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  1. It can't be that old, they've only been made in Spain since the early 90s I think.
  2. Would you look at that: Filthy! Absolutely filthy.....
  3. Maybe, but its a rare car in this part of the world, and hopefully the seller would be open to negotiation. Also, Im of the opinion that if you really want something and the price is something you can afford, you should seize the day. Everyone has an opinion on what things 'should' cost. Some think I overpaid for my little junkyard B210, but Ive seen others in worse condition going for 2 or 3 times as much, and prices fluctuate all the time, so who knows. Like I said, I don't have the space for another project car anyway, so its all just fantasy.
  4. Interesting. I would think the other main candidates would be West Germany and perhaps Indonesia which appears to have a big vintage Datsun community. Its odd though that Europe--even if it's just the UK--got them while North America didn't. One would have thought the demand for a compact wagon in the states then would have been huge, and unlike Europe, at that time it was relatively untapped. I wonder if it was uncertainty around the chicken-tax laws, since the wagons were thought of as vans in the Japanese market?
  5. Thanks Seeker. I've had worries about just the sort of things you're talking about, but luckily I live in an area with a lot of old-school mechanics and restoration shops, and the bottom line is, I'm determined not to be one of those guys with a stripped rusting out hulk in their driveway that they've been saying they're going to restore for all the decades since they had it hauled home. If something isn't done right and it has to be fixed, it's better than having a once good car hopelessly rust away because I didn't have the time or skills to get to it. I think I'll definitely go to Powerland this summer, and...is this Hugh I'm talking to? I've been shut out of the forum so long I forget your screen name and I'm to lazy to check my old messages at the moment...anyway, whoever you are, I'd love to meet up as you head this way. If this is Hugh, I emailed you my number.
  6. I was just thinking about the elusive (to us yanks) B210/120Y/third-generation Sunny station wagon/estate/kombi/universal this afternoon and suddenly wondered: did Nissan ever build a left-hand drive version? In these pages there's a lot of confusion between the B210 built from 1974-78 and the similarly named 210 built from 1979, whose station-wagon version was widely exported to North America. I'm talking about the 1974-78 B210. Nissan built a wagon version, but these were not exported to North America. They were used in the Japanese domestic market--right-hand drive--and they were exported to the UK--also right-hand drive. Does anyone know if Nissan built left-hand drive versions, perhaps for parts of mainland Europe or Asia?
  7. My B210 hasn't had much public exposure yet. In a month or so it will be two years since I had her hauled out of the junkyard, and as of now she's sitting in a tent in my driveway, her interior stripped out and her engine mounted on a stand in the garage. When I first got her, my problem was always money, and now that my financial situation is better, I just don't have the time; and my workspace leaves a lot to be desired too. I think I'll swallow my pride this year and farm out most of the work so that I can hopefully have her back on the road by the beginning of the 2020s. Regardless, she's already put me in the Datsun nostalgia confession circuit. Back on the day when I went to the junkyard to await the tow truck, at least two guys stopped to admire her, remarking to their wives/girlfriends "oh wow, it's one of those little old Datsuns." Unfortunately, Redding junkyard people aren't that friendly, so I wasn't able to get them into conversation. From the junkyard I had her towed to a storage unit where I'd visit her and do minor repairs for a few months until I was able to bring her home. One day, as I was preparing to shut the unit for the night and go home, a meth-head looking woman walked by and stopped, excitedly telling me how her father had a B210 on his ranch when she was growing up and taught her to drive in it. I posted a few pictures on my facebook page and several older women I worked with excitedly told me about how their first cars had been B210s. A little less than a year after buying the car, two B210s showed up at the Newark branch of Pick-N-Pull down in the Bay Area. It's odd how different junkyards have different cultures, but the Newark yard seems to attract a much friendlier group of pickers than the Redding yard. Before getting started on the first car, I got into a half-hour long conversation with a guy working on a 280ZX just across the row. Later on, as I was struggling to extract the bumper corners, a Mexican man walked by and talked about seeing so many of these cars on the road in his country when he was young, and how they were used as police cars and taxi-cabs there. His eyes almost seemed to mist over as he looked over the car and remembered. The second car in the yard was a hatchback, and as luck would have it, just as I was crawling around in the back struggling to free the stuck lift-gate, two other Mexican guys stopped to admire the car, and helped me get the gate open and braced from the outside. I can't wait to get mine out on the road and enjoy a bit of celebrity...until it gets old.
  8. emanistan

    Decklid racks.

    Me wants! Damn! -the things you miss when your computer goes down for half a year!
  9. First year (1979) 210 goon just arrived at Carson City NV Pick & Pull: https://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/RNDj0OMcI4ZpXuQYoFjmVr3aS 1976 620 just arrived in Redding: https://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/RNDI1RQNTCdhWk4xIb26qLE6j Is anyone planning on going to Carson city? If the thing still has a complete A14 engine, I need a set of hoist hooks.
  10. They're eye-catching, but not that rare. You can get one in much better condition for next to nothing. They only went about 20 miles between charges (unless you had to really strain the engine by doing something like climbing a hill), and the batteries were almost as expensive as the rest of the car when they needed replacing....and all that was assuming the car worked as it was supposed to, which many of them didn't: trusty Chinese technology. Still, it would make a neat foundation for a Mustie1 type project.
  11. Yep, back around New Years I extracted an engine from a notchback version in Redding.
  12. I first noticed it down Saturday evening and wasn't able to get on all Sunday either.
  13. I re-visited the blue 1980 200SX in Stockton P&P again this last weekend in the 106-degree heat. Here's what she looks like now 20180623_151013 by emanistan, on Flickr I took the bumper off to get at the brightwork for one of our other Ratsun citizens, and of course the grill was one of my prizes on the last visit. 20180623_151050 by emanistan, on Flickr Notice the perfect set of tail-lights. I wish someone would grab them. 20180623_151739 by emanistan, on Flickr I think the dent in the left rear happened after she got to the junkyard 20180623_152204 by emanistan, on Flickr 20180623_131351 by emanistan, on Flickr I think someone's been in here since my last visit... 20180623_133403 by emanistan, on Flickr ..maybe trying for the transmission? Note the detached speedo cable. Also, though you cant see it from this angle, the front engine heat shield was partly detached and hanging. Oddly enough, someone sawed a section of exhaust pipe out just forward of the muffler. Can't figure out why. 20180623_131343 by emanistan, on Flickr Don't know how this plate got so chewed up. 20180623_131316 by emanistan, on Flickr August 1979 20180623_131259 by emanistan, on Flickr Someone slipped that shifter knob from another car on since my last visit. Part of the reason I think they were interested in the tranny 20180623_150218 by emanistan, on Flickr Not bad 20180623_151643 by emanistan, on Flickr I think I mentioned last time that the interior was plain vinyl. I was wrong; it's the same fancy checkerboard velour as the Redding car was -not that it matters, since it's in the same rotten and shredded condition. I totally forgot to mention this 78 240Z last time: 20180623_150848 by emanistan, on Flickr It's sparked quite a feeding frenzy. 20180623_150905 by emanistan, on Flickr 20180623_150921 by emanistan, on Flickr Frankly I'm surprised there are as many good parts left as there are. 20180623_150839 by emanistan, on Flickr Need an engine? ...or a slightly used Zap Xebra with a parcel shelf covered in mouse droppings? 20180623_153707 by emanistan, on Flickr Seriously, it would make a fun project if I had the room for it.
  14. I Think all the 200SXs from the 1980 model year on used fuel injection.
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