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  1. so been gone for a while but starting a new project, but not sure its gonna be worth it if photobullbucket is the only way to display pics, please chime in! also have all the stock drivetrain and lots of stock parts that are all restored condition, that I will post in classifieds
  2. The nice thing about the rotella is that it has a zinc additive, so it's great for break in oil, especially if you have cast iron dissy gear and cast iron cam, like in ford HO motor, as I had in the Datstang.
  3. Ok cool, how do I get the vids over to ya?
  4. MBT what I meant was he spent as much as a grand sport would cost to buy new, in layman's terms 90 grand, with my labor. And blu hands, I used foxbody power rack
  5. I have a few, a nice walk around while its idling, A modest burn out, And the unveil, blu hands, can you post those for me?
  6. Hey C6! It drives real nice, that's the good news, the bad news is that the last 19 months or so I was building it, I was actually building it for a new owner! I sold that thing on eBay, and started that crazy build for a 20 year old kid with a dad with deep pockets! It was a joy building it and by far the best wrk I have done, it ended up being about the money of a New grand sport corvette with all options! They actually presented the kid the truck today! It's in Vegas. They sent me a vid of the unveiling it pretty sweet!
  7. 2DY Thanks for posting those for me! Thanks for the props guys! And yes it's a semi flat finish
  8. C6 I'm so over PB at this point ! But this thing came out so bitchin I owe it to the ones that have been likin it. So if you don't mind id rather send you a few vids and final pics. Even if you start and retitle a quick thread I'm fine with that. Let me know how to send you that. Thanks buddy hope your feeling well!
  9. Truck is finished can even show you guys!
  10. How does that even happen? PB IS A POS!
  11. Yes that is correct, the big flat one is a/c condenser and the small one on the right is Trans cooler.
  12. http://rs40.pbsrc.com/albums/e223/borysconstruction/2B9AF0D7-8C6C-4F6D-883C-FC17C44E503D_zpsroeh2cic.mp4?w=160&h=160&fit=clip
  13. Ya these are continuation cars and their CS approved! The GT 40's are also. I'm building 2- 40's that one corbra and a GT350 pretty modded Shelby 66.
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