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Bunny's 1200 coupe


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we got some tires mounted today and Jackie cleaned out the inside and bleached the floor 

we are getting ready to get this thing on the road 

it has 280zx struts ,ground controle coil overs, tien camber plates a very clean headliner, and we have an uncracked dash to put in it  185 60 14 front and 195 60 14 rear 








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I used 2" blocks on my sedan. You may want to rent a wheel arch roller or try the bat method with those tires on the rear. Although a different setup than mine, I suspect you will be tearing up the sidewalls in a short time if lowered. I see a tach. :thumbup:

I will have to check when lowered  I had 205 70 14 on the rear stock height on her old 1200 and it rubbed with 2 people in the back

it has a small amount of rust around one drain hole under the drivers seat I will cut it out and replace a small area  

and yes factory tach 

car has stock 1200 motor with a 32/36 Weber 

I have a flat top piston motor with a GX head that will go in eventually with either single or duel side drafts 

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Do you have any more info on the front strut conversion. I tried zx struts not even close to mounting to the knuckle on mine

this was already on the car when I got it but I believe you use the b210 or 210 ball joints

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Do you have any more info on the front strut conversion. I tried zx struts not even close to mounting to the knuckle on mine




ZX struts are the most popular swap for 1200s. Yes, the knuckle needs to be changed.

Better yet, keep the lightweight 1200 strut and fit 280ZX brakes to it. Lighter means better handling and smoother ride. See http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=280ZX_Brake_Upgrade

I'm using this method myself, may even be cheaper actually as calipers and such for this are pretty cheap off rock auto. Mklotz kit is very affordable and very good quality....
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got a new after market grill and front and rear and door rubbers all for later
got some work started
Jackie removing the water pump
no drive line photobucket-7494-1395608967706_zps9ec883


this isnt right wrong one on wrong side and turned sideways photobucket-5579-1395608952363_zps8b5335photobucket-11798-1395608935830_zpsb8a11
Jackie removed the radiator and grill
this was pushed in photobucket-11270-1395608868082_zps0851aphotobucket-8504-1395608880620_zps0c2f45photobucket-8504-1395608880620_zps0c2f45
this took care of that a small 15lb hammer and wood dollyphotobucket-10752-1395608895557_zps1c4d5
POS fuel pump has to go photobucket-3116-1395608854147_zps1dfd04
changing this whole set up out for new weber and manifold that is not broken photobucket-7533-1395608840829_zpsde4c7f

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the only bad rust on the car


no rust here


better day pics awesome patina




fun run yesterday cuz you have to have a play day



now back outside for more progress

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so today went good Jackie got the grill, radiator , water pump thermostat and housing,old intake exhaust and the one from the other motor thats good pulled 

I got the shock mounts turned and new shocks installed 

I also got the old gas tank removed and the new one installed with all new fuel lines (FUEL LINE PRICES ARE RIDICULOUS NOW)

the old intake and exhaust wasn't even bolted together and had no gasket between them this would have been a major exhaust leak 


new fuel tank inside 


and outsidephotobucket-8052-1395638920677_zps629fbb


old gas tankphotobucket-2867-1395638932305_zps6e940a

old gas tank inside (UGLY)photobucket-5603-1395639536152_zpsb62045

this looks more proper photobucket-1513-1395638943738_zpsef73ad

gas tank in photobucket-1942-1395638956317_zps1120c4

old shocks photobucket-10136-1395638978305_zpsf1b6a

motor ready for new stuff 

new water pump, thermostat ,intake exhaust from other motor , fan belt etc


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