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Rats N Wrenches 2016


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Wow. Here we go.


Will this stay on topic?




If there is real interest to make something happen around Yakima, TC, or Spokane-I'd do what I can to be involved/help.


Wife and I have been brainstorming about locations near to us that could be a possibility.

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We'll behave!


I've heard that before! :)  I too have been thinking of locations.  Remote locations are great but not for lowered nice Datsuns.  We could camp in the CDA National Forest with ease, but it would be an hour long drive on a washboard dirt road to get to a place.  Which means pretty much not going to happen.  Plus, that remote it would be a camping trip, not a car show/car event.  Canby is/was ideal due to the proximity of eating places, parts stores, and supermarkets.


I thought of the beach too, but there would be no impromptu engine replacements on the beach.  Rather frowned upon.


Just spitballing some ideas here:


1.  Jaremko Nissan just got bought out by Dave Smith, one of the big local dealers who headquartered a Dodge dealership in Kellogg.  Kellogg would be remote and small town enough where getting a large area for Datsuns would be possible, and it might be able to be coordinated as a "heritage" fest given their acquiring Jaremko.  In which case, if we talked to the right people, we might be well received.


2.  Tri-Cities - Flatcat knows more spots than I do, I'm just searching google maps.


3.  If we have a new venue, we need someplace that can be flexible on loudness rules.  Ideally no houses right next to the campgrounds.  We're usually pretty good at Canby, but there have been times it's gotten too loud.  Last year was great, I think we had just the right amount of fun and loudness.  However, as much as we behaved ourselves last year, I'm not so sure the Canby fairgrounds cares if we come back or not.  I'd say 10 years sort of wears out the welcome a little bit, though I've never had any issues with them personally.  Then again, I've stayed and picked up trash in the field too.


4.  One thing I've never liked is the rule about no bicycles.  I myself, would like to see a venue that didn't have an issue with bicycles.  Not that I've even brought a bicycle to Canby, and yes that brings the potential for someone to careen into a nice Datsun and scratch it on a bicycle.  Then what?  So perhaps there is a reason for that.  Or perhaps it was the drunken high-bike riding that prompted that.  One will never know. ;)


5.  Spokane is an option, just as anywhere else.  I rather like the Tri-Cities idea because it is the desert, which means there should be large open areas on which to congregate.  I also like it probably won't be raining in June there.  The downside of larger cities is we probably won't have that safety benefit of small town Canby and not having to worry about things being stolen, etc.  Unless we're far out, a meet in a bigger city means you lock your shit and watch your shit.  I'm not too fond of that idea either.


6.  Canada sounds great, but I doubt a lot of people would be able to make it due to getting across the border.  Just sayin'   I have no problem, my record is clean, but Canada flat out won't let a lot of 'Muricans in if they don't have a clean nose.  And god knows what they'd do to Pumpkin! :D


7.  I like grass.  Lots of nice grass, which Canby has.  Grass makes for pretty photo ops and pleasant places to lay down and enjoy the outdoors and Datsuns.


8.  I'm still thinking, these are just some of the ideas I have so far.


9.  Kootenai County Fairgrounds.  Similar setup to Canby.  One small interesting fact is the Kootenai County Sheriff's department and Kootenai County Jail is quite literally next door.  Still, it's a lot nicer than Spokane and definitely capable of housing lots of Datsuns.  Plus I grew up in CDA and I know some people in the Sheriff's department.  Which doesn't mean you get a get out of jail free card. ;)  https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kootenai+County+Fairgrounds+-+North+Idaho+Fair+%26+Rodeo/@47.717266,-116.785712,744m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x5361c0d512d9349b:0xb3742aff718ad77a!6m1!1e1

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Yakima and Spokane have tree cover in some places.

We don't really have a lot of that here. Any time near summer here you will need that shade.


Spokane may be a bit too far for some from out west.



We have been racking our brains on a local.

We keep saying June. I wouldn't want to plan something for the same weekend as Canby. What of we get a poor turn out?


If Canby does indeed die off, sure. Not until then.



Still thinking though.

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I'm not talking about something Al said, it was mrbigtizl


Oops, edit^^^ *not


Good idea Ratsun should do something different some where else maybe smack down the middle of the left coast. Where people can dab away. No raffles no trophys just a good time. Sell shirts and food at the most. Sell parts also,in the end no hard feelings.

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I'd agree that Canby has that weekend. Competing would be counter-productive. Find a free weekend.


When I was living out there in Seattle, we used to escape in my goon down to Steamboat state park near Grand Coolie Dam. Great area, between Seattle and Spokane. Along the river so I think there could be a place with grass and trees. But if you have it in the spring, sun could be nice. Show off winter progress. I've had some of the best days of my life camping out there. Right on the reservation too. Maybe the reservation would take interest? Does anyone know much about the area?

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I thought it was a small gathering of rats looking to waste another weekend with debauchery, Datsuns, and shenanigans.  I'm nothing more than a dreamer from a distant land though.  I've certainly been a part of planning larger events, but it's a pain in the ass.  Small easy-going is key.  Canby will be Canby.  If it went "belly-up"  at least there would be a great event for all the guys not wanting another JCCS to rock their Patina.  


But yes.  Steamboat Rock is not really right next to any big town.  Just came to mind.  Ive not spent much time in Spokane myself.  

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Things that should be addressed at an event...


Depends on how many. What happens if 150%% show up? Is there room? Expandability?


Security. Campers in and hooligans, gate crashers, trouble makers OUT. A fenced perimeter?


Safety/first aid. If remote some form of emergency response set up. If in town 911 will do.


Probably not a show with awards....just too damn complicated.


Parking. Something large and secure for camping space with area to take and park vehicles to display.


Applicable permit, camping permits issued for the event. 


Sanitation / garbage, water/electricity. 


If in a fair ground or park a deposit against damages and cleanup may be required.


Possible security fees/policing and insurance.



Some or all the above might be covered by renting a venue like a camp ground equipped for these events.


There were rules at Canby and no really obvious breaking of them.



Not a complete list by any means.

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The other possibility besides changing the venue is changing the type of meet and changing our behavior.  Like I said, last year went pretty well, only minor drunken shenanigans.  It was a good time.  However, as much as the Canby fairgrounds might not entertain the relationship, they have been pretty good to us.  I doubt we are likely to find as flexible in a new venue where they don't know any of us.  So that means we either shorten the event, or make people camp/hotel somewhere, then come together in a common area for the day, then disperse at night.  As in, change the type of meet.  I don't know if people would want that.  I kind of like camping, especially now that I have a hotel Maxima.  ;)


Just some thoughts.

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