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(RUST)what would you use to clean this up

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I'm hoping to update that thread soon, but it may not be until after Canby.


The molasses is working great, but it's more for dipping stuff into and letting it sit. It wouldn't work for his floor boards. The Ospho stuff that Beebani has talked about would probably work well, but I still haven't found any of it(only called one place) Navel Jelly should work to, once the heavy stuff if removed with the wire wheel.


Oh...Rust-O-Leum (sp?) makes a converter paint. Goes clear, turns black. Rust Doctor would be easy to use...doesn't give off the noxious fumes and odor of POR15 and it cleans up with water. You'll want to put a top coat over which ever you use.


Post pics of wha you do.

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I usually use the wire brush or sanding first to get as much of the rust off as I can....

makes me feel better to know most of its gone first too.


ive used 'ospho' with excellent results. :D

rust came back in the worst spot(small) on the roof rail, but its also sitting in moist sea air.

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a word of warning about por15, it does not neutralize the rust, all it does is seal it. and what i mean by this is, it encapsulates the rust. ie it makes a rust sandwich between the sheet metal and por15. so if you have any moisture that is not gone it will in fact rust out faster than if you would have just left it alone. words to the wise. i have had it happen twice, and had it happen at many of the body shops around town.


what i have found works best is; use some metal prep/ospho type chemical to neutralize the rust. then gride/wire brush it out as clean as possible. ospho/metal prep one more time. skuff off with some scotch brite pad (maroon medium grit) and then por 15 over top

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I am sending in the grinder wire wheel combo any resistance will be handle buy the wire brush the second wave will be the por 15 metal ready and the last wave in the line of rust annihilation will be the por 15 it self all while bumping some phat tunes in my i pod lol



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Recently Mklotz posted a few different ways to neutralize/eliminate rust. One of the ways was to use mollasses but it may take awhile. Maybe somebody can search & find his post.


Tried it and the molasses worked like a charm. I put it on and went in for a coffee, when I came out the dog had licked all the rust off! thanks Mike!!

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You're welcome! :)


Where was the 'ospho' bought and is there a brand name other than that?........never mind...just called Industrial Finishes and got an gallon on order for $35. That's certainly no where near as cheap as muriatic acid!!!! oh well.

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I'm a floor layer by trade, and one my friends in the same union as me does all the flooring for BC Ferries, all the floors are made of steel so before anything new goes on over top any rust has to be neutralized. They use a product called blu-steel. Its super industrial strength and guaranteed for 30 years. I know that BC ferries doesn't screw around with stuff like this. its either the best or nothing at all. I was gonna try to get some for the whole underside of my truck the some good undercoating.

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not the best pics but here they are they look alot better in person. Sorry i didnot have time to take pics befor canby but i only had 3 hours of sleep be for i went on saturday. So i just ended up bolting up my seat's that saturday morning and taking off. man buy the time i got there i was high from the pain fumes wooo!

front passenger floor pan


rear passenger floor



the rest look the same.

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