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All Japanese Classic - BC Canada - Aug 27, 2017


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http://www.alljapaneseclassic.com/  ALL JAPANESE CLASSIC.
AUGUST 27, 2017.

Come join 250 other Japanese-made classics for a day in Beautiful British Columbia.

What is eligible for the show?

Anything Japanese! If you think your car/bike/truck is a Japanese Classic, so do we.

But we will be (loosely) following the Collector Car year cut-off of 25 years for the various classes (AJC16 will be 1991, AJC17 will be 1992).

So if your car is a 1992MY+, you will be in the Neo Classic class this year.


Once again this event is held on a Sunday so that our buddy Ted can not attend.

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Fuck Ted.. He didn't go with us last year .


 I saw the announcement a long time ago on the 510realm but they never had a page to actually sign up till what? a month ago?  I spent my money for going on Datsuns after i finally i gave up on them,, ( because we gotta camp Saturday in Birch Bay)   and Scalpum's truck aint on the road yet... ,


FAT510 and Juan-ear still wanted to go but they didn't wanna go with each other..........  So there's that. 


Save the date for next year man,,, we will easily be sitting at 5 coming from Tumwater.. it's a great show and i'm sad we are missing it .







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I will make a video for you all. Its like you were there with me ... get yer popcorn ready


They expanded the registration to 200 this year knowing they had more area to use. I spoke to some staff and they said that around 240 cars were allowed to register and they figured out that 15 did not show up. So roughly 225 were in attendance. The center of the park was open and the announcer said they will work on filling this area next year. They are taking it slow as they allow more and more cars to register each year. They don't want to run in to a situation where they overbooked or where they can't get similar types of cars parked together due to lack of space.

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Great video (just what I'd expect from a FOC fan) and it makes me all the more impatient to get my B210 on the road, but I've gotta say:  it really makes me scratch my head what people are calling "classics" these days.  I mean, 3'rd generation Accords? Acura Integras? ten-year-old Foresters? Seriously!

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  I believe it's so they can include cars like 93-94 Rx7s and NSXs and Nissan Stagea wagons and Pao vehicles ,, which by all criteria except age,, are pretty damn badass classic car designs.. And to do that you have to include cars up to that that point in a separate class all grouped together themselves..  Neo-classics i think it was called


  We went last year and having those newer vehicles there also,,  seemed to me,  to only make the show even more epic to be honest...

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Yes, they are trying to up attendance and interest in the event. They also officially categorize everything 1992 and older as classic. I believe there were separate awards for the 1993+ autos.

Datsuns were parked separate of the 240SX and 350Z crowd as an example.

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