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  1. spdcrazy

    Project "MX520" TOP SECRET

    not sure what else he is working on, but I got a ride in the 520 just two days ago. wow what a machine. very well balanced. and bob's footwork is amazing. Cool to see a Datsun running faster lap times than some 50hp+ American muscle autocross built cars.
  2. spdcrazy

    I want bigger valves for this setup, right?

    those threads on the drivers side were for AC and possibly some smog things, they are pretty deep. I don't think I would use it as a main mount, but as a supplement, sure I see no issues with that.
  3. spdcrazy

    Steering wheel question 620 to a 521

    yes it will fit just fine. splines are the same. looks good too! I had this on mine for a short time. I can not comment on the horn, but its a simple piece of technology, so I don't see why it wouldn't give it power and when you push, make sure the connection is made so noise happens. a 620 center console fits pretty well also, completes the "package" kinda. just a thought.
  4. spdcrazy

    What did you do to your truck today?

    I broke it again. duh. either a massive wheel out of balance or a driveshaft issue. we will see in the next couple days
  5. spdcrazy

    Beebani Disc Conversion

    I second that ^ I texted beebani, they are in contact.
  6. spdcrazy

    Beebani's Z32 front brake kit/521 install

    I am lucky enough to still own a z32TT (although the engine blew again about 7 years ago) So I have some contacts. made it easier to source quality parts cheap. I have never been a fan of the drilled rotors, although they look cool, I won't go over 100mph often either, so the risk of cracking out weighs the cool factor. and to top it off, I cant see them behind my rally wheels anyways! so far i'm still very happy with the disks!
  7. spdcrazy

    I want bigger valves for this setup, right?

    I went through some of this recently in my engine rebuild. I took an l20b that was bored 30 over. then took my open chamber a87 head, had 1mm larger intake valves (280zx?) installed. did a bowl blend, and a mild port, also installed new springs and retainers all the way through, came out really nice, however, I have a stock cam still, and running a 38/38 webber. I think I could really use a good cam in there to take advantage of the headwork. I say go for it, just as others have said, headwork is where you'll gain the air flow. which helps big time.
  8. spdcrazy

    Finally got back into Datsuns.

    ha. the leopard print was an afterthought. just was what goodwill had. I think i'll sand it down and paint it black. maybe, right now i'm just enjoying listening to funk in my funky truck. i thought about making a parcel tray as well. but first thing, i need to repair my glove box, its falling apart. also, i just did the water pump mod on the clutched water pump. smash boom crack, saw.... and now i have a low pro pump. time for a real electric fan now. and god thing i did, my old pump (about a year old aisin brand pump) had its bearing going. wouldn't spin for nothing. so all in all, improvement.
  9. spdcrazy

    SPEAKER setup 521

    my head unit isn't really a head unit. just a box with an aux jack. hidden under the seat. I was using my phone for music last night and had the feedback. haven't trying charging my ipod yet. that'll be the next test.
  10. spdcrazy

    SPEAKER setup 521

    used some double stick tape and mounted the tweeters almost right next to the 6.5s. got them wired up and i'm very happy. everything seemed balanced and the music is very clear. now I just need to find how to charge my phone while playing music on it without feedback.
  11. spdcrazy

    FNG here from Seattle

    wow. that think looks really straight! sweet truck man. whats your plans for it?
  12. spdcrazy

    What did you do to your truck today?

    I built custom fiberglass kickpanels for a pair of 6.5" speakers. leopard print baby! now to install the "radio" crossovers and tweeters
  13. spdcrazy

    Finally got back into Datsuns.

    Recently I was able to finish a project I've been wanting to get done. New kickpanels for 6.5in speakers and tweeters. Also bought what I call a voodoo box, unknown what it's really called. It looks like a mini amp but just converts music from my iPod/phone through an aux Jack and to the speakers. Simple hidden and cheap. No dash cutting.
  14. spdcrazy

    SPEAKER setup 521

    I could see that being worthwhile, but I already have my speakers, i'll find a way to soft mount the tweeters in the kickpanel and see how it sounds I think.
  15. spdcrazy

    SPEAKER setup 521

    thisismat - ahhh now I see who is who. lol. I am thinking on the same lines as you are. I don't think I aimed the 6.5's quite right, but not bad. first time attempt so we will see. I take it you agree with lockleaf on the whole 18in thing?

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