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Replacing drive line u joints.


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Check on YouTube for how to videos. A u joint is basically a u joint, so once you know how it's done you can decide if you can do it. Most basic tools include a large hammer and some different sized sockets.

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Yeah, that's a good point. Usually a hammer will do the trick, but if you beat them that hard, you may do some damage to the yokes.


Wouldn't hurt to try. If you can't get them done, your local driveline shop should be able to get them done for little money. They probably won't use customer supplied joints though.

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Probably better if they use their parts.. if one if bad they can grab another one at no extra cost to you...

I had my 3 u joints done and 1 I brought had play in it new in the box... luckily they replaced with one they had and didn't put the shitty one in just because I brought them the parts... they gave it back to me so I through it in their trash..

"If you thought it was no good why do I wanna keep it" i said....

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I've changed out many over the years on different vehicles. Most from the 70's and 80's and its not hard if you know what your doing. I'd say look at YouTube to get an idea of the process then if you have the tools go for it. Once you've done it a few times it gets easer. Just use new parts. Tools you need will be a bench, vice, flat screwdriver, big ball ping hammer, old socket to knock or drive out old joint after removing the c clips. Use grease to keep those little roller bearings from falling out.

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