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  Prison doctors make good money, and have some perks "normal" doctors have to pay out of pocket for,,, i doubt they would want any help from such a large distraction... People working inside have to develop a trust with anyone and everyone whether they want to or not.  

     I have many in-laws currently working for the DOC inside Washington prisons,,  or recently retired from such... My wife for example worked inside Shelton Correctional from the time we were 19 till about age 25.  It's good pay if you can get past all the dangerous humans surrounding ,,, you,,,  i guess.  


  weird fact FAT510s 69 Lincoln Mark iii  was painted twice,, once red then dark grey at the Shelton correctional. 







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I'm pretty sure you can't practice without a license. He could volunteer as an intern maybe. I imagine he will be in solitary. Nowhere will be really safe for him, even working in the infirmary.


In Corrections practicing medicine would have to be done by an approved employee and not by an inmate.

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Do you think something like that will stop the Warden from putting him in position and saving the state money in the process. 24/7 doctor. Always in the prison.


I doubt they really have a high demand for an Osteopathic specialist in prison.


Unless of course he becomes the prison sports doctor, I mean a real life "Longest Yard" could happen at some point.

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People do not seek equality,they (mostly) seek equity.


Equity means you all get the same chances/options and then if you fuck that up or do well with it - that's your own result that you "own"


However it is my considered view after over three decades looking at humans and their history/behaviour that total consensus cannot be achieved ever as too many people are happy being unhappy.

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In Corrections practicing medicine would have to be done by an approved employee and not by an inmate.

In Australia, work within a detention facility can be done by professionals, or volunteers if they are from the inmate population (depending on the type of work and the former specialistaion of the detainee in the case of para professional or professional work).


HIGHLY improbaable any detainee would be allowed to practice medicine or any like disciplines.


This parasite will in all probability be subject to the prison code of discipline afforded (deservedly) to any person guilty of crimes against a minor.





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Vica Kerekes


Éva "Vica" Kerekes is a Slovak actress. She is active in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. She is often referred to and credited as Vica Kerekésová, Vica Kerekešová, and Kerekes Vica. Vica Kerekes was born to an ethnic Hungarian mother and a father of Hungarian and Slovak descent. After studying at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, she moved to Budapest in 2001 where she met her future husband, artist Csaba Vigh. She made her cinematic debut in 2004 with the Slovak film Konečná stanica. To the international audience, Kerekes is known for the 2011 film Men in Hope. She divorced in 2012 after having lived together for six years and being separated for a year.



Men in hope
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