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Just a L-16, and its two big brothers.


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Try one of your 71B shifters on the dogleg, it should fit.


The last year any 71B was used was  '86.5  or half way through the '86 model year on the 720 and the S12. After this only the 71C was used and that shifter is totally different. The A, B or C in the transmission descriptor is the style of shifter used on it.

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It's Wednesday March 21, 2018.  On Monday, this week, I decided to clean the five speed transmission I got with the L-20-B I got earlier this year.  I started to clean inside the bell housing with some solvent, here the bell housing is about half done.

I just used a brush, and some solvent in a soup can, and let it drain into the bigger pan.


This is after solvent cleaning.


When I first brought the engine and transmission home, i did pressure wash it, but it still looked like this.


Post 84, on page 5 of this thread shows how I used this cleaner.



If you do not want to go back there, I scraped heavy crud with a old knife.  Then I sprayed dirty areas of the transmission with the Purple Power in an old spray bottle, and let that sit for about 5-10 minutes, while using a small brush to loosen crud.  Then I pressure washed the transmission, and resprayed with the Purple Power cleaner on the dirty spots, used the small brush again, and pressure washed again.  However, by cleaning the inside of the bell housing with solvent first, it cleaned up with the Purple Power easier, and put a lot less oily crud on the ground outside where I pressure the transmission. 


Right side of transmission after cleaning it.


Left side of transmission after cleaning it.


Top of transmission after cleaning it.


Bottom of transmission after mostly cleaning it.  There are still some dirty spots.


Still some more dirty spots.


After another round of Purple Power, and pressure washing.


The previously dirty spots.

Some areas on the transmission I used an old 3M Scotchbright pad to scrub the transmission, and in a few areas I also used some 220 grit sandpaper.  I kept both the Scotchbright and the sanndpaper wet with the Purple Power, and pressure washed the transmission again.

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Yesterday, in the late morning,  I went up to Wayno's house.  He had some extra shift levers.  I got shift levers for both the 1980 720 five speed, and the Dogleg five speed transmission.
I also got a Dogleg shift knob.
and a knob for the five speed.


Wayno also spent some time poking around in some spare parts, and he got bushings and washers to take up almost all the slop in the shifter on the Dogleg transmission.



Thank You Wayno, A lot!

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Since I got the second L-20-B engine last week, it has been sitting on a pallet in a barn.  it was too cold to paint Dragon today, so i decided to move the second L-20-B out of the barn and into the bed of Ratsun, along with the other L-20-B engine.
I backed the tractor with the engine on a pallet into the garage.
Closer view of engine.
Picking up the engine with a hoist.  I am going to bolt the Dogleg transmission I got with this engine back on the engine.  The transmission is in bed of the white Datsun pickup, being backed into the garage.  This is the truck I call "Ratsun".
To help the transmission go on straight to the engine, i am putting some long M10-1.5 bolts through the transmission, into the engine.
With the guide bolts in place, a little shaking of the transmission around, and it went together with the engine.
This is just the other side of the engine.
Then I put the 521 engine mounts on the block, right side.
521 engine mount, left side.
The transmission was on the tail gate of Ratsun, and I backed Ratsun farther in under the hanging engine.  With the engine still hanging I put the engine mounts on the engine block.  Then I picked the engine and transmission up some more, and slid them completely in to the bed of Ratsun.

Right now, the second L-20-B engine is just sitting on the transmission mount, and a block of wood under the oil pan.  I need to secure that engine before I drive Ratsun anywhere.

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  • 2 months later...

The L-20-B on the right has been bolted into the engine compartment of the white truck it was sitting in the bed of in this picture.
More on that later.  This is an engine out of a 720 pickup, that had air conditioning. 

After putting the fan on the waterpump clutch assembly, I slid the radiator into the engine compartment.  The fan is way too close to the radiator, it touches the radiator.


I then removed the waterpump clutch assembly, and put the fan back on the assembly, and set it fan down on a bench.  This is the height from the mounting surface of the waterpump to the fan front edge, about 4 3/4 inches.

This is a fan from another L-20-B with a L-16 pulley, and waterpump, no clutch.  It is a little over 3 5/8 inches.  But the vanes on the L-16 waterpump are not as tall as the vanes on the L-20-B waterpump, or it would have been on the engine by now.


What waterpump do I need to get that has no clutch, and taller L-20-b vanes?

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Daniel C I ran the stock 720 pump minus the fan clutch.  The clutches are pressed on, however I cut and broke mine off, part off my anger management.  LOL


I am running electric fans on this L20B but you can mount the stock L16 L18 metal fans to the water pump after the fan clutch removal or an after market aluminum of fiber blass bladed fan.  Besure and run the fan shroud.

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I think the fan being too close to the radiator issue is solved.  I used this water pump, pulley, and fan combination.  The fan is from a 1980 non air conditioning 720 pickup, and fits inside the 521/L16 plastic radiator shroud.  The water pump and pulley are L-16 parts.
For reference, here is the L-16 water pump vane height, notice the depth of the cavity the impeller is in.
This is the L-20-B water pump vane height.  Notice the deeper cavity, and the thicker flange that bolts on the cam chain cover.
I took the original water pump off the L-20-B. and then used a 1/4 chisel blade on an X-acto hobby knife to scrape the gasket surface.
No radiator in the truck, I just reached through the opening.

After cleaning both the water pump, and the cam chain cover surface, I put the L-16 water pump, pulley and 720 fan on the engine.  This is how it sits, with the radiator in the engine.


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