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  1. spittin fire over here lol remember when we had a full trailer with my VG 510 in the trailer? Or solvang with two cars on a trailer? good times lol
  2. Awesome! I dont blame you, one of those things thats very useful, yet really wish it never came to be at the same time...on the bright side, they havent billed me for the 30,000+ pictures they host for me lol
  3. If its internally regulated, some of the newer style alternators "sense" circuit does pull a small amount of current. REALLY small, but draw nonetheless.
  4. I dont have a solution for your wiring needs, but we have a growing community of VG swapped Datsuns on FB if you feel like joining. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1848877351796281/
  5. Very common issue as time goes on, and as the ethanol tries to dissolve our cars... I used Seal-All on the backside which held for a while, before replacing the sending unit with a modified NEW 240Z sender.
  6. thats where my mind went as well! 😂
  7. Agree with everything @Draker said. Canby, while fun, was insane at times. And who knows how the location would handle such things. Not saying we need "deputized datsun dudes" but gotta make sure as it grows it remains welcome. Shirts, 100%, camping both days next year.
  8. And a big thank you to @jbirds510 for doing this, and launching next years thread already!😂
  9. Love them or hate them, i have uploaded thousands and thousands of photos and they arent charging hosting fees... Photobucket is still acting strangely...apprehensive to use them still even though i have a pay account. That being said, I'll have the rest of my albums up (public) on FB sometime today i hope. I will post links for those who can stand clocking on FB.
  10. I nearly had to cancel, the opportunity arose to pick up a Z for the girlfriend from a guy who has only rare windows of free time in Ukiah, CA. Then he had to cancel due to work obligations, so CanbyLand it is! Heading out tonight, staying in Weed, CA, just north of Mt Shasta CIty (for the nostalgic views) And heading out Friday morning to Salem after breakfast. @the510keeper, @WAGON JON any estimates when you'll be heading up 5 through that area??
  11. I feel bad for the guy because he didn't do any real exhibitionist shenanigans that usually are deserving of such carnage
  12. That would be a clutch on an lsx swapped z that unexpectedly grenaded after a few revs 😣
  13. Datslocos has come and gone, next up, POWER LAND! Man this year is flying...
  14. Here's some oics for ya! Links pulled from my FB where i publicly store all my pics. Let me know if you have trouble seeing them!
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