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New to us 521's


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So I bought a 1970 PL521 project for my son and me to work on.  After picking it up, we then towed it to the place of a family friend that was going to do some work on it for us that was beyond our skillsets, it turned out that the guy had another one sitting on his property that ran when parked 10 years ago.  After a couple of minutes of talking about the coincidence of it all, he ended up giving it to us.  So now we have two.  If I could figure out how to post some photos, I could show them to you.  Looking forward to putting them together

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Welcome sweet finds!!!


To post pictures You need to up load them to a picture hosting site.  I personally am using Post Image it is totally free and no limits,




You can create galleries to organize your pictures.  Using a pc you up load your image and then click on the share icon and choose "Hotlink for forums".  once you click on this go back to your thread window and right click "paste" and your image will appear after you post your new update.

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Thanks Charlie69, hope this works...

The green one is the one that I bought.

The brown one is the one that has been sitting on the ranch for 10 years.

We name all of our vehicles for some reason that escapes me at the moment so in addition to the reason below, we were already obligated.

To avoid confusion when my son and I were talking about them, the green one is Wasabi, and the brown one is Soy.

Currently Wasabi has had its entire brake system gone through and tested.  Body is a nightmare.  Has the engine I mentioned in the engine forum that needs valves adjusted.  Runs well, just noisy.

Soy had to be the donor vehicle for now for various brake parts and other little stuff.


I'm very interested to hear your thoughts and comments on them, since what I don't know about this project/journey could fill a book.  Enjoy:















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