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To Sell or Not to Sell


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Hello Everyone,


My name is Dwight and I am in the military stationed in Maryland. I have a 1971 240z shell in storage in Indiana that I am trying to determine if I should have transported to Maryland and restore of just sell and revisit such a project down the line. I am thinking about offering to sell the shell for $2500. What does everyone think?


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Welcome to Ratsun Dwight. A good question asked a lot by vintage car owners.


Well, will you be able to find another in the future for the same money? This would seem very unlikely... on the east coast. So unless you plan to come into some money later on, it's going to be harder to find and more expensive in the future.


Will $2,500 really make a difference in your life right now? Unless you have a serious bill owing this is one months mortgage or rent. Keep it in perspective.


My motto is, Datsun will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no Datsun.




If you decide you must sell it, and you want to include selling it here, it must be placed in our classified section...  http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/14-cars/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc ... there is a handy link at top of the page under the RATSUN.NET logo.


For opinions on selling price....

As to the price of this shell, maybe more info is needed and definitely more pictures. For example is it complete and 'rolling'? just minus the engine and transmission or is it literally a body shell?


Posting pictures... http://community.ratsun.net/topic/54932-photobucket-ratsun/

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If it's a clean body and no major rust, keep it.  That's a 71, hard to come by.  I regret selling mine back in the days.  You can also go to other Z forums and see what they go for. That's my opinion and don't know your financial situation cuz a lot of times that's what it comes down to.

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If it's a weight hanging on your shoulders.... SELL IT!!!


If it's not a bother to you, then you should keep it until you have time to play with it. It's an early one.. and if it's in good shape, it might be hard to come by another one over there.

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 What's the storage fee $100. or more ??  If you figure ,,, sell the car now for $2500. >>PUT THAT IN SAVINGS ACCOUNT IN BANK << and have the exact amount you now pay for storage automatically withdrawn from your check(s) every month and deposited into that same account for a couple years ,,,,  you will probably easily buy one that ain't as big of a project ... Just my thoughts.


You spend that money,,, on household shit ,, wave the future 240z bye - bye though.

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Don't transport it to Maryland! I presume you are in the Fort Mead area. The humidity and proximity to the Chesapeak Bay's salt air will eat whatever is left of the current sheet metal! The 1971 240Z is just about the primo vintage of the original 240Z generation. SUs are tunable [no lead seals] and minimal tag on polution control crap.

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I live about 150 meters from the ocean, probably less. Nothing metal near me is rusty. Lamp posts, chain link fences or cars. Near me the ocean is on one side of the frontage road and houses on the other. In bad weather and high tides the waves will splash across the street onto parked cars. I came from a rust belt area of Canada and expected to see cars in poor shape here but they are not.


My theory is that we get more rain and so the salty water is washed off. If we get snow likely as not in a day or so it warms up and rains. Same with frost. I don't know about Maryland.

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