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available '73 240z,,,,,,,,,,Got a private message that stated just that.


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Here is what the rest of the private message went on to say.


My name is Terry. I saw your post ‘my 73 240z from CO’ regarding your white Z. I thought you might need a new project (or parts) so here’s my story.
I have a 1973 Datsun 240Z that’s been garaged since 1985. I had hoped I could return it to its glory days. But alas, I realize now it’s not going to happen with me. I was the 2nd owner, purchased in 1974 with 12,000 miles. It now sits at 214,000 miles. I was planning on putting ads out to see if anyone would be interested in it, but when I saw your post I thought I’d contact you first (since you’re relatively local, I live in Boulder).
The car is pretty much as I bought it. The body is in pretty good shape, with minor rust at the bottom of one of the wheel wells. If you or someone you know has any interest, I’d be glad to give you more details. If you’re curious, I could e-mail you some pictures. My e-mail is 
:P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  :P  

I’m asking $600 for it. (Includes car cover)




That's how it started back in June/July last year. I got the first pics around july 7th. I decided to check it out. Being between jobs at the moment didn't help. I went to his place. Talk about an unmolested '73 240z, except for the aftermarket radio and speakers cut into the tail light access panels, and slot mags, it is completely stock down to the flat top carbs. It started out in southern california and the last 20 in colorado.


Needless to say i was very curious after seeing the pics. Since I couldn't afford it, even when he offered to let me make payments, I decided to let others have a chance at it. So I had Terry take a lot of pics and he wanted some help in selling it. I gave him my honest opinion about prices to start with. $5k to start, take no less than $4k. Even with it sitting untouched since '85, it was well worth the prices I set. 


2 weeks later, I interviewed for a job and got it. I called Terry and asked, knowing my opinion and he knowing he already offered me I could buy it for $600. I asked him what would he sell it to me for. He started chuckling and said, "Well, you said $4k, LOL" Then he got serious and said, how about $1K? I asked him if he could wait till january or february, Then  I would give him $1500 for it. We both knew even in it's current state, non op, it was well worth the $1500. He was happy, I was happy. Today it is in my hands and hope to get it running before Terry moves out of state. That was the reason he was looking to sell. He didn't want to move it again.


Terry really took care of this car. Original paint and it is still shiny, no accidents, needs driver seat cover and maybe foam and the hatch carpeting. The floor mats still use the clips that kept them fixed.


I know you want pics. hmmm, maybe a little later. ;-)

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Now I need to get my plan of attack put together.


It has whats left of a full tank of gas circa '85. Drain, drop tank and inspect. replace all rubber hoses, fuel and brake. Clean all the hard fuel lines.


put oil in each of the cylinders to try and free up the rings if frozen. The last thing I want to do is put a battery in it and try to start it.


I have a set of round tops to put in. 


Drain radiator if there is still some fluid in it.


Rebuild the rear wheel cylinders. I had already tried to bleed the brakes, but one of the wheel cylinders was leaking. Expected, but was hoping.


Check wiring, after market radio installed before Terry got it, and a kill switch Terry installed.


I really haven't got my list together yet, but will address all these and more. My white 240z went through much the same thing I will be dealing with this car.

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It just so happens I have my photo bucket account opened up to this album. ;-)


And I know the suspense is killing some of you who have read this thread so far.


btw, I did post pics on fb.

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You can barely see the rust spot. There is another on the other side same area, but not quite as bad.


I might try and see what I can do with the flat tops. The reason the car was parked in '85, Terry was frustrated with a fuel problem it was having. He had some work done to it which included a electric pump and what looks like a new gas tank at some point. The flat tops were problematic even at sea level, i doubt I will put them back on a mile above sea level. Tony D has dibs on the carbs.


I hope Terry will chime in on this thread and tell some of his stories about his times in the z. Again, I can tell how much he cared for it.

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Here are the pics I took today when I picked it up.


I was following my friend John and his truck and trailer, a couple of times he hit the double yellow line. I had to call him up and remind him he was driving for two. ;-)


Look at that ass! JUST LOOK AT IT!








And the rust you say?

the worst of it.



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Love the color and the rims. Too bad it has the infamous flattops but replaceable. That is one fine looking car even when on a trailer. I can't think of any car today that would turn a head being towed down the road like that.

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Great find Darrel!  Those buys do exist, and can be found if you look in the right places!  Love the color!!

I wasn't even looking! Terry saw the thread on my 240z here and contacted me through PM. I'm lucky my thread was still on page one of the z car forum and I lived near him.

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