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Finally!!! A real Datsun!


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So about 4 months ago I bought a ka sight unseen from Al and it ended up having a hole in the block that had been patched, wasn't on him though the yard told him they tested it and I picked it up from them. I returned the ka back to him and was waiting for him to sell a truck so I could just get cash back but decided to go another route. As most of you know Al is having health issues, which is obviously costing him money. So I told him I'd be interested in taking a 521 and motor or a really straight 620 he has without a motor, just to help him get rid of more stuff and not have to worry about paying me back. He agreed on the 521 with an l18 so it is getting dropped off tonight :D


You may recognize it as it was the original Canby truck before he decided to use the rust free one. Needless to say I'm very happy with how this worked out, I'm more excited to have a 521 than I was to have a ka!


Here's the truck, it's a 1970 and I'm fairly certain it's got the stock 4 speed in it.




I've checked this truck out here and there during the Canby build and a couple times more recently, but I've never looked at what kind of damage it has or what parts it'll need so I'll be going through that the next few days.


The wheels in the picture aren't the ones on the truck, but I have a similar set of 15x8's that'll most likely be going on it.

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Nice score, Rhino, I believe i have l18 stuff in my stash, next month when I move my storage stuff to the house I'll inventory and let you know what I've got that came on the original l18 that was in the trunk of my datto, I know for sure I have intake manifold with Hitachi carb and a brand new rebuild kit for it.

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Thanks everyone, the truck is home!! Some pictures to put you at bay


Just off the trailer



We put the truck inside my gates and I followed him back to get the motor so it got dark



The obligatory car shot



The floors are rusted but I'll take care of that. You can also see my pedals are missing, THANKS HOGIE :) haha



He left a few random things, but there's a wiring harness there. The doors and pretty clean, all glass is good other than windshield being broken



I need some input on this next part. I got an l20b instead of the l18 because why not have a little more power if offered? I could get the l18 and get you the crank for the lz parts flatcat, but didn't Hobo take the z22 crank? I'd be more into building an lz since it'll be a while until it's ready to drive, since Hogie took my gas tank AND brake lines....... (You are going to get so much shit for that haha)

But the input I wanted, I've never built a motor but I know my way around one fairly well. Should I keep the l20b or go lz?


Set the motor up on the stand



I'm keeping this whichever way I go, original to the truck :D



Al also let me borrow this, said I can do it alone with this!



Since I have my 720 to daily drive I plan on taking my time with this and doing as much as I can to make sure there's no rust left and its safe on the road more importantly. I will do the mklots disc swap up front and I have some brand new drums from Al for the rear. I have SU's lined up whenever I want them which will go on either motor.

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Well I can get the l18 if that's what you guys want to do. I'd love to build an lz so it'll work out all the way around. I probably can't make it up that way before the holidays so let's try to plan for early January.

So you've got a z22 block and full L20?

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hey get the whole motor it'll go with my other l18 and replace the z22


Well I can get the l18 if that's what you guys want to do. I'd love to build an lz so it'll work out all the way around. I probably can't make it up that way before the holidays so let's try to plan for early January.

So you've got a z22 block and full L20?



I'll I want for xmas is crank.

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Well Hobo and I worked out a deal and I'm just going to trade him my l20b block for his z22 block and pan. I'd have to take my jeep for that distance so transporting a block is much easier anyway.

I work next door to a machinist so the block with internals will be dropped off not long after I get it and he works fairly quick.


Side note, sort of. I got a new job at a small business about 3 months ago and it's been one good thing after another. To make a long story short, I get a Christmas bonus and its going into parts for this :D


Also I have to point out that Hobo has crank if anyone needs that.

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