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Norway - Datsun Sunny b310 140y Van

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Hey, im David, im new to this forum and wanted to share my car i have been fixing up!

Well it isn't much to fix up, since its no rust, and nothing missing, it runs like a new car, but i like to make it even better!

Its the first series with the Baby blue metallic colour, that is original from 1978. Have repainted around the car and the rear hatch

but now i will repaint the hood.


I have been buying parts, after parts, and i begin to stack them high like...

- B Projects Japan GX manifold

- 2x Weber 40 Dcoe's

- Chrome door weather visors

- 4x new C210 skyline aluminum rims

- Cusco Strut bar

- Steeringwheel, gearknob, datsun patches

- Original Tachometer extra and Radio/antenna extra (didn't come in Van's)

- K&N Oil filter 

- K&N inline fuel filter

- front lowering springs

- 5 speed transmission from USA

- New rear chrome bumper, forgotten in the Nissan automobilshop here in norway

- Genuine Fender mirrors and hood locks


And alot more comming, i haven't installed all yet.

Here is some pictures for show, first picture is when i was gone to buy it, had to roll it out of the barn, car only gone for 80000, now 90000,



















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A van? In Brittain they are called an Estate car, here we call them a station wagon or 'goon' for short. A rose by any other name, right??? ...and that's a fine looking rose. Tires and rims really make it pop. We only got the terrible 'park bench' 5mph impact bumpers. That is a nice car, I mean van.

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A van? In Brittain they are called an Estate car, here we call them a station wagon or 'goon' for short. A rose by any other name, right??? ...and that's a fine looking rose. Tires and rime really make it pop. We only got the terrible 'park bench' 5mph impact bumpers. That is a nice car, I mean van.  

Here in Norway we got 4 types:

- 2 door sedan

- 4 door sedan

- coupe

- 4 door Van


The cars Norway didn't buy ordinary is:

- 2 door Van

- Panel Van

- Fastback Wagon (Or California as in USA)

If you wanted one of these you got to specialorder it, and then you could choose interior colour (Brown/black), extras, what engine you wanted or transmission, etc...


Wagon got shorter roof then Van, other taillights and rear hatch, but the van is often referred to as the "Square Back wagon" or "station Wagon" 

But its still a "Van" type, around here :) that's how it is around these parts.


There isn't chrome bumpers there you are? We got two types of bumpers here "Sedan got plastic on each side", "Coupe and Van got full chrome)

I did actually "baptized" it, its name is Datzie, but goes by the call name "Night Wind" :)

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B310 Van and Wagon are different as Anderson mentioned.


* VB310 is traditional wagon with leaf spring rear

* WB310 is sport wagon with coil spring rear


In North America, we only got the WB310. Many countries got both VB310 and WB310. A third variant was sold in UK as a "panel van" with side glass deleted (apparently a local conversion).

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Not in North America. We got the safety bumpers like the top JDM B310s got, the big bulky ones.


In Japan only Vans and STD cars got the simple all chrome bumpers.

Aha beautiful knowledge... Well looks like std cars gets the finest bumpers :)


and by the way... look what i got in my mail!


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  • 4 months later...

Been a while since i posten and now i got fresh new photos to show.

Been importing JDM parts and building engine.








I also made a quiet nice finish, by removing the entire rotten exhaust system that was the only rusted part on the car, installed new

exhaust manifold and drove down town to the exhaust service garage, i told them to build the exhaust in the same pattern as the

stock type, but in 2" stainless steel and 2x Mufflers delivered from Magnaflow/chip foose.


I really enjoy the sound right now.

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The H89, twin 40's and exhaust really made the difference including the 210 5 speed from US. And i can also really see how nice the other grille looks.

I also got a new front bumper without damages and totaly clean, both from KB310 JDM.


But the sad thing is, its alot more expensive to drive right now, 2.60$ per litre at the gas station... well it costs to be the man.

Im really happy with the result of the car, now i gonna save up to repaint the hood, inner front RD door and polish the roof, and get a new weather strip on the front passenger

Right door, since its not nice and damaged.

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Noticed Mobil 1 oil. If that is synthetic motor oil, you may want to switch back at the next change. The old Nissan motors were not built to as tight a tolerance as today's engines. Synthetic is incredibly slippery and will find it's way out past old seals and gaskets. If you notice oil wetness around the crank rear seal or pulley or around the valve cover gasket this is why. It may not or you may just notice it using more oil than usual.


This is true of transmission and differential oils too.

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The Mobil 1 oil was the price beside the Pocal, The oils i use is from Valvoline, i run NextGen syntetic now, and been on the lookout

of what you told about, as far as it goes, there is no leaks yet or specific usage, On the next change, the engine will pass 100.000 most likely, still 7000 to go,

and then i will serve it the Valvoline Maxlife, blend of both Mineral and syntetic. after a while.

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From Nissan Sporting Meet, me and my mate Lars with his 180B with SSS equipment rented a cabin by

the beach for the Nissan sporting weekend :) We both won prices.













Cars like 510's and the king cab where original cars with only 25000+ on the clock... but i where very impressed with the king cab and a Fairlady roadster from the

Nederlands, with SR20 engine, 1 and 1/2 years total restowork.

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We have 2-3 dealerships, inviting for Nissan sporting meet every year :)

They sell bbq soda, we talk about our and new cars, dealership introduces their new cars and models and future plans, etc...

Later it will be voting for the "car of the Show, and later we all follow drive a long route along the nice roads of Kristiansand.


When reaching our camp, there will be more prices, they have a judges from Nissan and the Datsun PMC Register club.

Best Z-Zx... Best veteran etc..... 1-2-3 place pocals on every competition. Later we take beers, bbq more, having fun... 

Just wonderful :)


But you say "hard pressed", what do you mean by that? they won't allow it or something? Its actually VERY good advertizment.

People will discover the quality of Nissan cars, and the sale does actually increase.

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I know of several local Nissan dealerships that have car shows on premises. In WA and in California.


"Hard pressed to find" means difficult to find. Not impossible, not illegal. Nissan USA in the last 10 years seems to have little interest in promoting their roots, their history. Meanwhile Toyota USA and Mazda USA sponsor classic car shows.


* for example

Olympia Nissan Meet-WA

Fontana Nissan meet-CA

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The Nissan  dealership near us had SSS SU linkage in stock , and they can order quite a few other parts,, but Nissan the company isn't making the parts anymore so  they can't really sell something that isn't made anymore.. But there isn't maybe more than 2  car companies that still have any parts on the shelf for cars older than 20 years as it just doesn't make financial sense.


  New car dealerships here normally carry more than one brand of car so they would need to hold  two or more shows or people would complain..


Anyways the more you participate the more likely they will keep having them ,, here people bitch about nobody getting together ,,, than never show up when someone plans one out,, even it is near their house.




ANYWAYS,, Great pictures man I really enjoyed seeing them and keep them coming.

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