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  1. David Carrol used to offer a modified pathfinder TBI manifold to accept a Holley 350 2 barrel carb. Uncertain if he does now. The only other issue is ignition. The VG distributor is strictly a computer controlled unit. You need a Saudi VG30S distributor, which is like finding hens teeth, or a DUI ignition VG30E distributor, with a conversion to an external coil, as the HEI style cap wont fit under the hood. Im told these 2 barrel kits work very well, and get rid of the problematic older EFI system.
  2. That sounds like a great time! I was lucky enough to have joined in your last "Silly Millie" run up 36, ate at the Omelette Chalet, then raced with the RSCC at the airport. You were in the Miata R. I "reran" a Hwy 36 run 2 years ago, unfortunately it was right in the middle of fire season, thick smoke blocked many great views. I had 3 other cars join. I proposed an eastern CA run around Lassen, no takers lol
  3. We had a small gathering of Datsuns last weekend is McKinleyville CA. I wanted to share my public Facebook photo albums here for those that weren't there and don't use Facebook like @Ranman72 😂 Photo Album links, feel free to tag yourself if you want Friday Saturday Sunday Trip home if you wanna see more datsun pics
  4. If it can happen later, i will definitely do what I can to go.
  5. This is how Northern, Eastern, and southeastern CA feels, 3 cities jerk us around just like you guys.
  6. Watch your grammer, Ran, looks like you just invited ratsun to your house! hahaha This year has been one for the books though... cancelling EVERYTHING as a form of one-upsmanship amongst state and local officials....
  7. Find a locksmith thats been around a while, i had some guys in my town who knew how to punch based off the datsun key code
  8. NIIIIIICE! VG33S! Where in the heck did you find a saudi distributor!?
  9. Not gonna happen hahahah absolutely...
  10. spittin fire over here lol remember when we had a full trailer with my VG 510 in the trailer? Or solvang with two cars on a trailer? good times lol
  11. Awesome! I dont blame you, one of those things thats very useful, yet really wish it never came to be at the same time...on the bright side, they havent billed me for the 30,000+ pictures they host for me lol
  12. If its internally regulated, some of the newer style alternators "sense" circuit does pull a small amount of current. REALLY small, but draw nonetheless.
  13. I dont have a solution for your wiring needs, but we have a growing community of VG swapped Datsuns on FB if you feel like joining. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1848877351796281/
  14. Very common issue as time goes on, and as the ethanol tries to dissolve our cars... I used Seal-All on the backside which held for a while, before replacing the sending unit with a modified NEW 240Z sender.
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