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Lucy the 240Z

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This car is proof that good customer service goes a long way.
I've worked at Autozone for 4 years now... all 4 of those years, I've had a customer in and out with his 240z. We talked quite a bit, got to know each other. He had a few issues in the last year with the car. Float stuck on the front SU, piston stuck in the same car, small stuff here and there. Every time he had an issue, I was able to either fix it for him, or walk him through fixing it himself. He was stoked. All around good car though. Solid as any car should be. I had been bugging him to sell it to me for the last 2 years, told him if he ever wanted to sell it that he should let me know first and I'll take good care of it. Hadn't seen him in a few months after the last time I offered to buy the car... he walked in last Friday and smiled big, pointed to a brand new Dodge Ram he bought. Apparently blew a head gasket in the 240Z. I offered to help him fix it, and he smiled and his words I won't forget... "You wanna buy it?" I smiled and couldn't fucking hide it. $1200 and it's mine. I instantly started making phone calls trying to find a way to pick it up. Worked out a deal that involves selling my truck back to the engine builder, but only after we put a good motor in it so I have another DD. 
Heres where it gets good. 
-The car's a 1970. Early production, rocking the early/rare valve cover,and all the early goodies.
-It's got A/C. Just needs a good compressor.
-It's car #2563. Probably on one of the very first boats over from Japan. Over 17000 produced in 1970 alone.
-The body is SOLID and there is no rust anywhere! No dents, no scratches, just needs a buff wax.
-The interior could be immaculate with a cleaning. Perfect seats with no apparent signs of wear (needs more inspection) all the trim, carpet, door panels, etc. The dash is 100% crack free and appears to be original
-It appears to at one time possibly had cruise control. But more on that later.
I needs a hatch. He lost it on the interstate when it popped up and snapped off at about 50 mph. I have an original series 1 hatch in the paint shop right now for rust repair, paint, and re-gasket. Should be done saturday. 
Head gasket is gone, block/head may be damaged. The head is full of water, and the bottom end is probably wiped out. We have spare motors...no big deal...
Front bumper is bent, looks like someone wrapped a chain around it and tried to tow it. 
Ign switch is damaged from someone trying to steal it. 
Other then that, it's pretty much solid. Can't think of any other issues at the moment. 
One to the pictures. Bear with me while I add them. This is the start.


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Yeah, i was not expecting him to ever sell that car, let alone to me! But I'm glad he did, because that car was a mess and he was not taking care of it like he should have been. I filled a whole trash bag already and I'm not done. The carpet might have to be thrown away. 



Good news is I have some cool rims to put on he once I get hardware ;) 



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I used the old carpet as templates to cut new ones. Be sure those rims fit first.


Yeah that's pretty much the plan. Gonna go to Home Depot and get some indoor-outdoor carpet in black. 


Rims will be fine, they're only 14x7's. Offset is so moderate. I will test fit them, but I don't see it being an issue. 


so wait you sold the truck.......... and got a zcar.... no more candy corn 620?








As of right now, the truck is still outside my house. I will keep driving it.... until the Z car runs and drives.  :thumbup:  Then Master-o-turbonics will take her from there. She'll get lots o' loving from him. 

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A couple pics. The L24 is coming along nicely. I'm taking my time tearing it down, inspecting every piece as it comes off to see what needs to be replaced. I have a shopping list.... 


Not as much coolant in the oil as I thought, so hopefully the E31 head isn't warped. I'd like to put it back on as is.    On another note, what size is the cam sprocket bolt? Need to grab one when i head over there. Don't feel like loading up my whole tool box.






A few pics of the interior. It's kinda dark but here's something at least... I had to rip the carpet out. It STINKS. Some small cracks in the seat. 









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Dude, Matt, that's freakin' sweet!!  And I seriously want those wheels for my rust-bucket autocrossing Maxima, they would look sweet!  Where'd you find those anyway?

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Now is the time to remove the air injection pipes. It's just along for the ride anyway. The tubes you don't see go almost to the valve inside the ports. I plugged mine with metric plugs. The Toy 4 pots were a common swap for the z car. I'm excited. 

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Now is the time to remove the air injection pipes. It's just along for the ride anyway. The tubes you don't see go almost to the valve inside the ports. I plugged mine with metric plugs. The Toy 4 pots were a common swap for the z car. I'm excited. 


What size did ya end up getting? I thought about just cutting them off and welding the ports closed. I'll be getting a 6-2-1 header on there soon with a proper 'good' exhaust anyways. 


A few pics of progress.... It's parked next to Master_o_turbonics '64 Fairlady roadster. 












Only managed to snap ONE head bolt. And left a ton of thread hanging out, kinda happy with that. I'm just gonna get some ARP studs from Summit Racing and call it a day. 


The temp sensor wire was disconnected, so I'm guessing this motor has been overheating for some time now. The head has probably taken some damage, which is too bad. I know there is some visible damage to a coolant port on the back side of the head around cylinder 6... I'll post pics of that later. 

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