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Not many of my car guy friends pay much attention to their own health until it gets to the "I need a doctor" phase, a lot are topics are worth talking about.



a lot of people have stopped smoking, seems not having money gets compounded by the desire to smoke.





America's Wealthy Have Quit Smoking in Record Numbers, But America's Poor Are Still Puffing Away

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The Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness


meditation and mindfulness still seem obscure and hard to connect to. You might have heard of some of the countless benefits of meditation, but just like exercise, meditation is a practice that needs follow through in order to see results.

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OK, I'll jump in...WTF.


Trying to quit smoking after 30 to 40 years.....for about the 50th time.  Have cut back to about 4 or 5 a day so it may be time.


Also, after passing the 50 year mark I started having some elbow/joint pain.  Decided to start lifting weights and after about 2 months the pain has greatly reduced.  Who knew it, exercise sometimes works.

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The Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness


meditation and mindfulness still seem obscure and hard to connect to. You might have heard of some of the countless benefits of meditation, but just like exercise, meditation is a practice that needs follow through in order to see results.

good point, always how the mind, body and spirit or soul is interconnected.
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I had my second heart attack in May of 2016, a tiny blood vessel on the side of my heart had plugged up years ago(first heart attack I didn't even know I had), and the bypass vessel finally plugged up also, when I was released from the hospital I had 3 prescriptions that I was taking and low dose baby aspirin, since then I was taken off the Plavix(to keep the stint from plugging up), I am still taking the blood pressure medicine even though the doctor said I could not take it as my blood pressure is low(101/74 the last time) , and cholesterol medicine.

The reason for my reply is the cholesterol medicine was ripping me a new one, I was having major joint pain if I tried working more than 5 hours, it was effecting how I walked sometimes, I quit taking it after talking to a few people, they told me they had muscle pain when taking that medicine, 3 days later I felt awesome, I worked 8 hours without pain, but I also felt better, and I am talking WAY BETTER, before I was walking around thinking I was going to be dying soon, I enjoyed it for a few weeks and then went to the doctor and told him my story, I have not taken that shit since, all my pain in my joints has went away, the doctors took X-rays and said I had arthritis and needed shots, but I don't have arthritis, I was having a reaction to that cholesterol medicine.

I came to the conclusion that doctors just prescribe what ever the pharmaceutical industry tells them to prescribe, the doctors do not know a lot about side effects, as I asked my doctor at least 3 times if any of the medicines I was taking could cause the pain I was having and he said nothing, if you want to know about side effects you need to ask a pharmacist, they know a lot about that stuff, I had to figure it out on my own.

I lost 30 pounds after I quit taking that crap cholesterol medicine I was taking, I gained 5/10 of it back, I was 185 before, I dropped to 154, I am now 160/165 and have stabilized, but my cholesterol is high again also, I asked the doctor what else they had for cholesterol control and he said it was all the same family, I told him some of my customers tried other types and he said it was all the same family again, since then I asked a pharmacist and he said bullshit and said there were other medicines out there that were not Lipitor based, but I have not been back to the doctor to grill him on the subject, I have Kaiser.

I was also taking "Red Rice Yeast Extract" before my second heart attack, I tried taking that again after I quit taking the cholesterol medicine, it is also a Lipitor based medicine, I made it a week before feeling bad again, I have not taken anything since.

I realize that having high cholesterol is bad, some folks like me have it in their genes, but as I told my doctor, I can stop taking it and maybe plug up in 5 years and die, or I can continue to take that crap and wish I was dead, he was stunned by that statement, I cannot work when I take that crap(ATORVASTATIN).

Also Statins hinder your body's production of CoQ10, you need to take that also as there are side effects, search "CoQ10 and statins" and read.

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Diet and excercise. And diet doesn't mean ordering salad at Wendy's. My buddy, when we ran cranes, thought that was healthy eating. Really opened my eyes to how fucked 1st world consumption is. Grow food, shop at farmers markets, cook meals. If 90% of your food budget goes to farmers markets and fertilizer, I guarantee you will be healthy. Join a sports team on top of that, you will feel ten years younger. I'm not quite 90% these days. I'm in a new house and still building my greenhouse, but I'm going to be there again in about 1year. Can't wait. I still grow a bunch, but it rains too much for a lot of veggies. So i need a greenhouse.

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Interesting topic , god bless


For everybody:

All I got is run a little barefoot and try fasting ? Maybe skip dinner once, you'll live

Actually it is a great idea.




"Intermittent Fasting: A Free Fitness Tactic That You Can Implement Tomorrow" Health Benefits of Fasting:"


As the momentum picks up for this way of organizing your eating pattern, so does the research that backs it up.

Fasting is known to decrease the rates of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.

Studies suggest improved memory retention in fasting individuals through a brain chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

Restricting the time we eat daily allows our body and brain to self-repair and “take out the garbage.” This is one of the reasons our mental performance is enhanced by fasting. But fasting can also improve our long-term health. Numerous studies count reduced cardiovascular risk, improved resilience against cancer and reduced signs of aging as benefits of fasting.

According to a 2014 review of the scientific literature, intermittent fasting can cause weight loss of 3–8% over 3–24 weeks.

The people also lost 4–7% of their waist circumference, which indicates that they lost lots of belly fat, the harmful fat in the abdominal cavity that causes disease.

One review study also showed that intermittent fasting caused less muscle loss than continuous calorie restriction.

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Doesn't have to be a disc. Could be two or more containers on a tether or spoke as long as they balance like a car tire or propeller. 100m? Is nothing... it's outer space.... SPACE and lots of it. Make it 1000m wide by lengthening the tether. Your heart wouldn't have to work harder than to pump blood to your legs and back. If your head was lighter it would work less hard. 


A 1000m diameter 'ship' spinning at only 1.338 RPM will generate 1.00096g. Your head which is say, 2 meters closer to the center experiences 0.99863g... you would never feel the difference.


This is totally doable. That guy should read more science fiction.



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Fact is, we are only just now getting to the point where interplanetary travel is possible.  Reuseable Falcon Heavys might allow construction of large structures in orbit, structures large enough to have at least some rotating sections with some percentage of gravity   And while gravity is certainly a problem, it pails in comparison to radiation exposure outside the magnetosphere.  And I say "might" allow construction because I doubt the government or even governments will foot the whole bill; we'll need private investors or donors. 


But back to health:  My doc told me to walk, not run, 3 miles, three times a week.  I have to work around the heat (see, more radiation problems), and weight loss has been minimal, but I definitely feel better.

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Ride a comfortable bike. It allows you to increase your effort level far above walking without damage to skeleton, muscles, joints that hammering your feet on pavement does. Running is a young man's sport and it has to be done right. Walking is excellent, but not always enough of a work out. Anyone can bike.


It's more efficient so you go faster and there is a cooling effect. You go farther so it's more interesting, see more things. If you tire out you can 'roll home'. 

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