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  1. 68Datsun510

    2019 Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic

    Neat show, and a very cool town to have it in. Package deal! "JDM" category for non roadster folks as I recall. I went a few years back.
  2. 68Datsun510

    pic of your dime

    Aha! That car has been to several of our club meetings. I knew it was for sale, but didnt know it had sold! Check out "Sacramento Datsun Owners" on facebook, weve been around for nearly 15 years, hold monthly meetings, fun-runs etc.
  3. 68Datsun510

    VG30 crank pulley "wobble"

    I appreciate your assumptions! I do take care of things as best I can! That being said, this VG was certainly not in BAD condition when I got it... I went through the motor and found almost zero sludge, no water evidence, and even looked to have frequent oil changes! Bearings were mint! But that doesnt mean accidents didnt happen along the way, the pulley damage looks like the typical removal without a puller, so they use a prybar...on a thin steel pulley...SMH. Hoping to have time to tackle it asap.
  4. 68Datsun510

    VG30 crank pulley "wobble"

    Ordered a new pulley/balancer as i found mine to actually be damaged. New bolt as well. Crossing fingers! I thought so as well! I looked up piston knock on youtube, and ive heard rod knock before, way deeper and more ominous sounding. Hoping my new parts fix it .
  5. 68Datsun510

    VG30 crank pulley "wobble"

    This later model engine is supposed to have full floating wristpins so I really hope that's not the issue. The strange thing is if you remove the V belt off the crank all the noise stops immediately. It does have a harmonic balancer but the pulleys are bolted straight to the actual sleeve around the crank. The balance ring is independent of any pulleys. After some fiddling yesterday it appears that the pulley is actually bent which can definitely give the optical illusion of having a bent crank. the pulley is stamped steel which is bolted to the machine hub around the crank snout. I'm on the hunt for a complete set of 88+ pulleys for it.
  6. 68Datsun510

    VG30 crank pulley "wobble"

    Yes they have hydraulic lifters, and thanks to Mobil1 they dont all tick like old pathfinders lol
  7. 68Datsun510

    VG30 crank pulley "wobble"

    Im not gonna admit defeat that easily...lol Dan had the connections and money to get that engine where it needed to be. Could I have done the same with the money spent on this engine? Probably... But I am still having fun with it, completely changed how the car drives, all that torque! LOL The noise isn't (at least i THINK) a rod, as is wouldn't go away once that warms up. And i have thrashed on it quite a bit, kinda need to to feel more confident with it over time. I doubt it will ever be as durable as that 1900 though lol Gonna pull the crank pulley and check the keyway and everything next weekend... Hopefully its just something dumb.... The ticking later in the video is just the injectors. It sure does sound nice though...lol (freezing cold weather, not head gasket steam)
  8. 68Datsun510

    VG30 crank pulley "wobble"

    Hey all, long story short I have had a EFI VG30E from an 87 300ZX in my car since August. Among some teething issues, is a mysterious metallic sound on cold starts only, accompanied with what can only be described as a wobbling crank pulley. Bolt is to spec, all woodruff keys were new, etc. Not terribly easy to view the tiny amount of runout, but heres the noise at least. Anyone else ever experience this?
  9. 68Datsun510

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    I snagged a hotel room for friday night arrival, camping at the event saturday. Woo!
  10. 68Datsun510

    Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet

    @WAGON JONRoad trip! When would you be leaving?
  11. 68Datsun510

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    For those who havent been to the club page, here is some copypasta...Sad news, but hopefully something new can grow from the ashes. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT: Hello to all our past and present Datsuns Northwest members and Datsun community in general. For the past 13 years Datsuns Northwest and crew have enjoyed a great time putting on many Datsun events like BBQ's, cruises, parties and of course, Canby, our 3 day campout car show. Canby has been a unique car experience to the Northwest Datsun community, with many great friends and memories made throughout the years. That being said, it is with great displeasure that we have to announce, Datsuns Northwest has closed it's doors. We are packing it in. Canby will be no more. Dave and Julie did a great job running the show for the first ten years, then Steven took the reins for the last three years and had great success bringing Datsun racing icons, John Morton and Peter Brock to our show. These last three years were some of the best yet. Thanks to Steven's leadership, we can be proud to say, Datsuns Northwest, and the Canby show is leaving on a very high note. Datsuns Northwest will be donating all of our leftover funds, shirts, sweat shirts and any other supplies to the people of Paradise, California to help them after their tragic 2018 wildfires. Thank you to all the Datsuns Northwest members and volunteers that helped keep us going for 13 years. Thank you to all the hard core Datsun owners, from all over the world, for supporting us and the Canby show all these years! Make sure to check our website occasionally, as we will be continuing to do cruises and get togethers in this coming year.
  12. 68Datsun510

    Paradise Datsun

    Dammit, saw the title of the thread and knew how it was going to end... very sorry to see this, good luck recovering!
  13. 68Datsun510

    75 datsun exhaust

    #6 is essential for interweb survival lol
  14. 68Datsun510

    Jeff made me do it - Cactus Green 1972 510 FJ 2dr

    Dude, this thing is an awesome little time capsule of the "go to mods" of the 90s/early 2000s. Love it!
  15. 68Datsun510

    Cody's Green 69 510 4-door

    3 years since i updated, engine changed, much changed...maybe someday ill have the time to update this 😄

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