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  1. Another reason that idea is finished. Probably would have had to fab some kind of upper and lower control arms, towers, etc. Waaayyyyy to much thinking for me, not to mention the cost.
  2. I was kinda thinking the same thing about the Subaru underneath. I was thinking in my head that the front wheel output shafts/geometry (which I failed in high school, LOL) would have to be pretty close to where the truck's wheels went and I wasn't sure that they were close. Also when I started looking at the engine, I didn't realize how wide they were, and not sure there was enough width in the engine bay. That idea is out!
  3. The thoughts (and they are truly thoughts) range from a full WRX STI running gear and a lift kit with 31's, to a 289 with a tremec T5 and Volk TE37's with disc brakes, all while keeping the exterior basically intact. Weirder the better, right?
  4. It is, we haven't figured out what to do just yet, but we are open to just about anything. Suggestions welcome :)
  5. I got some enkei sawblade knock-off wheels that I think I'm going to put on my other truck, 15x8 inch.
  6. They came with it, and the tires are brand new, unfortunately trying to find 17 inch 6 lug wheels that will work on the truck and look good has been one of the challenges. The things you learn as you go down the path....
  7. My son and I finally have Wasabi on the road. Learned a lot, had quite a bit of fun, some surprises, and a couple of disappointments, mostly of my making. Thank you to all of you that helped with information and tidbits along the way. Now we are on to the other truck we got, Soy. We have decided to sell Wasabi to make room for the Soy project and go all out with it.
  8. Does anyone else just love when you look at an acronym and it just speaks to you? I've been looking at datzenmike's post above all week trying to figure out IIRC and then I just looked at it now and BAM-If I Remember Correctly. Jezuz I can't believe it took me that long!
  9. Hi, Does anyone know if the column from a 1978 620 will work on a 1970 521? Long story, but I took mine apart and when I tried to get it back together it pushed out the cap (along with all of the fluid) and is not going back together well. I didn't like how long the column was, and I would also like to find out when they became collapsible for safety reasons. Thanks!
  10. Interesting, I would have thought that it would have been much less to hit the frame. Thanks!
  11. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I'm taking it out and running a more conventional setup. Why make it harder than it has to be? In my experience, more parts=more chances for failure.
  12. Can someone tell me what I should be looking for in terms of offset that will work on my 521? It currently has some 17 inch 6x5.5 Toyota 4runner wheels with some homemade spacers and a bunch of other stuff from previous owner that I don't feel are particularly safe with brand new tires on them that I would like to keep, but having much difficulty finding wheels in 6 lug pattern and 17 inch wheel, and I am unsure what offsets will or won't work. Thanks!
  13. After a bit of trial and error, the reverse switch was located on the top (and last that I tested) switch that is on the side of the transmission. Thank you to everyone for the information.
  14. Sorry, 1970 521 is the truck in question. Thanks for the intel.
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