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Day 1 Canby show

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yeah, this one might be better as links. Otherwise this thread will take forever to load.


All you have to do is your url here. But like I said, might be better as seperate links. Or if you could post a slideshow or gallery link...


Pretty good pics. I didn't bother taking any today for obvious reasons. Good day even with the shitty weather.


See you guys tomorrow

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Nice photos Bleach!!!!!!!!! Why, oh why do I have to live so far away?!?!?!? Terie even misses it up there! She lived in Kirkland for 3 years and would trade My "beloved" desert in a minute!! Maybe next year (I know, I know I've said it before) We will come up with "something"!!!!

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I forgot to ask.................. How many vehicles entered this year and what was the longest caravan going there? Looks like You all had an awesome time!!!!

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I drove down with Ted (tdaaj) Sunday morning but came back solo. Passed one white 510 on the way back and was passed by no Datsuns (probably was behind everyone by then). Had a tire lose a belt so it was a very vibrating journey, but the tire made the trip. Guess it's time to find a set of mag wheel lugnuts that fit the 520 studs...

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'haulic you did make it?? damn i was lookin forward to meetin ya, damn i missed out on meetin a bunch of people, well you guys woulda got a laugh at when i pulled up .. engine roaring out the straight pipe, "classic entrance" haha thank god i got the muffler welded back on today!

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