that free, i plan on ordering some header pipe warp and rubber 5./16th fuel line and installing that soon.
  13. I recommend buying a service manual. Has a full easy to follow wiring diagram in the back. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-1980-Datsun-510-Model-A10-Series-Shop-Service-Manual-80/351983186372?hash=item51f3d531c4:g:msMAAOSw3v5YpL5u:rk:7:pf:0
  14. Yes, If you want to look at the whole wiring harness, Dash will need to be removed.
  15. https://austin.craigslist.org/cto/d/bastrop-1969-datsun-510-wagon/6809434655.html
  16. Not sure if the z20 connecting rod is the same length, but they still have it listed on Nissan parts deal
  17. https://austin.craigslist.org/pts/d/austin-datsun-wheels-2-240s-available/6788668791.html Emailed the guy, Cool Dude with some good stories!
  18. https://houma.craigslist.org/cto/d/datsun-240z-for-sale/6759700359.html
  19. I have a question. I am going to be reinstalling my heater core. I am wondering while i have it out if i should take it apart and clean it. I see dried leaves inside that i would like to clean out for safety reasons(Possibly of a fire hazard?) It was working fine when i pulled i out. Would it be wise to take it apart and clean it? Thanks
  20. I would buy that if it was in my state. Great KA Swap candidates! Bolt right in and you already have the manual!
  21. Update: 11/8/2018 Clutch Pedal is in working order, Rolls back and forth in the driveway so that is a success! Brake lines where also flushed in the process along with a new master cylinder. I have the CAM/AM all wired up. If you have a Automatic converting it to a 5 speed, From the stater you have to bypass the B/W Coilwire/relays and plug it straight into the B/Y Wire. I got it to fire over with starting fluid but not on its own yet. I have a feeling i need the Vacuum line hooked up to the intake for the pressure regulator to pull gas through. I ordered 3" Aluminum pipe and will be making a custom intake. I also received my electric fan so i will also be wiring that up also. Once i get it fired up and it runs on its own. I will order a header,, Oil,Temp,Volt meters for it and start buttoning everything up.
  22. Here the clutch pedal. Took a Assembly out of a 300zx and modified it DSCN4828 by thesegamaster, on Flickr
  23. Still have the z20. Sitting in the corner of the garage. I have everything to rebuild it.
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