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  1. I knew someone would ask. I don't know. The shifter knob was missing, and I didn't climb underneath to examine it further.
  2. The sixth junkyard B210 I've gotten a chance to visit since joining the Ratsun set showed up this week, and for the first time, it is in my hometown junkyard, the Redding Pick and Pull, not five minutes from my house. IMG_0849 by emanistan, on Flickr IMG_0838 by emanistan, on Flickr It's a much modified 78 two-door sedan. IMG_0836 by emanistan, on Flickr IMG_0847 by emanistan, on Flickr This one is the first standard shift car I've come across, though I'm not sure if it was originally equipped with this transmission or not. I might be mistaken, but I thought sta
  3. Thanks 4perrev. No, I don't know what I would do without Youtube videos and the forum. I would love to have use of a nice older fella with knowledge to impart. I know a few, problem is none of them live close by.
  4. Thanks guys. Sorry It's taken me a while to respond: it's been a busy week. You folks can't imagine the envy I have for those of you who have a lifetime of mechanical knowledge. Stupid newb mistake number 999: I didn't know till now that there were inch-pound and foot-pound wrenches. I just ordered one of each. Datzenmike, I was using a cheap clicker model from Harbor Freight. I figure I'll use torque wrenches a lot in the future, and luckily I'm much richer these days than when I started this project, so I went ahead and ordered two good quality Craftsman wrenches. Charlie69, if
  5. Finally visited the 1979 210 at Redding P&P this week (actually once last week, and again this week.) Here's some photos I took: IMG_0757 by emanistan, on Flickr IMG_0776 by emanistan, on Flickr. IMG_0748 by emanistan, on Flickr IMG_0742 by emanistan, on Flickr IMG_0756 by emanistan, on Flickr -At some point in its life, this car traveled clear across the country. Note the excellent driver's side tail-light. This car had obviously been modded in its later years. A huge section of floor and firewall had been cut away to accommodate a different transmission (a
  6. So coronavirus gave me a week off just as the weather starts to warm up here in Redding, to start putting my engine back together, then today this happened: IMG_0778 by emanistan, on Flickr And that put an end to my engine rebuild for the week. Thing is, that damned camshaft has been the bane of my existence. First I put it in too far and had to tap it back out once I realized what I'd done, then it wouldn't turn as well as it was supposed to, and then once I got it turning, I over-torqued one of the bolts on the locating plate and snapped it off. Luckily I was able to extract it and
  7. 1979 210 (first year) just arrived at Redding P&P. Haven't been to see it yet, but it looks good from the photo.
  8. It can't be that old, they've only been made in Spain since the early 90s I think.
  9. Would you look at that: Filthy! Absolutely filthy.....
  10. Maybe, but its a rare car in this part of the world, and hopefully the seller would be open to negotiation. Also, Im of the opinion that if you really want something and the price is something you can afford, you should seize the day. Everyone has an opinion on what things 'should' cost. Some think I overpaid for my little junkyard B210, but Ive seen others in worse condition going for 2 or 3 times as much, and prices fluctuate all the time, so who knows. Like I said, I don't have the space for another project car anyway, so its all just fantasy.
  11. Interesting. I would think the other main candidates would be West Germany and perhaps Indonesia which appears to have a big vintage Datsun community. Its odd though that Europe--even if it's just the UK--got them while North America didn't. One would have thought the demand for a compact wagon in the states then would have been huge, and unlike Europe, at that time it was relatively untapped. I wonder if it was uncertainty around the chicken-tax laws, since the wagons were thought of as vans in the Japanese market?
  12. Thanks Seeker. I've had worries about just the sort of things you're talking about, but luckily I live in an area with a lot of old-school mechanics and restoration shops, and the bottom line is, I'm determined not to be one of those guys with a stripped rusting out hulk in their driveway that they've been saying they're going to restore for all the decades since they had it hauled home. If something isn't done right and it has to be fixed, it's better than having a once good car hopelessly rust away because I didn't have the time or skills to get to it. I think I'll definitely go
  13. I was just thinking about the elusive (to us yanks) B210/120Y/third-generation Sunny station wagon/estate/kombi/universal this afternoon and suddenly wondered: did Nissan ever build a left-hand drive version? In these pages there's a lot of confusion between the B210 built from 1974-78 and the similarly named 210 built from 1979, whose station-wagon version was widely exported to North America. I'm talking about the 1974-78 B210. Nissan built a wagon version, but these were not exported to North America. They were used in the Japanese domestic market--right-hand drive--and they were exported t
  14. My B210 hasn't had much public exposure yet. In a month or so it will be two years since I had her hauled out of the junkyard, and as of now she's sitting in a tent in my driveway, her interior stripped out and her engine mounted on a stand in the garage. When I first got her, my problem was always money, and now that my financial situation is better, I just don't have the time; and my workspace leaves a lot to be desired too. I think I'll swallow my pride this year and farm out most of the work so that I can hopefully have her back on the road by the beginning of the 2020s. Regar
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