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  1. I may have missed the point, but whats so bad about a weed parade or even legalization? You do realize its recreationally legal in Oregon, Colorado, California AND Washington, Washington DC, Alaska, Nevada, Massachusettes, and Maine not to mention all the medical states. I grow weed recreationally in Oregon, every plant is tracked from clone to harvest, after harvest it becomes a batch, that batch is lab tested for pesticides and mold then is sold to a dispensary who in turn sells to customers to consume. How is regulating something that will no matter what be around a bad thing? Because now people cant use horrible pesticides on something someone will smoke? Or maybe its because now we are "contributing members of society" with everything we do having the highest taxes of any business? The first year Oregon was rec they made almost 15 million in just tax revenue and another 60 million in sales! That was money that was all considered "dirty" before and is now being taxed and helping contribute to society. I don't agree with how they genetically modify food and make it just barely legally edible, but I'm not ragging on people that do. Sorry if you don't agree, but don't act like its making Cali a horrible state. I grew up in Michigan and traveled all over the east as a kid. I moved to Oregon 6 years ago and I can so easily say that Oregon, Washington, and Cali are my favorite states. So to each their own.
  2. Yes I have! And yes they are! It rips for being a 50cc. It was missing quite a few things when I got it, so I bought everything I needed for 200 bucks from a guy on there. Everything works great now, got a brand new flat top piston with it so I have that in there and it starts right up first kick. Waiting on the title situation since it hasn't been registered since '92.
  3. Well I've taken a bit of a break from the truck for now. I'm saving up for a down payment on a house so I got something a bit cheaper to play with for now. Its a 1982 Honda Urban Express moped, little 50cc with turn signals and all haha. I may store the truck at my bosses property until I regain motivation (and have most of my down payment haha) but I do still love driving it and owning it. Here's the moped so there's at least a picture...
  4. Trillium can also lay dormant for up to 7 years before flowering again. I worked for a restoration company in Portland that hired a lot of kids out of college, and one crew that was all college kids took down hundreds of them without realizing what they were (these were all botany and horticulture majors...) and they ended up having to pay a big fine for it. Also cool trip, looks like that'd be a great time!
  5. Rhino13

    Fart wagon? KC Build.

    It'd save you a lot of trouble to find a weber 32/36. The one you have on there is probably either worn out or the choke could be broken. My stock carb worked alright but the choke arm broke so it was flapping closed randomly and making it run weird. I jammed a screw in to pinch it open and ran no choke.
  6. If Hobo can fit in a standard then you definitely can! Haha
  7. That's my buddy Brody. He's getting ready to sell that truck.
  8. Obviously because you can slide it around so much easier!
  9. I had poutine when I went to Niagra Falls as a kid. I'd have to ask my parents where it was but I remember it being a nice place and it was actually really good.
  10. Never too many pictures, especially of this thing!!
  11. So I've been doing a little more research and I think I'm going to try those black throttle bodies. I'd like to try just one since I have the cannon intake, but I know they always have to run rich in the center or lean on the outer cylinders, so would it trip up an efi system too much to even try? And what is a good cheap standalone unit thats plug and play? The most I've done with efi is run codes to find out the problems on factory cars, so I have no knowledge of standalones.
  12. Yeah I've had my eye on them for a while now. Never came across the fox injection one but they do look really nice. These have peaked my interest the most out of everything I've seen as well, gotta start selling parts I dont need and setting the funds aside so I can make it happen!
  13. Yeah that just requires building a manifold doesn't it? With those weber 45 style throttle bodies they'd bolt on to an already made manifold.
  14. Yeah my lz22 pulls much harder than the z24 ever did, and also sounds better in my opinion. I am running stock z22 pistons, so they have a little dish to them. Its not that I'm not happy with the w58, I just acquired the w53 and want to take the build a different direction and step it up a bit by doing some head work and hopefully going efi. Here is what I'm thinking about using with the dual sidedraft intake. http://m.ebay.com/itm/272629239420
  15. It had a z24 stock, I built an lz22 with another block and w58 head and put it in last May. I have a 32/36 with a stock manifold but with the ported head I'm going to either run my cannon single sidedraft and get a weber 48, or hold out for a dual sidedraft intake and most likely get the 45mm throttle bodies and run megasquirt.
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