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  1. Honda wiper motor swap? Let me know how that works when/if you see any rain. I have the old Mazda motor I got from Phildo, but even that is a little tired... Nice progress on the car though!
  2. Per Troy Ermish, park-locks aren't reliable for long duration holding of the vehicle. The pressure will eventually bleed down and the car will be free to move. That being said, I gave up on my "inverted" rear disc conversion to retain the factory e brake cables on my 510, as the e brake never worked worth a damn even when connected. So i have a bungee cord attached to a rear seatbelt anchor, that i hooked the other end to the shifter while its in reverse to prevent "pop out". Granted, the car can walk in gear as well if parked on a steep hill, but you just gotta be smart where you park.
  3. Damn thats terrible...hope you're alright man.
  4. Yeah, i have a 4 door 2 seater as well with the roll bar, my 4 point Schroeth belts work well with my 86 Celica GT seats. but could always be better....
  5. Save the flares as is, steel flares are awesome!
  6. 1979-81 280ZX, 15/16" bore, moves more fluid, faster with considerably more effort. You need to push harder. 1980-81 200ZX, 7/8 Bore, more pedal travel, but less effort required. Both have the proper line placement and bolt pattern. If you like leg day for braking, go with 15/16, if you like things a little easier, go 7/8"
  7. 818 FINALLY LISTED SOMEWHERE! Ive seen less than a handful of cars my color, here is my 69 And another member in our local club with a 69 2 door.
  8. Depending on your desired ride height, sometimes the tube really does need to be shortened ad you mentioned. For a "slammed" 510 you'll pogo stick all day with stock struts, you also have that spring REALLY low on that perch... What I did with GC coilovers was trial and error, continually adjusting the spring collar upward till I got where I wanted. Hope you get the rest of the issues solved!
  9. Post pics of the struts, we can go from there! Ive used GC parts forever...their warehouse is 3 miles from my house. We can try and solve it! What spring rate?
  10. @510revisited, thats an awesome 69 project! I have one myself! @the510keeper i need time and location info for the caravan!
  11. When I first got into the bluebirds email list (pre forum days really) I had a 1968 Datsun 510, went everywhere, did everything in that car. So I made my username "68Datsun510", worked for me. Joke is on me now, i got rid of the 68 and now have a 69, oh the humanity!
  12. Jon, cant remember, you get this sorted out yet?
  13. LOL are those Jeep wheels!? Bad ass project!
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